How to Make a Bee Farm in Minecraft

The hardest-working creature in the universe of Minecraft is undoubtedly a bee. They are the in-game critters with the shortest breaks, the most honey to provide, and the cutest appearances. They can also be among the best in-game automatic resources, as you will read today. Having said that, we will go over everything you need to know about creating a bee farm in Minecraft in this post. Making your bee farm should go well if you have the ideal places and the entire list of materials. Let’s get right to it and see how to create an autonomous bee farm in Minecraft.

Make an Automatic Bee Farm in Minecraft (2022)

Just make sure to first upgrade your game to the 1.18 version of Minecraft. You will be able to fix mistakes faster thanks to it. Both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft can use the technique we’ll be discussing. This was posted by YouTube user ChimneySwift11. In order to make the tutorial easier for players to follow, we have also divided it into several sections. To learn how to build a bee farm in Minecraft and obtain honey and honeycomb, use the table below.

What are Bee Farms in Minecraft Used for?

In Minecraft, bee farms can serve a multitude of functions. The bee farms can be used for:

  • Create honey automatically
  • Harvest honeycombs
  • Spawn more bees
  • In some cases, for harvesting crops

The process to create a bee farm in Minecraft is the same regardless of how you use it. Additionally, it’s simple to find the materials needed to make it.

Items Required to Make a Bee Farm

To build a bee farm in Minecraft, you’ll need the following materials:

  1. A flower or Flowering Azalea block
  2. 5 Stone blocks (or any other building blocks)
  3. 2 Slabs
  4. A Dispenser
  5. A Chest
  6. 4 Glass blocks
  7. A Hopper
  8. A Redstone Comparator
  9. 1 Bee Nest
  10. 2 Bees
  11. Bottles for Honey or Shears for Honeycomb

How to Find Bees in Minecraft

As you might have imagined, bees are essential to our farm. The meadow biome is where the bees spawn most frequently, but they can also be found in various woodlands and plains biomes. In these biomes, the beehives are typically seen affixed to birch or oak trees. You can spot them easily and capture them by using our tutorial on how to get bees in Minecraft. While you’re at it, you may try to get a bee nest that already has bees inside of it.

Best Location to Build an Automatic Bee Farm

Productivity and safety are two factors you should consider while choosing the ideal location for a bee farm. In contrast to Minecraft’s villages, bees only observe the cycle of day and night when they are in the overworld. Therefore, the bees will work erratically if the bee farm is constructed in the Nether or End dimensions. Of course, they will still occasionally relax. However, they won’t be affected by the cycle of day and night, and you will always have access to honey.

For simpler access to the overworld utilising Nether Portals in Minecraft, we advise sticking with the Nether. For protection against mobs, you can either construct a structure or search for Basalt Deltas. In Minecraft’s Nether dimension, it is the safest biome. In Bestas Deltas, only magma cubes spawn, and they are incredibly simple to kill.

Steps to Make a Bee Farm in Minecraft

With our Minecraft bee farm, we hope to collect honey, honeycomb, and perhaps even additional bees. Fortunately, we can automate every single process on this farm. So, the challenging job just needs to be done once. Now let’s construct our bee farm by going over each section one at a time.

Storage and Supplies

Put a hopper on top of the chest and a chest on the ground to start. Then, set the floating, connected, flowering azalea block above the ground. As an alternative, you might use a flower and set it atop a block of dirt.

Bee s Glass Chamber

Next, construct a glass enclosure around the azalea or bloom using four glass blocks. Remember to cover the top. Not to mention that before placing the floating glass blocks, you might need to set up a temporary block. Then, on top of the hopper, position the bee nest so that it faces the glass chamber. It’s preferable if the bee is already in the nest because moving it into the chamber can be challenging otherwise.

Collect Honey & Honeycomb

On this farm, we produce honey, so we also need a technique to harvest it. Place a dispenser on top of the bee nest for the same purpose. Glass bottles should then be placed in the dispenser so that honey is automatically collected as it is produced.

As an alternative, you can put shears in the dispenser to instantly create and gather honeycombs. Make sure the item you are using is placed in each column of the dispenser. Additionally, remember that the dispenser must be positioned so that it faces downward. Connecting it to the glass block while standing underneath the farm and looking up is an easy way to confirm this.

Redstone Mechanism

The last stage is to build a Redstone mechanic that causes our machine to automatically gather honey or honeycomb whenever it is prepared. You must first build a structure out of stone blocks and slabs. After that, you must install a Redstone compactor and link it to the primary device. Replicating the structure in this screenshot is the simple solution.

You can utilise any in-game building block, other just stones, to focus on the structure. One slab is located at the end of each of the two blocks that are connected to the dispenser. After that, a block is located behind the beehive. After that, there are two blocks close to the hopper with a single block gap between them. A slab has been placed next to the nest just above the last brick. Before setting this floating unconnected slab, you must first lay a temporary block.

Place the Redstone compactor on the first block behind the hopper once all of the other blocks have been set up. The construction will require 5 restone dust for the remaining stone surfaces that are facing upward. So all you need to do is wait till your design resembles the screenshot up there.

How Does a Bee Farm Work in Minecraft

Bees tirelessly dance around the blooms as the bee nest gradually fills. All five of the Redstone dust we have placed on our construction will be activated once the bee nest reaches its tallest point. The dispenser will drop the bottles or the shears if you do this. The result of this procedure is the accumulation of honey bottles or honeycomb in the chests below.

Shears must, however, be used with caution as they can harm the bee nest when employed. You can open the chest and take the honey bottles or the honeycomb if enough time has elapsed. Pretty simple, yes?

How to Expand an Automatic Bee Farm

You may have observed that the mechanics of the bee farm are quite simple. As a result, you can increase it by adding additional bees. You only need to recreate the same framework with each additional bee you introduce to the system. Even better, you can connect them for simple access.

Additionally, by feeding them flowers through an aperture in the nest, you can even breed bees. For the opening, just leave a slab gap rather than a whole block.

Make a Bee Farm to Get Honey and Honeycomb in Minecraft

You are now prepared to start your very own autonomous bee farm in Minecraft and produce an endless amount of honey. Feel free to try new things and modify the farm to suit your tastes. You just need to make sure there are enough Redstone triggers to match five levels of honey, and that’s it. Everything else can be changed after that at your pleasure. Try installing Forge in Minecraft if you want something more potent. You may download and install some of the best Minecraft mods with this application. Some of them can even assist you in building different kinds of autonomous farms. So which other farm are you curious about learning about? Tell us in the remarks section below!