How to Install Android 12-Based OxygenOS 12 on Your OnePlus Phone

Finally published to AOSP, Android 12 includes a number of noteworthy new features. OnePlus owners can celebrate as the first official OxygenOS 12 open beta, based on Android 12, has been published for the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, despite the fact that the release schedules for various phone manufacturers vary. The OxygenOS 12 open beta 1 for the OnePlus 9 series offers a tonne of new features, which are all described in a forum thread. You must be eager to get the latest software update and test out all the incredible features if you are a OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro owner right now. You are at the correct spot since this article will show you how to instal OxygenOS 12 open beta, which is based on Android 12, on your OnePlus phone.

How to Install OxygenOS 12 on Your OnePlus Phone (2021)

We’ll go over every step you need to do to instal OxygenOS 12 on your OnePlus smartphone, but we’ll also answer a few key queries you might have. Use the table below to quickly navigate to the installation process.

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Will Installing Oxygen OS 12 Beta Result in Data Loss?

It’s understandable to be concerned about your data, but you can relax knowing that’s not the case. For the OnePlus 9 series, a local upgrade procedure will be used to instal the OxygenOS 12 beta update. This indicates that no changes will be made to your data throughout the installation process, keeping it entirely secure. We still urge you to backup the data on your phone, as is normal before updating any programme.

Is Updating My OnePlus Phone to OxygenOS 12 Beta Safe?

Absolutely, it is. The official build of OxygenOS 12 is made available by OnePlus. There is no possibility of malware gaining access to your system. So you can relax knowing it is absolutely safe and nothing will happen to your OnePlus 9 series device.

Is the Oxygen OS 12 Beta Unstable?

This OxygenOS 12 beta version will not be as stable as its official OTAs, according to a statement made by OnePlus in an official forum post. So yeah, be prepared to run across a variety of stability issues and unexpected bugs. While using your device for testing is OK, we don’t recommend installing this update on your main driver.

Download Android 12-Based OxygenOS 12 on OnePlus 9/ 9 Pro

After going through a few key things, let’s start setting up our OnePlus phone using OxygenOS 12 open beta. For this guide, we’ll be utilising a OnePlus 9. Feel free to follow along, but the procedures are the same for the 9 Pro. Let’s get going now.

Please download and instal this apk file first if you are using the OxygenOS 12 closed beta channel or developer preview. On your OnePlus smartphone, it will make sure you have the choice to revert to a reliable Android 11 build. On the thread, there is also a link to the apk file.

1. From your OnePlus 9 or 9Pro, go to this forum link.

2. Depending on where you are, tap and download the right OnePlus beta package. Its size will be close to 4 GB. Even better, you may download them instantly by clicking on the links we’ve provided below:

3. Hold off till the file downloads. Next, tap your phone’s stock file manager to launch it.

4. The Downloads folder will contain the OxygenOS 12 update file. To go there, tap the icon.

5. To avoid any installation issues, we must now rename the file and remove the jar extension. Tap the three dots menu symbol in the upper right after long pressing the downloaded file to pick it.

6. Select Rename from the context menu.

7. Remove the jar extension from the file name so that only zip is left, then click OK.

8. Long-press the file once more, this time selecting Cut from the context menu.

9. You must now paste this file into the internal storage of the phone. After that, select Paste.

Install Android 12-Based OxygenOS 12 Beta on OnePlus 9/ 9 Pro

1. Now, open the Settings app on your OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro to start the installation process.

2. Locate System and tap it.

3. Next, select System Updates.

4. To access the manual instal option, hit the gear icon in the top right corner of the following page.

5. Select Local upgrade from the list of available choices.

6. This is where you can now view the downloaded file that we pasted into the phone’s internal storage. Just tap it once.

7. After reading this notice, tap Install Now to start the OxygenOS 12 open beta installation process on your OnePlus 9 series handset.

You must restart your device after the installation, which should take about 10 to 15 minutes. Once finished, your phone will immediately display the new OxygenOS 12 UI and features.

OxygenOS 12 includes several good UI tweaks that make things even more efficient than before, as you will notice right away. Along with new features like the Private Safe app and a completely revamped notes app, there are also new animations that look and feel incredibly smooth. There are also new versions of the OnePlus Scout and Shelf, Work-Life Balance 2.0, three different dark mode settings, Canvas AOD 2.0, Games Toolbox 2.0, and many other things. However, keep in mind that as this is a beta, you might occasionally run into problems.

Try Out the OxygenOS 12 Beta on Your OnePlus Phone

We hope the latest OxygenOS 12 beta update for the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro goes smoothly for you to instal. Check out the linked article if you’re a OnePlus user curious about when your OnePlus phone will receive the latest OxygenOS 12 upgrade based on Android 12. Additionally, please let us know in the comments area below if you have any questions about the installation procedure.