How to Install Android Apps Not Available in Your Country

Sometimes we want to download a cool, fresh, and popular software or game, only to discover that it is not available in our nation. Due to the fact that not all nations have access to certain amazing apps, this may be rather frustrating. So, you must be wondering if there is a way to instal apps on Android that are not accessible in your area. On Android, however, there is always a solution. The finest and simplest method to instal Android apps that are unavailable in your country is provided in this post.

Install Android Apps Not Available in Your Country

You can get access to these apps by rooting your Android device, but not everyone can do that. There is a pretty straightforward method for doing this, but not many people are aware of it. Here’s how to instal Android apps that aren’t available in your country if you’re one of the unfortunate ones. But first, let me start by letting you know that the Android VPN method no longer functions on the Play Store. Because of this, we are approaching the installation of apps that are unavailable in your area differently.

Create a second Google account without utilising a VPN beforehand. Tap Settings -> Google -> to accomplish this. Select your active email address. Select Add another account from this menu. Tap Create account in the lower left corner and adhere to the prompts on the screen. When everything is finished, the account will be made and uploaded to the Google Play Store.

2. Next, launch your preferred VPN and connect to a US server. I would suggest ProtonVPN if you are unsure which VPN to select (Free, offers in-app purchases). Additionally, you may visit our post on the best free VPN services and select the ideal one for you based on your preferences.

3. After establishing a connection, open the Google Play Store and select the hamburger menu in the top-left corner. To access the new account on the Play Store from this page, hit the new icon in the top-right corner.

4. Open the hamburger menu on the Play Store once more and select Account after switching to the new account. Switch to the American Play Store is located here, and directly below it is a credit or debit card addition option. Touch it.

5. Click Continue to add a credit or debit card after doing so.

You can immediately cancel the prompt or choose to add a domestic card.

You will be directed to the US Play Store in any case. However, bear in mind that changing the region could take 48 hours. Go back to the Account area and see whether it says Switch to India/Your Region Play Store to be sure you have moved permanently. If so, your switchover was accomplished.

Note: You will be locked in for a year after switching to the US Play Store. And for just this reason, I advise creating a second Google account to preserve your active subscriptions, payment options, family sharing privileges, and other features on your primary Google account.

Alternative Methods: Install Android Apps Not Available in Your Country

1. Evozi

6. At this point, you can search for and instal any Android app without any problems because your secondary account has been transferred to the US Play Store. After changing the region, disconnect the VPN, and from this point forward, you can search for and instal apps without using a VPN.

7. To immediately access an app that says it’s not available in your country, simply switch to the secondary account in the hamburger menu of the Play Store. TIDAL isn’t available in India in this case, but after switching to my secondary account, the app is accessible. Yes, the setup process is somewhat drawn out, but it is a permanent fix, and you won’t need to download APKs from dubious sites.

2. APKMirror

You can use Evozi if the aforementioned procedure is too time-consuming for you. You may paste a Play Store link into the website and it will automatically extract the APK for you. It really is that easy. So go ahead and perform a Google search for the application and copy the link. Additionally, if you paste it into the Evozi box, the download link will be created. On the security front, it downloads the APKs straight from the Play Store to prevent package tampering by outside parties.

Website visit

3. Aptoide

One of the most well-liked and straightforward methods for installing Android apps that are unavailable in your country is using APKMirror. It enables developers to directly post their APK packages on its platforms, much like Play Store does. Additionally, APKMirror scans each APK for security flaws utilising a variety of protocols, including MD5 checksum, cryptographic signatures for updated versions of pre-existing programmes, and signature verification. Be confident that you will find the most recent and safe Android APKs on APKMirror.

Website visit

Install Apps Not Available in Your Region Easily

If for whatever reason, including because it isn’t available in your country or because it violates Play Store standards, you can’t locate an app in the Google Play Store, you’ll probably find it on Aptoide.