How to know the exact number of hours you’ve used your MacBook and how much battery life is left

Keeping Your Battery Healthy

All batteries deteriorate over time, and iPhones or Macbooks can lose up to 15% of their charging capacity after two years. However, it is possible to minimize this deterioration by knowing and making the most of the cycles and control of charging times. Here, we discuss how to check the battery status of your equipment and how to improve charging habits.

Checking Battery Status

To assess the battery status of your device, you need to take a look at the “Battery Health” section. Here, you can find information on the battery’s maximum capacity and its peak performance capability.

Improving Charging Habits

It is essential not to overuse the charger. Keeping your device plugged in all the time can have a detrimental effect on its battery. To reduce this, you should activate the “Optimized Battery Charging” feature. This feature will learn from your daily charging habits and fill your battery up to 80%.


By understanding and making the most of the cycles and control of charging times, you can minimize the deterioration of your device’s battery. Checking the “Battery Health” section and activating the “Optimized Battery Charging” feature will help you get the most out of your device and keep its battery healthy for longer.