How to Install and Use WhatsApp on a Chromebook in 2021

Contrary to common opinion, the Chromebook is much more than just a glorified browser. It runs on a lightweight version of Google’s desktop operating system. Now, Chromebooks can run Android, Linux, and even lightweight Windows 10 applications. In the next months, Android 11 support will soon come to Chrome OS. Users want to use WhatsApp on their Chromebooks because it is one of the most used Android apps for communicating. So, in order to install and use WhatsApp on a Chromebook, we have put together a brief guide. Let’s get to the steps without further ado.

Install and Use WhatsApp on a Chromebook (2021)

Remember that you need a Chromebook with Android app support before we start. Without native Android app compatibility, you can no longer install and use WhatsApp on a Chromebook using either ARC Welder or a Linux container. However, you may now use WhatsApp independently on any device, including Chromebooks provided by your school, thanks to the app’s new multi-device compatibility. So let’s start by going over the processes in detail.

How to Install WhatsApp Android App on Chromebook

1. Open Settings on your Chromebook and click the Turn on button next to Google Play Store in the Apps section if you haven’t already done so.

2. Your Chromebook will then have Google Play Store enabled. Install WhatsApp (free) on your Chromebook right away. I think the most of you are already familiar with the Play Store.

3. Open the app after installation, then follow the on-screen directions. Choose your nation and input your phone number now. Enter the OTP (one-time password) for verification that appears on your phone after that.

4. On the following screen, enter your personal information and, if you’d like, upload a profile photo.

5. There you have it. Now that WhatsApp is available for Chromebooks, you can use it just like you would on a smartphone. You have access to all of the well-known features, such as WhatsApp Status, Disappearing messages in WhatsApp, and many more.

The messaging service on your smartphone will be turned off if you log into WhatsApp on your Chromebook while you are already using it on your phone. Continue reading if you want to avoid that.

How to Use WhatsApp on Chrome OS and Phone At the Same Time (No Play Store Support Needed)

This approach is for you if you want to download and use WhatsApp simultaneously on your Chromebook and phone without having to log out of your phone. With this technique, WhatsApp may be used on the Chrome browser without Play Store assistance. In other words, you can use WhatsApp on Chromebooks provided by schools, but you will need a smartphone to pair with the Chromebook. Additionally, for the synchronisation procedure to function, your smartphone needs to be connected to the internet.

1. To sync your messages between your phone and Chromebook, launch the Chrome browser and go to WhatsApp Web (link).

2. Launch WhatsApp on your mobile device. On your iPhone, go to Settings -> WhatsApp Web. Open WhatsApp Web from the three-dot menu in the top right corner of your Android phone.

3. Next, use your Android or iOS smartphone to aim it at the screen and tap the Link a Device button to scan the QR code.

That is all that is required to use WhatsApp on a Chromebook without having to log out. You can use WhatsApp simultaneously on both smartphones in this manner.

Use WhatsApp on Chrome OS with Multi-Device Support

The ability to use WhatsApp on various devices without having to rely on your primary smartphone for message syncing was recently added by WhatsApp. Essentially, this implies that WhatsApp may be independently installed and used on a Chromebook without having WhatsApp to be constantly active. The best aspect is that even with multi-device functionality, end-to-end encryption is still maintained.

We’ve already created a general tutorial on how to utilise WhatsApp across many platforms. You can use WhatsApp on your Chromebook on your own if you follow the comprehensive tutorial. Keep in mind that you must activate the Multi-device option and join WhatsApp Beta on your smartphone. As everything takes place in the Chrome browser, this creates a new way for students using school-issued Chromebooks to use WhatsApp without any hassles.

Use WhatsApp on a Chromebook With or Without Play Store Support

Thus, in just a few simple steps, you can install and use WhatsApp on a Chromebook. Now, regardless of Google Play Store compatibility, school-issued Chromebooks can also utilise WhatsApp, as I described above. To pair, all you require is a smartphone. That’s all we have to say, though. Follow the detailed instructions in our post on the top Chrome OS tips and tricks if you are a newbie and want to get started with Chrome OS. Also, have a look at some of the top WhatsApp tips. Additionally, if you have any questions, leave a comment below, and we will assist you.