How to Install Nothing Launcher On Any Android Phone

For some Android phones, Nothing has today released the Nothing Launcher in beta. The launcher is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21, S22, Google Pixel 5 and later models, with compatibility for OnePlus expected soon. This post has described how you can immediately test out the Nothing launcher on any phone.

Install Nothing Launcher On Any Phone (2022)

Download Nothing Launcher APK

1. To create the XAPK file, copy the Nothing Launcher Play Store listing link and go to the APKPure website. Paste the launcher’s link into the search box after clicking the Search icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

2. Click the Get XAPK button to download the xapk file when the Nothing Launcher listing on APKPure displays.

Install Nothing Launcher on Your Phone

1. Download the Play Store’s APKMirror Installer (visit). Select the Browse files option after starting the application.

2. Next, go to the Downloads folder and find the xapk file.

Select Install package after tapping on the Nothing Launcher xapk file. Once the package has loaded in APKMirror Installer, select Install app to put Nothing Launcher on your phone.

Set Nothing Launcher as the Default Launcher

2. Tap Install to finish the installation of the app when the prompt displays. Nothing Launcher has been installed successfully. But hold off on using the app just yet. In our testing, tapping the Open app icon either caused crashes or received no response. As an alternative, adhere to the instructions below to make Nothing Launcher your phone’s default launcher.

1. Go to Apps -> Default apps in the Settings app on your phone.

Nothing Launcher: Quick First Impressions

2. Select Nothing Launcher as the default launcher by tapping the Home app. You may access Nothing Launcher on your phone by swiping upward or by pressing the home button.

After going over the procedures for installing Nothing Launcher, let’s talk about whether you should instal the launcher. Three launcher features are highlighted by Nothing in a blog post: Nothing Wallpaper & Style, Bespoke Clock & Weather widgets, and Max Icons and Max Folder. Let me address each one individually.

The default wallpaper is the first thing we have. I’m not a huge fan of the default wallpaper because I have objectively better taste in wallpapers. Nothing is shipping here. In fact, when I initially noticed the launcher, I believed it to be broken. In addition, it doesn’t like the one we saw with the Nothing phone announcement. I’ll overlook this because wallpaper preference is a personal choice.

The clock and weather widgets follow. Nothing currently provides a total of three widgets. Digital, analogue, and weather Notably, the launcher has a minimalist appearance thanks to the transparent version of the Digital widget. The other widgets also have nice looks. There is nothing about the widgets Nothing is offering here to dislike, unless you are a critical Android widgets aficionado.

This brings me to my final example, Max Icons and Max Folder. This is a new experience where you may increase your favourite apps and folders to make them more apparent, claims Nothing. This may be the biggest gimmick anyone has attempted to pull off lately. The larger versions appear enormous and you are unable to change their precise size. It goes without saying that it also takes up a lot of room on the home screen.

In addition to this, Nothing is releasing two wallpapers: one features an abstract puppy, the other a face. You also receive an alarm tune, a notification tone, and other tones that collectively nearly resemble the sounds of a Morse code distress signal.