How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Discord

has the same ability to block users you don’t want to communicate with as other messaging services. On , blocking someone is simple, but determining if you’ve been blocked can occasionally be challenging. In light of this, we have put together a list that will enable you to determine whether someone has blocked you on .

Check If Someone Blocked You on : 5 Effective Methods (2022)

React to the User s Message

Reacting to someone’s messages on is the simplest way to determine if they have blocked you.

Check Your Friends List

React to a message someone sent you by opening their direct message history. You are not blocked if you can respond to the message. If you experience a shake when responding to a person’s message, that user has blocked you. You might find the person’s message in a shared server and attempt responding there if you don’t have a personal chat history or if they erased all of their messages.

Send a Friend Request

A fast approach to see if someone has blocked you is to look through your friends list. The individual has either blocked you or unfriended you if they abruptly vanish from your friends list in the chat app, which can be accessed by tapping the logo in the left side panel. Even though there isn’t concrete proof that the person has blocked you, you should check out the next part to truly verify it.

Check User Info in Profile Section

User Info before block (left) vs User Info after block (right)

Try sending them a friend request if you didn’t see the user on your friends list. If you accept the friend request, you are not blocked. On the other hand, if you encounter aFriend Request Failed, something went wrong. Double verify the spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and accuracy of the numbers. If you receive an error message, you may be certain that you were blocked.

Try Sending a Discord Message

Checking the person’s user information is another effective way to determine if they have blocked you on . The person may have blocked you on if you cannot view their bio and they connected Spotify and to organise Spotify listening parties. Remember that this approach is less successful than others because they could have easily deleted their bio and hidden their app integration from their profile.

Finally, a technique for the bold here. To see if they have blocked you, you could write them a message. You won’t be able to convey your message to someone who has blocked you. You will see a ClydeDiscord bot automated message in its place.

How to Block Someone on Discord (Desktop)

Your message was unable to be sent. This is usually because you don t share a server with the recipient or the recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends,reads the error message. You can verify if the person has blocked you in this situation.

How to Block Someone on Discord (Android, iOS)

Click on someone’s avatar to access their profile and block them on . Then, select the vertical three-dot icon located in the profile pop-up window’s upper right corner. Select Block from the list of choices, and you’re done. The app will now successfully block the user, and they can no longer text you.

Frequently Asked Questions

To block a user using the Android or iOS mobile app, open the person s profile, tap the ellipses icon (horizontal three dots) at the top right corner, and choose Block . And that s it. You have successfully blocked the user on this popular gaming chat app.

Q: What happens if you are blocked on ?

When someone blocks you on , you can t send them messages or see their user info.

Q: Can blocked users see my profile picture?

Yes, users can see your profile picture even if you have blocked them.

Q: Will deliver messages after they unblock you?

Find out If You Got Blocked on

No, doesn t deliver messages when you are blocked. Your messages won t get automatically sent when you re unblocked either.