How to Install iOS 10 Beta on Your iPhone

This year, Apple made a lot of significant announcements during its annual WWDC conference, with the release of iOS 10 undoubtedly being one of the highlights. The latest iOS version was anticipated to bring quite significant changes, and it appears that it did not dissapoint. A revamped lockscreen, updated Siri, redesigned Music and News apps, enhanced Maps and Photos applications, a tonne of new iMessage capabilities, and more amazing new features are all included in iOS 10.

Apple also published the initial iOS 10 Beta 1 for developers along with the event. Therefore, here’s how to go if you want to instal it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod:

Devices compatible with iOS 10

Check to see if your iOS device is compatible with the new iOS version before moving forward with the installation:

  • iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus.
  • iPad mini 2, mini 3, mini 4, Air, Air 2, 4th generation, Pro 9.7, Pro 12.9.
  • iPod Touch 6th generation.

Things you ll need

In order to download and instal the iOS 10 beta 1 update, you will need the following:

  • An Apple ID Developer account (available at $99/year)
  • A compatible iOS device
  • Windows PC or Mac

Install iOS 10 beta 1 on your iDevice

Are you prepared to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to iOS 10? So here are the procedures:

Note: You should create a backup of your device before you begin installing the iOS 10 beta on it. In case something goes wrong, you can do this by heading to iTunes or iOS Settings->iCloud->Back Up Now. On our iPhone 6s, the beta was installed.

Register your device for developer betas

To begin, you must add your iPhone to the Apple Developers page:

1. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac and launch iTunes since you’ll need your iPhone’s sUDID (Unique Device Identifier). Clicking on the iPhone’s serial number in iTunes should display its UDID. Adapt it.

2. Open the Apple Developer website and sign in using your developer Apple ID account. Go to Certificates, IDs, and Profiles next. Choose the type of iOS device you wish to instal the beta on by clicking the Devices section in the left side.

3. Next, enter your device’s information, including the name you choose for it and the UDID you previously copied, by clicking the Plus button in the top-right corner. When finished, click Continue.

4.After that, your iPhone will be included in your developer account. To obtain the iOS 10 OTA configuration file or iOS 10 beta restore images, navigate to Develop->Downloads.

For any of the following device types—iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, and Apple TV—you can register up to 100 units. You can hold off until the July public beta release if you don’t have a developer account.

Method 1: Get the iOS 10 beta 1 update as an OTA

1. After logging into the Apple Developer page with your iPhone, navigate to the iOS 10 beta section under Develop->Downloads and select the drop-down option. Configuration Profile will be the first choice on the menu. To download it to your device, click the download button. Either go to the Apple Developer website on your iPhone and download it directly, or download it on your computer first and then transfer it to your iPhone.

2. When finished, tap the Install button after opening the file on your iPhone. You will then need to enter your passcode. The iOS beta licence agreement will thereafter be on a separate page. Tap Install once more. Your iPhone will then be instructed to restart after the profile has been installed so that the modifications can take effect.

3. After your iPhone has resumed, go to Settings->General->Software Update. After a short while, the iOS 10 Developer Beta 1 update should be accessible for download. To begin, click Download and Install.

The size of the iOS 10 Beta 1 OTA for the iPhone 6s is 1.7 GB, and it should be about the same for other devices as well. Additionally, it may only be downloaded using WiFi.

4.The iOS 10 Beta 1 download should then begin. You will receive a request to apply the update after the download is complete; tap Install Now. The update will then be installed after a reboot of your iPhone. The brand-new iOS 10 beta will then be installed when the iPhone starts up.

Method 2: Flash the iOS 10 Beta 1 restore image

1.To use this procedure, you must obtain the iOS 10 Beta 1 restore image that corresponds to your iDevice from the Apple Developer page’s Develop->Downloads page.

It should be noted that installing the Xcode 8 beta SDK, which can be downloaded from the same page as above, is also required if you are using a Mac. Additionally, the iOS 10 restore pictures take up between 1.8 and 2.8 GB of space, therefore use WiFi to download these files.

2. Once the image files have been downloaded, launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer. Then click on Check for updates in iTunes while holding down Option or Shift on a Mac or Windows computer.

Note that selecting Restore iPhone will format your device to factory settings.

3. A dialogue box should appear where you may select the downloaded restore image. After that, your iPhone should have the update installed. Never remove your iPhone while the restore image is installing, please.

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Try out the first iOS beta on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Even though we wouldn’t suggest using the iOS 10 beta as your primary device, it’s surprisingly good for a first beta release. Although there are a few problems, such as messages that don’t send, the beta build runs more smoothly than we had anticipated. Overall, we have only recently started using iOS 10 but we already adore it. Try it out if you have a developer account, and let us know if you run into any problems. Stay tuned for additional updates about iOS 10 and share your thoughts in the comments area below.