How to Make a Bookshelf in Minecraft

If you enjoy reading, books will almost certainly transport you to fantastical worlds. However, books that you uncover in the world of Minecraft can actually grant your character magical abilities. And bookshelves make it feasible for it to happen. Some of the best Minecraft enchantments can be unlocked if you know how to construct a bookshelf. Additionally, it serves as a fantastic décor component for your best Minecraft home constructions. The bookshelf block can alter how you play the game once you discover it. So, let’s get started learning how to build a bookcase in Minecraft.

Make a Bookshelf in Minecraft (2022)

Both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft use the bookshelf in the same way. To learn more about the many stages of its production, use the table below:

What is a Bookshelf in Minecraft

Contrary to common perception, a bookshelf is not a type of storage block in Minecraft that is used to hold books. Instead, it serves mostly as a decorative block that players in Minecraft utilise to embellish their homes. In addition to serving as a decorative element, a bookshelf has the capability to increase the allure of a table.

How to Find a Bookshelf in Minecraft

The following locations in your Minecraft world have naturally created bookcases:

  • Village libraries and sometimes also in village houses
  • Within strongholds whose libraries can have up to 161 bookshelves
  • Inside some rooms of woodland mansions

Get Bookshelf by Trading

You can buy bookshelves from novice-level librarian villagers for emeralds. But because bookshelves are so simple to make, such a deal is rarely worthwhile.

What s the Use of a Bookshelf in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the bookshelf can be utilised in a number of ways. Among the most typical ones are:


Books and enchantments go hand in hand in the world of Minecraft. With enchanted books present in Minecraft, it is fairly obvious. If you know how to create an enchanting table in Minecraft, you can surround it with bookshelves to increase the calibre of the enchantments it delivers. A total of 15 bookcases are required to fully realise the possibilities of the enchanted table.


In Minecraft, a bookshelf is used as a crafting material to create a lectern. In the game, there is a job block that you may use to build librarian villagers.


Despite the fact that you can’t pick up or put books on the bookshelf, the block nonetheless serves an aesthetic function. These are simple to utilise to build libraries inside of your Minecraft basis.

Items Required to Make a Bookshelf

Having established its purpose, the following materials are required to construct a bookshelf:

  • 6 wooden planks (any)
  • 3 books

Simply lay wood logs inside the crafting area to create wooden planks. To create a book in Minecraft, you must combine three pieces of paper with one piece of leather in the crafting area. You can put the materials wherever you want in the crafting area because the crafting formula for the book is formless.

Crafting Recipe for Minecraft Bookshelf

The bookshelf’s crafting recipe is also simple. Wooden planks must be placed in each cell of the first and last rows of a crafting table. Even so, the wood doesn’t have to be the same type. The final step in the recipe is to arrange the books on the center row.

Easily Make a Bookshelf in Minecraft Right Now

That covers everything you need to know about building a bookshelf in Minecraft. When it’s prepared, you can use the bookcase to enchant all of your in-game stuff. Additionally, you can utilise our guide on Minecraft enchantments to simplify the procedure. Don’t forget to look at the greatest Minecraft potions while you’re there. The potions aid in giving you in-game special skills, much like the enchantments do. You may even utilize them to control some of the top Minecraft PvP servers’ leaderboards. What are your plans for your bookshelf now that that is out of the way? Comment below and let us know!