How to Install Apple Music on Windows 11 PC

A full-featured Apple Music app for Windows has to be the one thing in the tech world that I have been waiting for over the past few years. Although Apple announced macOS Catalina back in WWDC 2019 and permanently discontinued iTunes on Macs, the Cupertino company hasn’t expressed interest in releasing an Apple Music app specifically for Windows. We had hoped that Apple would launch Apple Music on the Microsoft Store in time for the release of Windows 11, but that didn’t happen. Fortunately, we can quickly instal Apple Music now that Windows 11 supports Android apps.

Install Apple Music on Windows 11 (2021)

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for the best ways to use Apple Music on your Windows PC to download music for offline listening. Either the Android app or iTunes must be used. We have also covered how to stream music on your Windows 11 PC using the official Apple Music web player and the third-party Electron app. We can start right away now that you are aware of what to anticipate.

Method 1: Sideload Apple Music Android App on Windows 11

We’re going to assume that you’re already familiar with one of Windows 11’s best new features: the Windows Subsystem for Android. If not, see our guide on how to set up and run Android applications on Windows 11. To prepare for your WSA installation, read through our comprehensive guide on how to sideload Android apps. Follow the instructions to instal the Apple Music Android app on Windows 11 after completing these two steps.

1. APKMirror will be our source for the Apple Music APK file. Download the most recent version of the app by going to the Apple Music listing right here. I’m going to download Apple Music 3.7.1 in universal nodpi form right now. If you are reading this at a later time, you can search the website for latest versions of the application.

2. Locate the Apple Music APK by opening the Downloads folder. To copy the precise path (file location) to the clipboard, right-click the APK file and select Copy as path.

3. Open a Command window in the installation directory for your ADB software. You can do that by entering command in the File Explorer’s address box as shown below.

4. After that, copy and paste the following command into the CMD window using the formatting shown below:

adb install <app_path.apk>

5. A confirmation prompt letting you know the software has been successfully installed will appear in a few seconds. You may now access the Apple Music Android app by going to the Windows 11 Start Menu.

Set up Apple Music Android App on Windows 11

1. To access the Windows 11 Start Menu, press the Windows key, then select Apple Music from the Recommended list. To find and launch the app if you’ve hidden the Recommended section, type Apple Music.

2. The Apple Music Android app will launch, and you can log in to use it on Windows 11 by using your Apple ID credentials.

3. You receive the complete Apple Music experience you would expect from the mobile app after logging in. You can access the Listen Now, Browse, Radio, Library, and Search options from the bottom navigation bar because this is the Android app.

Download Tracks Offline Using Apple Music on Windows 11

The best part, though, is that you can use the Apple Music Android app on your Windows 11 computer to download tunes offline.

Right-click any tune on Apple Music and select Download to download it.

2. Similar to the Android app, you can discover your offline tracks in the Downloaded section under Library. Briefly put, if you have experience with Apple Music on Android, you won’t have any trouble getting started here.

On a related topic, we tried turning on lossless audio here, and the Now Playing screen now displays the Lossless designation. To make sure that the output is truly lossless, we haven’t tested the bitrates.

Method 2: Install Apple Music Web Player on Windows 11 PC

Apple introduced the Apple Music web player in September 2019 to bring the streaming service directly to your web browser. You may want to use Apple Music online if you do not intend to instal and run Android apps on Windows 11. The drawback is that you can’t download songs offline from this site. How to use the Apple Music web player is as follows:

1. Click this link to access the Apple Music web player and sign in with your Apple ID.

2. If all you need is a playable player you can access from a browser tab, you are now good to go. You can make a shortcut to the online player if you prefer a dedicated window and icon to access Apple Music. To achieve this, select More tools -> Create shortcut in Chrome by clicking on the vertical three-dot icon in the upper right corner.

3. To create the Apple Music online player shortcut on Windows 11, select Create and then select the Open as window checkbox. Apple Music is now easily accessible from the desktop or Start Menu.

Method 3: Install Apple Music Electron App on Windows 11

Apple Music Electron, a project supported by the community and built on Electron 15, was created as an open-source alternative to iTunes. You can use it on macOS and Linux in addition to Windows. How to download and use Apple Music Electron is as follows:

1. Go to the Assets area of Apple Music Electron’s GitHub downloads page and download the most recent EXE file. The EXE file can then be installed by double-clicking it in the Downloads folder.

2. To begin utilising the service after installing the Apple Music Electron app, click the Sign in icon and provide your Apple ID credentials. Apple Music Electron’s user interface resembles that of the macOS software more closely.

3. A tonne of customization options are accessible here, including themes, sound quality options, incognito mode, and even Discord Rich Presence. Apple Music Electron is a good option to consider if you’ve been wishing to use a specific Apple Music app. On the other hand, as it is based on the web player, it does not support offline downloads.

Method 4: Use iTunes to Access Apple Music on Windows 11

If you want to utilise Apple Music on Windows 11 but don’t want to use any of the aforementioned techniques, iTunes is still a viable option despite being out of date. In addition, iTunes offers offline music downloads as opposed to the web player.

1. Download iTunes from the Microsoft Store or Apple Support using the links provided here.

2. Access all of your Apple Music playlists directly from iTunes by logging in with your Apple ID and password after installing iTunes.

3. You may now log into your Apple Music account from a Windows 11 computer and, if you’d want, download songs to listen to offline.

Use Apple Music on Windows 11 with Ease!

The fact that Apple is postponing the release of a new native Apple Music app for Windows is actually shocking. The online player and Android app should allow you to experience Apple Music without relying on the resource-hungry iTunes software until Apple decides to create a dedicated app. Check out our list of the top iTunes alternatives if you want to replace iTunes and obtain file transfer features between your iPhone and PC. How do you like to access Apple Music on Windows, then? Tell us in the comments section below.