How to Install Google Camera (Gcam Mod) on Mi A3

With the debut of the Mi A3 in India, Xiaomi just increased the scope of its Android One lineup while providing consumers with an AMOLED display, three cameras, and an entirely stock Android experience. The phone has a 48MP primary sensor and Xiaomi’s native camera software to provide you access to a wide range of functions, but we are all aware that Google Camera mods are well-liked for a reason. They just take better photos than the stock camera app, with greater details and improved dynamic range.

Therefore, I guarantee you would search for the best Google Camera mod for the Mi A3 if you were planning to get one. Let me assist you and put a stop to this search before it even begins. A functioning GCam mod link, instructions for installing the mod, and some camera samples are given below:

Get GCam Mod on Mi A3

We tested several well-known Google camera hacks, like Arnova8G2, BSG, and others. The most dependable and quick while taking pictures were the mods from cstark called Camera PX (link provided below). The majority of GCam features, including Night Sight, functioned well with this mod with the exception of slow-motion video capture.

Steps to Install GCam on Mi A3

1. First, click this link to download the GCam mod APK for the Mi A3. If you haven’t already, you might need to allow installation of programmes from third-party sources for the browser you use to download the file.

2. In order for this GCam mod to function without crashing, you must disable the motion photographs option. The saturation, contrast, and other library parameters don’t need to be changed because they already function flawlessly.

3. With the Google Camera hack installed, your Mi A3 is now ready for beautiful images. Here are a few examples of GCam-taken data:

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Take Stunning Pictures with Google Camera on Mi A3

The impressive triple-camera configuration on Xiaomi’s Android One-supported Mi A3 smartphone gives users a wide range of options. We do know that the Google Camera enhances the experience and gives you the potential to take photos that are even better in terms of clarity, sharpness, and colour accuracy.

So, download the GCam mod for your smartphone right away if you want to improve the photo-taking experience on the recently released Mi A3. Please let us know in the comments section below if you experience any problems with the aforementioned Google Camera or have any better ideas.