How to Install and Play Apex Legends Mobile on PC Right Now!

The newest phenomenon in mobile gaming is called Apex Legends. The game has already attracted a sizable userbase and currently ranks first in more than 60 nations’ iOS App Store charts. Many players have been waiting for emulator support to come, even though users are enjoying Apex Legends Mobile on a variety of devices, whether they are mid-range or flagship models. Well, that day has come and gone. Apex Legends Mobile, the newest battle royale mobile game, is now simple to play on your PC. Two well-known programmes for playing Apex Mobile on a Windows PC are described in this article, along with a pleasant performance improvement in one of them. So let’s get started right away.

Play Apex Legends Mobile on Your PC (2022)

We have described how to set up Tencent’s Gameloop emulator with Bluestacks 5 to run Apex Mobile on your Windows computer. We contrast the mobile game’s performance across the two platforms as well.

Install Apex Legends Mobile using Gameloop on PC

The simplest way to instal and launch Apex Mobile on your PC is through this approach. Tencent, a company based in China, is the maker of both the BR game and this emulator, Gameloop. To give users the greatest and most optimised performance, the latter has modified the game for its emulator.

So, to play Apex Legends on your PC rather than a mobile device, follow these instructions:

1. To download the Gameloop emulator, go to this link and press the Download button. To download the emulator to your PC from the pop-up window, click the Save button.

2. After that, click the Install option after opening the downloaded EXE file.

3. To activate the Gameloop emulator after installation, select Start. You may just navigate to the Apex Legends Mobile listing from the home screen without logging into the emulator. To begin downloading the game for your smartphone, click the Install button.

4. The installation of Apex Legends Mobile on your PC will take between five and twenty minutes, depending on your internet connection. Once the game has been installed, you can launch it by clicking the Open button on its listing.

Alternatively, you can click on the Apex Mobile icon under My Games by going to the Me tab in the top navigation bar.

5. Gameloop will prompt you to select the resolution, frame rate, and picture quality when the game initially launches. Using the 1080p @120FPS and ExtremeHD graphics settings on my PC, which is powered by a Ryzen 5 3600 and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060, I was able to play Apex Mobile without experiencing any lag.

Yes, having the ability to play Apex Legends Mobile at 120 FPS is one of the highlights of Gameloop. However, the performance will change depending on your hardware. During gameplay, I was averaging 95 frames per second.

6. And presto! Then, you can log in using your favourite method, such as Facebook, Twitter, your EA or Google account. And after finishing the beginner’s lesson, you can join the fray and become the most renown legend in the Outlands.

7. Take a look at some awesome Apex Legends Mobile gameplay from the Gameloop launcher on my PC right here after everything is up and running:

8. To switch the cursor lock/unlock key in Gameloop from Ctrl to another key, follow the instructions in the following video.

9. It’s also crucial to note that Gameloop has prohibited HUD customisation for an unknown reason. This implies that you cannot alter the layout or switch the controls’ interface to move or resize the controls.

Install Apex Legends Mobile using BlueStacks 5 on PC

BlueStacks 5 kept giving us trouble, so we decided against giving you two ways to download and play Apex Legends Mobile on your PCs. We initially ran into the error “unable to run on this device,” which was fixed by changing the device variation in the settings.

The game then started, but BlueStacks 5 welcomed us with an OpenGL 3.1 not supported error. By adjusting some graphics settings, switching the Graphics engine mode to Compatibility, and making sure the Graphics renderer was set to OpenGL, we were also able to resolve that mistake. Then, after moving beyond the welcome screen and downloading in-game updates, Apex Legends Mobile greeted us with yet another issue. Even after deleting the app storage and installing the game several times, we kept getting the emulator detected problem. I think the reason for this was that I was running a 64-bit emulator instance.

Yes, for some reason BlueStacks 5 suggests playing Apex Mobile on a 32-bit Android Nougat instance when using its emulator. On my Windows 11 computer running a 64-bit Nougat emulator, I received another warning like that.

In order to construct a 32-bit Nougat instance, I removed Hyper-V and other relevant virtualization capabilities on my Windows 11 computer as advised by BlueStacks. And thus it was at that point that we could finally use BlueStacks to play Apex Legends Mobile. To enable Hyper-V in Windows 11 and to turn off everything we had enabled in step #5, including the Windows Sandbox and WSL, go to our instructions (Windows Subsystem for Linux).

Now, if you want to use BlueStacks instead of Tencent’s Gameloop emulator and are prepared to encounter one (or more) of these issues, follow these instructions:

1. Click this link to download the BlueStacks 5 emulator. 2. Click the Play Apex Legends Mobile on PC icon.

2. After that, launch the downloaded EXE file and select the BlueStacks 5 installer’s Install now button.

3. From the newly installed shortcut on your desktop, you must now launch the BlueStacks 5 Multi-Instance Manager rather than the emulator.

4. At this point, click the Instance button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Then, in the pop-up that displays, choose Fresh instance.

5. BlueStacks will now prompt you to select an Android version. Click Next after selecting Nougat 32-bit from the dropdown menu. If Hyper-V has not been disabled on your Windows 10 or 11 computer, you will not be able to build a 32-bit Nougat instance.

6. After that, select Download to build a 32-bit Nougat instance in BlueStacks and copy the parameters displayed below, provided your computer is capable of handling them. 5. Additionally, make a shortcut for the newly formed instance on your desktop because you’ll need administrative rights to access it otherwise. Setting up 32-bit Nougat instances for a fresh instance, establish a desktop shortcut

7. Now, choose Run as administrator from the context menu when you right-click the BlueStacks App Player. Follow the attached guide if you want to run all apps and programmes in Windows 11 as an administrator.

8. From the Popular Games to Play section, select either the Play Store symbol or the Apex Legends Mobile icon from the BlueStacks 5 homescreen.

9. In order to download Apex Legends Mobile on your PC via the emulator, you must now sign in with your Google account.

10. After logging in, look for Apex Legends Mobile on the Play Store and click the Install button. Depending on your internet speed, downloading the game will take about 10 to 15 minutes.

11. Open the game after it has been installed and sign in using your preferred method. You can now join the fight and begin eliminating opponents in Apex Legends Mobile in order to win the title. After installation, Bluestacks might need to be restarted in order to modify the graphics driver settings.

However, take note that the game does not offer the 120FPS frame rate choice like Gameloop because we installed it using the Play Store. The Apex Legends Mobile on Bluestacks frame rate setting is capped at Ultra, and in my experience, it didn’t produce a smoother performance. As a result, I posted gameplay videos with the High frame rate setting turned on.

12. Watch the YouTube video below to see Apex Mobile in action using the BlueStacks 5 emulator. I should caution you that the performance is not as strong as you might anticipate.

Apex Legends Mobile Performance: Gameloop vs BlueStacks

It’s time to discuss the game’s performance on both Gameloop and BlueStacks now that the installation process for each has been completed. If you’ve seen the gameplay videos up above, you already know how much better Apex Legends Mobile runs on Gameloop on a PC than it does on BlueStacks. And optimization is obviously the cause for that.

Tencent, which created Apex Mobile in partnership with EA’s Respawn, is the source of the Gameloop emulator. As a result, the game has been modified for the platform. The game has anAdaptedmoniker, as seen in the screenshots above, indicating that Tencent did additional optimizations before introducing this hero-based battle royale game on their emulator.

The inclusion of a separate 120 FPS frame rate option in Apex Legends Mobile on Gameloop is the game’s main selling point. If you have appropriate gear, it even supports resolutions up to 2K. Contrarily, BlueStacks has a frame rate cap of Ultra (60FPS), the same as most mobile devices. A significant letdown is that it doesn’t even support the 90 FPS setting in Apex Legends Mobile that is available on some iPhone models.

We won’t say much more about the gameplay since the aforementioned videos show you exactly how Gameloop and BlueStacks performed. Even though the latter was using my RTX 3060 GPU, the performance was appallingly terrible. The former, on the other hand, delivered a much more enjoyable and PC-like experience.

After testing both emulators on my PC over the past week, the only shortcoming of Gameloop that I discovered was the HUD customization ban. However, thedefault keymapping is perfect, and you won t run into any issues while playing the game. At least I didn t. It did not hinder my gameplay in any way. BlueStacks does not have any such ban and allows you to change the controls UI and adjust the placement of the controls as well.

Moreover, the keymapping in Gameloop is more versatile and feels easier to use when you have to interact with items. BlueStacks felt a bit clunky to me, and I had to remap some keys a couple of times in the middle of a match, as shown in the gameplay footage above. Moreover, the number of errors I had to resolve to be able to install Apex Legends Mobile on my PC via BlueStacks was nothing short of a nightmare.

Use Emulator to Play Apex Mobile on Your PC

So yeah, if you are looking to install Apex Legends Mobile on your PC, I would recommend going for the Gameloop emulator. Bluestacks has been an obvious choice for mobile gamers in the past, but it needs to work on optimizing this popular new game to run smoothly on its emulator. Also, you run into a lot more errors and issues while installing Apex Legends Mobile on BlueStacks. That said, if this installation guide proved helpful to you, don t forget to share it with your gamer friends. Also, while you are here, read about all thecharacters in Apex Legends Mobileand check ourgun guide for Apex Legends Mobileto pick your perfect legends and loadouts. So, how has your experience been with Apex Legends Mobile? Tell us in the comments section. Don t hesitate to ask questions or share your queries as well.