How to Install OptiFine in Minecraft 1.19 to Improve Performance

The latest update to Minecraft, version 1.19, has made the game stronger and more sophisticated than ever. New mobs, biomes, and aesthetic components have all been added to the game. All of this seems fine in theory, but it can seriously harm the performance of your PC. The OptiFine mod can be used in this situation. It is one of the all-time most well-liked Minecraft mods and can enhance gameplay. In this sandbox game, you may get the best FPS, intricate graphics options, and more if you know how to install the OptiFine mod for Minecraft 1.19. We need first learn how to install OptiFine for Minecraft 1.19, so let’s not jump to conclusions.

Install and Use OptiFine in Minecraft 1.19 (2022)

To make our tutorial easier to understand, we separated it into several sections. The table below contains instructions for installing and utilising OptiFine’s new capabilities in Minecraft 1.19. However, keep in mind that OptiFine is only available for the Minecraft Java Edition, just like the majority of mods.

What is OptiFine Mod in Minecraft?

The most well-known graphics optimization patch for Minecraft, OptiFine, lets you improve performance and run HD textures without stuttering. Despite not having native support for RTX, it also enables players to emulateray tracing-like graphics representation in the Java edition.

Download OptiFine for Minecraft 1.19

Users of OptiFine can quickly modify the parameters to suit their needs. As a result, there are no prerequisites for running this mod. If your computer can run Minecraft, it should have no issue running OptiFine as well. Having said that, just adhere to the instructions below to obtain OptiFine for Minecraft 1.19:

1. Start by visiting the Downloads page of OptiFine, which contains a reverse chronological list of every version of OptiFine. Find the Minecraft 1.19 area, open it, and hit the Download button. You can access a different download link by clicking the (Mirror) link if the download link is broken.

Note: In this guide, we’ll be using OptiFine 1.19 HD U H8, although you can use a newer version if one is available.

2. The download link will take you to an ad page that you can bypass. You must wait there for roughly 5 to 10 seconds before a skip button displays in the top right corner. Click the Skip option to continue after that.

3. You can get to the final download page by skipping the advertisement. Here, select the Download option to begin the OptiFine for Minecraft 1.19 download.

4. OptiFine will be a.jar file, just as other Minecraft mods. Your browser may therefore notify you that the file may contain a virus. In that case, press the Keepbutton to manually save the OptiFine fine. Numerous players utilise and trust OptiFine without experiencing malware-related problems.

How to Install OptiFine in Minecraft 1.19

It is simple to install the OptiFine mod in Minecraft 1.19 once the download is finished. The steps are as follows:

1. Open the.jar file that you downloaded to get started.

It will start the Java compiler automatically. Check the installation location of your Minecraft directory once it has opened. Using the ellipsis (three dots) button, you can alter it. Then, to proceed, click the Install button.

2. To close the installer after the installation is finished, click the OK option. Having stated that, OptiFine is now present in your Minecraft game.

3. To launch and use OptiFine in Minecraft 1.19, you have to run it from your Minecraft launcher. To do so, click on the version drop-down menu for your game (located to the left of the Play button) in your launcher. Then,select OptiFinefrom the list and click on thePlaybutton.

Install OptiFine As a Mod

Minecraft might warn you about the risks of modded installations while running OptiFine. If it does, make sure to check the box next to the I understand the risks statement andclick the Play button.

If you want to run OptiFine alongside other Minecraft 1.19 mods, you must install it as a mod as well. To do so, you just need to copy the downloaded Optifine.jar file andpaste it into the mods folderof your Minecraft installation. If you can t find the folder location, you can paste this address%appdata%\.minecraft\modsin the Explorer address bar or in the Run window (Win +R).

How to Get High FPS in Minecraft 1.19

But keep in mind that this method only works if you already have Forge installed in your Minecraft. Moreover, OptiFine might not show up automatically in your list of mods if you check in the game. But that s a common glitch, and well, the availability of more video options than regular Minecraft is the true indicator of OptiFine.

Basic Video Settings

Now that you know how to install OptiFine in Minecraft 1.19, it s time to make the most out of it and get the highest FPS in the game. To do so, you need to edit theVideo Settingsfrom the pause menu.

  • Graphics: Fast
  • Smooth Lighting & Its Levels: Off
  • Render Distance: 8-12 chunks
  • Framerate: Same as your monitor
  • Entity Shadows: Off

In the main section of Minecraft s video settings, you need to use the following configuration to get the best FPS:

Quality Settings

Other options, including GUI scale, bobbing, and brightness have little impact on the graphical performance of Minecraft. You can leave them unchanged and move to sub-sections to lower quality and improve performance even further.

Quality settings have a high impact on your game s appearance and performance. To get the highest possible FPS in Minecraft 1.19, it s best toturn offevery single feature under this settings section. But you can keep a few of them on as per your preference. All of them are bonus features and don t affect the core gameplay.

Details Settings

Your game might restart multiple times while you change the quality settings. There is no need to panic as it s merely a part of the process. After turning everything off, setMipmaptype to Nearest. Then, click onDoneto save the settings.

The details sub-setting under the video settings majorly affects the way you experience Minecraft. The options on this settings page don t affect your performance much, so you can edit them as per your preferences.

If getting the highest FPS is your main concern, you just need to set all values to Off or Fast . Doing so removes the feature completely or makes it negligible. Moreover, thecloud height,held items tooltips ,andfog startoptions don t affect graphical performance at all.

Animation Settings

Not to forget, youshould keep the entity distance between 75% 125%. Otherwise, you won t see dangerous mobs until they are too close to you. Then, once you are finished, click the Done button to save the settings.

Performance Settings

Animation settings are quite simple, and they heavily affect your performance. So, to get the highest FPS, you should just hit theAll OFFbuttonto set every animation off in Minecraft.

How to Get the Best Graphics in Minecraft 1.19

As the title suggests, these settings directly affect your game s performance. Here, you first need to make sure that onlydynamic updates are turned offand everything else is on. Then, set thechunk updates to 5andchunk builder to threaded. Finally, click on the Done button to save the settings.

With performance out of the gate, it s time to use OptiFine in Minecraft 1.19 to push toward the best graphics. For that, we will be installing shaders in Minecraft 1.19. But before diving in, make sure your system is powerful enough to handle these add-ons.

You can use some of the best Minecraft 1.19 shaderpacks (in the works, coming soon), as per your preference. After downloading the shader file, place it inside the%appdata%\.minecraft\shaderpacksfolder to use that shaderpack in the game. Project LUMA Shaderpack (Before vs After)

Frequently Asked Questions

With shaders active, even the highest graphical settings of Minecraft appear basic. You get realistic shadows, amazing texture mapping, and good textures alongside dynamic lighting and natural particles. The above screenshot represents the difference very clearly.

JNI error has occurred in Minecraft! How to Fix?

JNI errors are common in Minecraft Java, especially while installing external mods like OptiFine. You can use our dedicated guide tosolve all JNI errors in Minecraft.

Is OptiFine free to use?

OptiFine is a completely free-to-use mod for Minecraft 1.19 and older versions. But if you want to support the developer, you can donate on the official site of OptiFine.

How to install OptiFine in Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock?

Install OptiFine in Minecraft 1.19 to Improve Graphics

Just like otherMinecraft mods, OptiFine is exclusive to the Java edition of the game. Meanwhile, Minecraft Bedrock edition players have to rely onRTX for Minecraftto get the best graphics.