How to Install Minecraft Texture Packs on Java, Bedrock, and MCPE

Over the years, Minecraft has provided players with a tonne of content, including dragons and limitless worlds. However, it still falls short of providing relief from its repetitive textures. The Minecraft 1.18 update has given the game’s worlds a feeling of being updated and new. But even so, playing a game for hours on end can make the same pixelated texture seem a little boring. Fortunately, if you know how to instal Minecraft texture packs in your game, you can quickly fix that. If you’re not familiar with texture packs, they completely change the appearance of every block and entity in the game.

Unlike Minecraft skins, our protagonist’s environment is completely altered by the textures. They resemble the best Minecraft modpacks in many ways, but they lack any unique features beyond aesthetics. Having said that, the texture packs truly have the power to alter your gameplay. These texture packs can quickly transform Minecraft to look like a completely different game, with themes ranging from Star Wars to the Middle Ages. Learn how to instal Minecraft texture packs on your Windows, Android, iOS, or console device without further ado.

Install Minecraft Texture Packs (2022)

We divided the guide into several sections so that we could thoroughly cover each platform. To easily explore each of them, use the table below.

Install Texture Packs on Minecraft Java Edition

Only PC users have access to the Java version of Minecraft. Only Windows, macOS, and Linux support it. Any of these platforms can have a texture pack installed using the methods listed below.

Download Texture Packs

Java users are not permitted to access the official marketplace, unlike those who use the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. They must manually download custom texture packs because of this. You can download the texture pack that most appeals to you from our selection of the finest Minecraft texture packs. Now, keep in mind that the texture pack will always be downloaded for the Java edition as a file with extension. But you don’t need to extract that file. Let’s get started with the installation procedure now that that is over.

How to Install and Activate Minecraft Texture Packs

The texture packs are referred to as resource packs in the more recent iterations of the game. Unlike texture packs, resource packs allow you to customise the game’s audio as well. Follow the instructions below to complete the installation for both.

1. Launch Minecraft and click the Options option on the home screen to get started. It is available next to the choice to end the game.

2. Next, select the Resource Packs or Texture Packs button found in the Options section. The option will be shown in the bottom left corner in either situation.

3. This choice will take you to a list of the Minecraft resource and texture packs that are currently installed. You can drag and drop the downloaded texture pack into the game’s windowed mode to instal it. If not, use the bottom-positioned Open Packs Folder button.

4. Clicking the button will take you to one of the following directories:

  • %AppData%\.minecraft\resourcepacks (Minecraft 1.16.1 and later)
  • %AppData%\.minecraft\texturepacks (Minecraft 1.16 and earlier)

To instal your downloaded texture packs, you must now copy and paste them into this folder.

5. The pack will appear in the game after it has been installed. Next, activate the pack by clicking on its icon. The textures will be used the next time you load your Minecraft world after the activation, which could take a few seconds.

Install Texture Packs on Minecraft Bedrock on PC, VR, and Consoles

The most recent version of Minecraft, called Bedrock, is compatible with Windows 10 and 11, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, and a number of VR headsets. If you don’t already know how, you can learn how to play Minecraft on your Oculus headset. Any of these platforms can be used with the subsequent steps. Even the Minecraft 1.19 beta instruction can be used.

Get Texture Packs

1. Launch Minecraft Bedrock and click the Settings option on the home screen to begin.

2. In the settings menu, scroll down and select the Global Resources option.

3. They will show up under my packs in this section if you manually installed any texture or resource packs or added them as DLC. Click the button marked “View More Packs” if there are no options here.

4. Unlike Minecraft Java, the Minecraft Marketplace offers a wide selection of both free and commercial texture packs. Even special themed texture packs can be found via searching. Select the one that appeals to you.

5. Finally, on the texture pack page, click the free or price button. It’s in the upper right corner. To finalise the purchase of the texture pack, you will need to input payment-related information. However, if it’s a free pack, it will be available straight away in your account.

Download and Install Texture Packs

You can find the texture pack on any platform that supports Minecraft Bedrock once it has been added to your Minecraft account. All you need to do is make sure your login information is consistent. Here is how to enable the texture packs on Bedrock for use:

1. To begin, click the download button on the texture pack’s page where you made your purchase. In the game’s settings, you may also discover it under the Global Resources section.

2. The download will take a few seconds or minutes, depending on how quickly your connection is. Click the “Activate Texture Pack” button on the same page after it has been downloaded.

How to Install MCPACK Files in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

In addition to the official store, Minecraft Bedrock provides the option for manual texture pack downloads. You can get Minecraft texture packs using any of the following well-liked methods:

The.mcpack file extension is used for manually installable texture packs for Bedrock editions.

You just need to make sure that Minecraft is already set up on your device in order to instal them.

Install Texture Packs on Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)

Double-clicking the file will cause it to open and be installed in your game. The installation process only takes a few minutes, and after it is finished, the game will display an animport successful notification.

Download Texture Packs from Platform Stores

Despite belonging to the same Bedrock family as the desktop version of Minecraft, the installation of texture packs differs slightly on mobile. Similar to the Java edition, MCPE players have a selection of places to purchase their texture packs.

Download Texture Packs from Minecraft Marketplace

There are many apps available for both Android and iOS users to download texture packs from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, respectively. For Minecraft, these programmes provide a tonne of free texture packs. There are some paid options as well, but for paid packs, we advise sticking with the official Minecraft marketplace. This is due to the abundance of fraudulent Minecraft programmes available in shops, which you should always stay away from.

Following the procedures below, you can download a texture pack from the Minecraft store once you’ve selected an appropriate software and texture pack:

1. From the app’s homescreen on Android or iOS, click the Marketplace option just below Settings.

2. Next, select Texture & More from the Marketplace screen’s bottom menu.

3. Several in-game texture packs will now be available to you from the game. You cantap on the one that best appeals to you.

How to Install/ Activate Texture Packs in MCPE

4. Lastly, the game will now provide you a free or fee button for the texture pack, depending on how much your texture pack cost. To confirm the order, tap on it.

Return to the Minecraft homescreen and take the following actions to activate any texture pack from the market or a third-party app:

1. Tap the Settings option, which is located above the Marketplace button, first.

2. Next, tap on the Global Resources option after scrolling down to discover it.

3. Under the My Packs section, you will find packs from all of your sources here. Expand it by tapping on it.

Easily Install Minecraft Texture Packs Today

4. When you’re ready to use a pack, tap on it and then click the Activate button next to its description.