How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram

One of the most widely used photo-sharing social media sites is Instagram, and we’ve already covered a number of its features and tactics. However, there is one problem that many Instagram users deal with (or worry about dealing with): being blocked on Instagram. Here’s how to tell if someone has blocked you on Instagram in 2022 if you’ve recently stopped seeing posts from people you know or follow and are concerned that you might have been.

Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram (2022)

You can determine if you’ve been blocked on Instagram in a few different ways. There are, however, a lot of techniques that are ineffective. In this article, we’ll cover both the actual techniques for determining if someone has blocked you on Instagram and the techniques you shouldn’t bother trying. As always, you can easily navigate through this page by using the table of contents below.

Working Methods to Know if You ve Been Blocked on Instagram

1. Search their Username

Let’s start by covering the essentials. You can find out whether someone has blocked you the simplest method possible by searching for their profile. Go to the Search area and enter the person’s username in the search bar to verify that. There’s a probability (more on this in the part below this) that they’ve blocked you if you can’t see their username. View the image comparison comparison below for more information.

User has been blocked (left) vs User has not been blocked (right)

2. Check Profile on Instagram Web

A username search does not prove that someone has blocked you. The individual may have decided to delete or deactivate their Instagram account. So now is the time to don your detective cap and look a little closer. You ask, how do I do that? So, add their name to Instagram’s URL and access it in a browser that is not associated with your account. Make sure Instagram is not currently signed into your account. Simply create a new incognito tab to see if you use Instagram through a web browser. The URL should appear as follows:

You may be certain that they have blocked you if their profile appears here but not when you are logged in. It will say The Account is Private even if they have a private Instagram account. This is a tried-and-true method to determine whether someone has an active Instagram account.

You will see a page that reads “The user’s account has been terminated or deactivated.” We apologise, but this page isn’t accessible. By using this method, you can tell whether someone has just blocked you or has erased their account. You can also use a friend’s phone to look up the person’s name on Instagram, but I won’t suggest it when you can complete the task on your own without leaving a trace.

3. Check Profile on Instagram App

Check the quantity of posts if you have access to the person’s profile through DMs or past comments. They have blocked you if there are a specific number of posts in the post count but no posts are shown in the feed. You will be able to access all of their postings if you are not blocked.

Blocked Insta Account vs Normal Account

4. Search for Their Profile Through a Mutual Friend

You might ask a common acquaintance to look up your friend’s profile if you have a suspicion that they have blocked you on Instagram and want to confirm it. This is a useful method of making sure they haven’t just erased or cancelled their account. You’ve been blocked if your friend can access your profile page, your images and videos, etc.

FYI: Methods that Don t Work

1. Send a Message

Snapchat issues a Failed to send error When you try to text someone who has blocked you, Instagram doesn’t work and displays the Tap to Try Again error. It employs a somewhat deceptive strategy. The blocked person is still able to send messages, but the recipient will never receive any of them. This must have produced quite a bit of turmoil among people, but it’s important to be aware of what Instagram has to offer in this regard.

Messages sent after blocking isn t received on the other account

In case you were asking, no, even if they subsequently decide to unblock you, the messages you sent won’t be visible.

2. Check Their Display Picture

You can see in the screenshot below that after unblocking the account, I didn’t receive the new messages I had sent. Every Instagram user should be aware of this advice. Furthermore, if you are the one sending group communications, they won’t get to them either.

Find If Someone Restricted You on Instagram

You won’t be able to tell whether someone has blocked you by looking at their display photo, unlike Whatsapp where the display picture simply fades away.

Even if someone has banned you on Instagram, the profile image will still be visible. Therefore, when attempting to determine whether the person has blocked you, keep that in mind.

Now that you are familiar with the fundamentals, let’s talk about the intricate account restriction known as shadow banning. Recently, Instagram launched a restriction function to allow users to block abusive accounts. Although Instagram added the tool with the intention of limiting unfavourable interactions on the service, some users have started utilising it in place of blocking others.

All of your comments are reviewed when you’re restricted. The other person has the option to read the comment and accept it, to remove it, or to ignore it. Additionally, the recipient won’t receive any notifications from you, and all of your direct messages will be stored in the Message Requests area.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you tell if you have been blocked on Instagram?

There are two ways to determine whether you are being restrained. Check from a mutual friend’s account if you can’t see the activity status of the person you’re texting when you haven’t disabled activity status. Remember that your friend shouldn’t also disable the activity status. They have limited you if you can only access their activity status through your friend’s account.

  • What does it look like when someone blocks you on Instagram?

Checking the remarks you’ve left on their profile is another option. It’s a sign that someone has restricted your account and is only approving certain comments if you can see the comments on your end but not all or some of the comments from your friend’s account.

  • Is it possible to see who blocked you on Instagram?

If you want to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram, search for their username.

  • What happens when someone blocks you on Instagram?

When someone blocks you, you are unable to read their Instagram stories or the posts they have published on the platform.

  • Why does it say 0 posts on Instagram but not blocked?

There is no one spot where you can go to discover who blocked you. However, there are steps you may do to find out whether someone has blocked you, like searching usernames.

  • Can you request to follow someone on Instagram if they blocked you?

You are unable to read their story and posts once you are blocked. You cannot have a video chat with the person and your messages won’t reach the intended recipient.

  • Will the person receive all the text after unblocking me, that I sent during the block period?

Instagram frequently displays 0 posts when another user has a private account.

  • Can I see someone profile after blocking them?

On Instagram, you cannot ask someone who has blocked you to follow you.

Find out If You Got Blocked on Instagram

No, the person won’t receive any of the communications you send during the block period because they are all permanently deleted.