How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

It’s time for you to unwind and recuperate after spending hours mining, exploring, and creating Minecraft farms. But in order to do that, you must be familiar with Minecraft bedmaking. The only thing in the game that lets you sleep and gives you a secure location to respawn is this item. If you don’t make a bed to fall back on, you won’t even be able to survive in some situations, like fighting the Ender Dragon in Minecraft. So let’s study everything there is to know about beds in Minecraft right away.

Guide to Make a Bed in Minecraft (2022)

We will discuss the functions, mechanics, and bed-making recipe in Minecraft. To learn everything there is to know about Minecraft’s beds, use the table below.

What Is a Bed in Minecraft

A bed is a placeable item block in Minecraft that you can sleep on in the overworld, as you might think. When you die, you will always respawn at the location of the bed because it lets you reset your spawn point in the world. The game returns you to the world start point if you don’t have the bed you slept on. Not to mention that other players and even the villagers in the game can sleep on these beds (as shown below).

The bed is one of the game’s more basic things in principle, but if you start using it, it can actually save your life in certain circumstances. And the best thing is that on your first day of spawning, you can make a bed. If you move quickly enough, you can prepare a bed before dusk, allowing you to sleep in-game instead of having to face the hostile Minecraft creatures who spawn at night.

Where Do Beds Usually Spawn

Naturally, the Minecraft settlements are where beds most frequently spawn. They are in practically every home in the village. However, depending on the village’s environment, the colour of the bed could change. The following is a comprehensive list of the game’s settlements where beds spawn:

  • Desert/Meadow village: cyan, green, and lime beds
  • Plains Village: white and yellow beds
  • Savanna village: red, yellow, and white beds
  • Taiga village: purple and blue beds
  • Snowy tundra village: red, blue, and white beds

Not to mention, there is a red bed producing insideigloos. Igloos are uncommon and difficult to find, though, in comparison to settlements. So that you can quickly get a bed, we advise you to read our post on the greatest Minecraft town seeds. They are easily breakable and pickable with any tool and with only your hands.

Items You Need to Make a Bed

If your search for a bed is unsuccessful, you can always make one yourself. To make a bed in Minecraft, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Three Wool Blocks (of the same color)
  • Three Wooden Planks (any)
  • Crafting Table

You must place a wood or log block in the crafting area to get wooden planks. They rank among the game’s simpler blocks to construct. Any kind of wooden plank can be used to make a bed in Minecraft. Even so, the wood doesn’t have to be the same type. Getting wool, however, is an altogether different matter.

How to Get Wool in Minecraft

To obtain wool in Minecraft, go to these steps:

1. Start by exploring the world until you come across a sheep. They usually spawn in groups of three to four enemies.

2. After that, slaughter the sheep until you obtain three blocks of the same kind of wool. When dying, each sheep sheds one block of wool.

3. Another option is to create a shear in Minecraft and use it on the sheep to harvest its wool without harming it. Up to three wool blocks can be obtained simultaneously using this technique. However, if you only have one sheep mob, you will need to wait a little while for the wool to regrow.

Additionally, as a result of recent improvements, wool can now spawn naturally in Minecraft. The following places are where you can find wool blocks:

  • As part of the wool statues inside Woodland Mansion
  • In shepherd s house, fletcher s house, and meeting points of plains village
  • As the roof of small structures around Pillager outposts
  • Within the walls and floors of Ancient City s corridors

Minecraft Bed Crafting Recipe

It’s simple to make a bed in Minecraft after you have all the materials. To make a bed for yourself in the game, follow these steps:

1. Begin by setting three wooden planks in the space designated for crafting’s bottom or second row. It doesn’t matter what kind of wood you select for the planks because the final design doesn’t take that type into account.

2. Next, fill the row entirely with wool blocks, placing them directly above the wooden planks. The recipe won’t work if these wool blocks aren’t all the same colour. Additionally, the colour of the wool will influence what colour the mattress is on the bed.

How to Dye a Bed in Minecraft

The game Minecraft has 18 different kinds of beds that range in colour. These contain the subsequent hues:

  • Gray
  • Pink
  • White
  • Orange
  • Magenta
  • Light Blue
  • Yellow
  • Lime
  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Cyan
  • Light Gray
  • Purple

With so many options, it would seem wrong to not personalise your bed. Fortunately, finding coloured beds doesn’t require searching for various kinds of sheep. Instead, you can just mix a dye on the crafting table with an existing bed to make the bed of your choice. You can put the two components of this crafting recipe anywhere in the crafting area at random.

Sadly, with the Java edition, this mechanic only functions with white beds. Users of the Bedrock edition can freely colour any bed with any in-game hues in the meanwhile.

How to Use a Bed in Minecraft

Here are several ways in which you can use the bed once it is prepared in Minecraft:

  • Skipping Night: The most common purpose of the beds in Minecraft is sleeping. You can use the bed to sleep during thunderstorms and at night. Moreover, if you don t sleep for multiple days, the game spawns a hostile mob called Phantom to hunt you down.
  • Skipping Night: You can sleep in Minecraft to skip a few hours in the game until the sun is out again. But this mechanic only works in the overworld dimension and only when there are no hostile mobs directly within 8 blocks of the bed.
  • Setting Spawn Point: When you die in Minecraft, you respawn next to the same bed you last slept on. But if your bed is destroyed or blocked by various solid blocks, the game will send you back to the spawn point. This is where you initially spawn when you load into a new world.
  • Bouncing: As silly as it might sound, you can jump on beds in-game to get a bouncing velocity. Baby villagers are fond of bouncing on beds in villages. They also reduce fall damage in Minecraft by 50%, irrespective of the height you fall from.
  • Zombie Curing: If you are trying to cure a zombie villager, keeping a bed nearby will speed up the process.
  • Spawning Iron Golems: As mentioned earlier, villagers can also sleep on the beds in Minecraft. Near a bed, the villagers can spawn Iron Golems when they feel threatened. This mechanic makes it possible to build an iron farm in Minecraft.
  • Weapon: If you use a bed outside the overworld, it explodes like a TNT block. This weird but powerful mechanic allows players to use beds as weapons in Minecraft.

How to Make the Beds Explode

One of the most underutilised explosive weapons in Minecraft is the bed. A bed explodes when you try to sleep on it after placing it in the Nether or End realm. Since they can kill people and make it tougher to construct a spawn point in those hostile dimensions, beds’ peculiar behaviour is typically seen as a disadvantage. However, if handled wisely, these mattresses may also be quickly transformed into a solid explosive device.

Here’s how to use beds as a weapon in Minecraft to elaborate on that:

1. First, make your way to the Nether or End dimension. By locating a fortress in Minecraft, you can go to the End dimension. Making a Nether portal in Minecraft is necessary to access the Nether dimension.

2. After that, position the bed where you want it to blow up.

3. As a final means of defence, encircle yourself with sturdy blocks that can lessen the explosion’s impact. Usually, reliable building materials suffice. Don’t forget to leave a small opening in the cover so that you can use the bed. To utilise the bed, you must be within a 2 block radius in the Java edition and a 3 block radius in the Bedrock edition.

4. Next, right-click the bed or use the secondary action key to use and blast it. Like a TNT block, an exploding bed causes damage to the nearby blocks and creatures.

Make and Use a Bed in Minecraft

The bed in Minecraft is there for you to utilise, whether you desire a comfortable place to sleep or a potent weapon. A number of beds can be made to improve your Minecraft home. All of your pals can have a bed that is a different colour if you are playing on a Minecraft multiplayer server. But which of the available colour choices do you think is best? Tell us in the remarks section below!