How to Lock Apps Using Fingerprint Sensor on Your Samsung Galaxy S7

Android phones now come standard with a fingerprint sensor, making them no longer a luxury. Some see it as a simpler way to unlock the phone without having to remember the pin or the password, while others see it as an additional piece of hardware input that allows for much greater productivity. The former makes your device less vulnerable because you don’t have to enter your PIN or unlock pattern in public, while the latter allows you to do far more with your phone.

Despite the fact that some users believe that the lock screen is sufficient to protect against prying eyes and malicious invaders, others may have a different opinion, and they are the ones that employ third-party apps to lock other important apps like WhatsApp or the Gallery. While most Android phones only support PIN or Pattern entry for these apps, the fingerprint scanner on your Galaxy S7 eliminates the need for tedious PIN entry.

With a Samsung Galaxy mobile, there are a few apps that you can use to lock other apps with fingerprint security, but since we always bring the best for you, here are the top two.

App Locker : Fingerprint

Although it is a pretty simple programme, this one immediately fulfils its promise. You will be prompted to authenticate with your fingerprint after downloading the app from the Play Store, and it will use data from the ones you’ve set up in the system. You will be prompted to enable two settings after a successful authentication. In order for it to be able to access other running apps and enable Device Administrators control as part of uninstall protection, you must first grant itAccessibility Settingspermission.

Once all required permissions have been granted, the app will provide a list of every installed app on your device. In addition to the apps you have downloaded and installed, the list of apps will also include any system programmes. For an app, simply flip the button to enable fingerprint security.

You will then be prompted to validate your fingerprint each time you launch one of these apps in the future. The programme runs without a hitch, has no advertisements, and even blocks peeking at recently used apps. The app’s sole flaw is that there is no failsafe and it solely depends on the fingerprint sensor. What if your finger is bandaged up after getting cut? Or perhaps your spouse has asked you to unlock your phone while you are away from it?

In these situations, you might want to consider the following option, which is covered.

Download: Fingerprint App Locker

App Lock: Fingerprint & Password

This one is worth talking about because it has some additional features and is a little more polished. The app may be downloaded and used on any smartphone to lock other apps, but only Samsung devices support the fingerprint security feature. If the fingerprint sensor is unable to capture the fingerprint, the app gives you the option to utilise a pattern or pin. In this way, you can use the app to lock other apps and then, when the occasion demands it, tell a trusted person your pin.

You can enable the feature from the settings, and the app can read saved fingerprints. Also, you can decide whether to immediately re-lock previously unlocked apps or wait a little, which lessens the annoyance for most people. To lock or unlock an app, simply toggle it on or off from the list.

Then there is uninstall prevention, which makes sure that no one can remove any app (including App Lock) from your phone without your consent. The App Lock is the only thing lacking, but even without it, it’s still quite powerful. It doesn’t function on System apps. To provide an additional layer of protection, you can activate the application as the device administrator.

Download: Fingerprint & Password App Lock

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Do Even More with Marshmallow

The two apps are comprehensive and increase the security of some of the apps on your Samsung Galaxy S7 by requiring 2-factor authentication. Furthermore keep in mind that the Samsung Galaxy S7 has Marshmallow out of the box, making Nexus Imprints compatible with it. This implies that you don’t need to utilise any third-party apps to increase the security of apps like PayPal, LastPass, etc. by using the fingerprint sensor directly.