How to Join a Minecraft Server (PC, Console, & Mobile)

Amazing content, unique Minecraft biomes, and a sizable active community are all abundant in the online world of Minecraft. By only playing the game offline, no user can fully appreciate Minecraft’s enchantment. This implies that you have a significant disadvantage if you don’t already know how to join a server in Minecraft. But don’t worry; we’re here to teach you that. Everything you require to locate and connect to a Minecraft server is covered in our guide. As long as the server is compatible, the methods below work with both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. However, creating your own Minecraft server can be a preferable option if you want greater control over online games. So let’s get started and discover how to connect to a Minecraft server on a computer, a video game console, and a mobile device.

Join Servers in Minecraft Bedrock and Java (2022)

With the Bedrock edition being accessible on PCs, consoles, and mobile devices, the in-game procedure of joining Minecraft servers can seem differently on each platform. Therefore, you can examine the processes for each platform at your convenience using the table below.

Requirements to Join Minecraft Servers

The following prerequisites are all you need to meet in order to join a Minecraft server:

  • A device that supports and runs vanilla Minecraft smoothly
  • A Microsoft account that is connected to Minecraft
  • At least 1Mbps internet speed (on vanilla servers with a limited number of players)
  • At least 10Mbps internet speed (on custom servers with more players)
  • Server address or public IP address of the Minecraft server
  • Same or compatible game version as the server

Keep in mind that custom Minecraft launchers and unauthorised copies of the game do not allow you to join multiplayer servers. To play the game online, you must have a legitimate copy of it. The server address can be obtained from the host or found on the server’s webpage. The address for a Realm server in Minecraft will be a six-digit number. In the guide that is linked, you can read in detail about Minecraft Realm servers.

Console Online Memberships

To play on an online server, console users must pay additional fees over and beyond the game’s price. To join servers in Minecraft, you need one of the following subscriptions, depending on your console:

Again, these are the costs for the monthly subscription. Annual subscriptions and packages like Xbox Game Pass can offer you a better value.

Join Minecraft Servers on Bedrock (Xbox, PS4/ PS5, Switch, & Mobile)

In addition to Windows 10 and 11, Android, iOS, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch, Minecraft Bedrock is also compatible with a number of other operating systems. The following instructions can be used to connect to any of these systems’ online Minecraft servers.

1. Start Minecraft Bedrock and select Play from the home screen.

2. Next, pick the Servers tab to advance there. It is located on the top menu’s right-most tab.

3. The highlighted servers list in Minecraft will now show you some of the most well-liked servers. To join a server that piques your interest, first click on its name, then on the “Join Server” button in its description.

4. Scroll to the bottom and select the Add Server option if you are not interested in the featured servers.

5. You will now be prompted by Minecraft to provide the server information, including the server name, server address, and server port. The port should always be 19132, unless the server manager specifies otherwise. The server’s IP or normal address must be entered in the server address textbox in the meantime. Click the Play or Save option after that.

How to Join Minecraft Servers on Java (Windows, Mac, & Linux)

There are no featured servers in the Java edition of the game, in contrast to the Bedrock edition. However, our list of the best Minecraft servers has a wide variety of trustworthy options for you to select from. Having said that, use the instructions below to connect to a Minecraft server on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

1. First, launch the Java Edition of Minecraft and select the Multiplayer option. It is situated immediately beneath the Singleplayer button, which is where you play the game offline.

2. After that, Minecraft will notify you that not everyone should use online servers. Click the Proceed button to proceed after reading the warning.

3. If the server you are attempting to join is locally hosted, it will now instantly show up on your screen. If not, press the Add Server button. The Direct Connection button can also be used to immediately connect to the server without adding it to the server list.

4. To complete the connection, type the server address and the desired name for the server you are connected to. Under the server address area, you may also activate the resource packs that are connected to each server. Next, click the Done button to save your work and connect to the server.

How to Join Minecraft Realm Servers

Beyond the manual alternatives, Minecraft also provides a cutting-edge method for Realms players to connect to internet servers. However, you must first fulfil the following need in order to join a Realm server:

  • A copy of Minecraft with the same edition as the Realm server
  • An Xbox gamertag
  • A share link or gamertag inviation
  • If joining on console, an active subscription to its online service

If you are playing on a PC, you can select the share link option your friend sent you. Your game will load immediately and connect to the Realm server. When you accept the gamertag invite on a PC, something similar takes place. However, joining a realm server in Minecraft requires some manual labour if you are not using a PC.

Join via Realm Code on Bedrock Edition

The format of all realm links is, where the last six characters of the URL represent the realm code. To connect to the server, copy it, launch Minecraft, and paste it using the Join Realme option.

Under the Friends tab, you’ll discover the invitation and the Join Realm option. The Realm will only display us here after you have played on this server.

Join via Realm Invite on Minecraft Java

The Minecraft Realms option may be found on the homepage of the Java edition. This area allows you to both buy and join a realm server. The same button will display a mail-like icon if a friend offers you to join their realm (see screenshot above). To connect to their realm server, click on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seeing Unable To Join Server Error? How to Fix!

You may be unable to join a server for a number of reasons. Among the typical ones are:

  • Unstable or slow internet connection
  • Server is full or has blocked your username
  • Your game version or server s game version is too old

Additionally, users of the Minecraft Preview and Beta editions are unable to access the normal or Realm servers.

Can Minecraft Java and Bedrock Players Use Same Server

Even if the two editions of Minecraft are more comparable than ever, crossplay is still not supported. However, a lot of online servers include distinct sections that are dedicated to the two editions of the same globe. And regrettably, that’s as near as we can get for now.

How Can I Make a Minecraft Server

There are numerous Minecraft servers available, ranging from online servers to dedicated ones. With the help of our instructions, you can quickly create free Java and Bedrock variants of Minecraft servers.

Join and Play on Minecraft Online Servers

So, there you have it—all the information you really need to join a Minecraft server on any platform. All that’s left to do is gather your pals and look for fun servers to hang out on. However, if you are still hesitant to join servers run by strangers, you may still get a similar thrill by playing on some of the greatest Minecraft adventure maps. Simply install the personalised Minecraft maps and invite your online buddies to explore them in a small group.

The finest Minecraft modifications are still the most original method to enjoy the game and introduce new features for offline players. But before you sign up for an online server, disable the mods. The majority of servers only permit the use of Optifine as a mod for Minecraft. It is a performance-improving mod that enables Minecraft shader usage. Now that you know this, it’s time for you to begin exploring the Minecraft online world. Additionally, our crew will assist you if you have any issues joining a server by responding to your question in the comments section.