How to Install Discord Themes

Discord, a well-known chat service, has a tonne of options available to users, but support for custom themes is not one of them. Although Discord might be hesitant to officially support custom themes, there is a third-party add-on called BetterDiscord that enables theme installation on the messaging service. The steps you must take to install Discord themes are outlined in this post.

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Before continuing, it’s important to note that BetterDiscord is a third-party add-on that, by altering the client, violates Discord’s terms of service. However, Discord hasn’t penalised BetterDiscord or users who use it to alter the client in any way. As of the publication of this page, you can still use it to install themes. Although the add-on may be secure, we must caution you that third-party themes can put users’ security at risk. So take care and refrain from getting themes from sources you don’t trust.

Download and Install BetterDiscord Add-on

1. Go to the BetterDiscord website (visit) and click the blue Get icon to download the BetterDiscord installer.

2. A licencing agreement prompt will appear when you open the installer file that you downloaded.

To continue, choose the I accept the licencing agreement checked and click Next.

3. Select Install BetterDiscord from the activities picker interface, then click Next to move on to the following screen.

4. You should now specify the Discord version on which BetterDiscord should be installed. You can select the first option and press the Install button if you are using the stable version of Discord. However, users running the Canary or Public Test builds of Discord ought to pick those options instead.

Install Discord Themes Using BetterDiscord

Once the installation is complete, Discord will restart itself. Applying themes with BetterDiscord is now possible. For information on how to apply themes on Discord, see the following section.

1. To access BetterDiscord settings, open Discord and click on the Settings gear icon that is displayed in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

2. Next, pick Themes in the new BetterDiscord section on the left sidebar.

3. Then, select the Open theme Folder button to launch the BetterDiscord themes folder on your computer. Your Discord themes should be stored in this folder.


4. You should transfer your BetterDiscord themes there when the theme’s root folder appears.

The exact path to the themes folder for BetterDiscord themes, which are in.CSS format, is as follows:

How to Uninstall Discord Themes

5. The themes you add to the themes folder will be shown in the BetterDiscord app’s themes area. Simply switch on the toggle next to the theme’s name to make it active.

6. In a similar manner, you can turn off the option to restore Discord’s default theme.

Uninstall BetterDiscord from Discord App

1. To remove or uninstall a Discord theme, click on the red trash icon that is displayed beneath the toggle for the theme.

2. To remove the theme, click Delete when a confirmation prompt displays.

Here’s how to uninstall BetterDiscord in case you decide to stop using it.

1. Open the BetterDiscord installer you downloaded in the first step, accept the licence agreement, and then launch the programme.

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2. On the following screen, select BetterDiscord Uninstall and press Next.

Frequently Asked Questions

3. To uninstall BetterDiscord from your Discord app, select the Discord version you used to install it (usually the first choice). Discord can now be used as usual, without any tweaks, and with the stock theme.

You could be looking for theme inspirations now that you understand how to install and use themes on Discord. We’ve got you covered, though. You can check out our article on the best Discord themes for BetterDiscord to improve your Discord experience.

On Discord, how can I install themes?

After installing the BetterDiscord add-on application, you can install themes on Discord. It may be downloaded for free on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Better Discord is secure, right?

The terms of service of Discord are broken by BetterDiscord. To the best of our knowledge at the time this article was written, Discord does not typically ban users that use BetterDiscord to personalise their Discord app.

Install and Use Themes on Discord

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