How to Install Pokemon Go on iPhone in Any Country

If you are a fan of Pokemon, you are probably well aware of the craze that the new game Pokemon Go has created. The new augmented reality game from Niantic, the company behind Ingress AR, has become a huge social phenomenon because it encourages players to venture outside to find Pokemon. Due to the fact that Pokemon Go is now only accessible in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, not everyone has had the chance to acquire a Pikachu or a Charmander.

The truth is that Niantic decided to suspend the game’s global rollout owing to server overload, which was predicted given how obsessive players are with the game. Therefore, you won’t find the game on the Play Store or the App Store if you reside in India, the United Kingdom, Japan, or any other nation outside the aforementioned three. The good news is that there are solutions for installing the game on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

While iPhone users just need to follow a few steps to access Pokemon Go, Android users can simply download the game’s APK file and be up and running. So, here’s how, in any nation, can download Pokemon Go to your iPhone:

1. Open the App Store, then click on your Apple ID in the section below. Hit “Sign out” in the pop-up menu.

2. Once finished, select United States under iOS Settings->General->Language & Region->Region. Tap Done next, then choose Change English (United States).

3. Next, open the Pokemon Go page in the App Store by clicking the relevant link (searching for the game will not return any results). Tap Get, followed by Install, here. The App Store will next ask you for your Apple ID; click the Create new Apple ID button.

4. At that point, the setup for creating an Apple ID will begin. Choose United States as the country or area on the New Account page and then tap Next. Complete the information for the new Apple ID on the following page. Tap Done when finished.

5. Next, choose None as the payment method and provide any extraneous information for the Billing address before clicking Done. You must next confirm your Apple ID using the verification email that was delivered to the email address you used to create the ID.

6. Once the email account has been authenticated, launch the App Store and login in using your new Apple ID. Then, look up Pokemon Go and begin downloading it.

Since the game is only 110 MB in size, downloading it shouldn’t take too long. You can begin playing and capturing Pokemon as soon as you have download Pokemon Go on your iPhone. We sincerely hope you catch them all!

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Ready to play Pokemon Go in your country?

While the game should function as intended, the gameplay may vary in nations where Pokemon Go isn’t yet available. It’s possible to come across inferior gyms, Pokestops, and other Pokemon-related facilities. But when I tried the game there, everything worked perfectly. Therefore, you should give the game a try to see what all the hoopla is about if you want to join the Pokemon Go hype train. Please share your game-playing experiences with us in the comments area below.