How to Make a Chicken Farm in Minecraft

One of the most underappreciated mobs in Minecraft is the chicken. They are quick to kill and typically of little use in battle. However, once slain, they provide one of the best food sources and tradeable commodities in the game. Consuming chicken significantly improves health, and you can even exchange with villagers for their feathers. But you can only rely on them if you have a lot of them. In order to assist you in learning how to create a chicken farm in Minecraft, we are here to help. With this farm, you can quickly and automatically obtain dozens of cooked chickens. Let’s create an autonomous chicken farm in Minecraft now, without further ado.

Make a Chicken Farm in Minecraft (2022)

Making a chicken farm is a rather simple task in and of itself. As a mob, you must first have a thorough understanding of the chickens. We will first discuss the chicken-related game mechanics for that. If you are already familiar with them, utilise the table below to go straight to the farm construction procedure.

How to Get Chickens in Minecraft

As one might anticipate, the chickens are the main component of a chicken farm. To establish a chicken farm, you’ll need at least two chickens. In all biomes with the exception of the desert and cold ones, they most frequently spawn in groups of four. Visit villages if you want to find this passive mob quickly.

You can also gather seeds in the same village by chopping up grass and crops.

How to Breed Chickens in Minecraft

Since chickens are drawn to seeds naturally, you may use these seeds to entice them to the spot where your Minecraft farm is being built. Lead can also be used as an alternative to move them. In Minecraft, chickens are immune to fall damage, and you can even utilise elytra to fly them.

In Minecraft, hens naturally lay eggs every 5 to 10 minutes. These eggs are completely passive. However, each egg has a 1/8 chance of becoming a young chicken or chick if it is just thrown. However, if you manually breed two hens, they will always produce a chick. We are going to apply both of these mechanics to the chicken farm.

Items Required to Make a Chicken Farm

Simply place two chickens next to one another and feed them seeds to start a breeding process. You can use melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat seeds, and seeds from beets. We advise choosing wheat seeds because you can obtain a lot of them by cutting up grass. You must wait five minutes after a chick spawns before breeding the same birds once more.

  • Two Chickens
  • Forty-Four Seeds (Any)
  • One Carpet
  • One Lava Bucket
  • Two Hoppers
  • Two Chests
  • One Slab
  • Two Dispensers
  • Ten Building Blocks (any)
  • Two Pieces of Redstone Dust
  • Two Observers
  • One Comparator
  • Eight Glass blocks

To build a chicken farm in Minecraft, you’ll need the following materials:

How to Make an Automatic Chicken Farm in Minecraft

Note that none of the blocks in this build, excluding the chests, should be built of wood. We will be employing lava on the farm, thus combustible wooden blocks could endanger the entire building. Having said that, it’s simple to gather all the supplies for this farm in Minecraft. You can develop it early on in your survival world as a result.

Although the layout of this farm is now typical in the neighbourhood, it was first developed by the YouTuber Mysticat. For instructions on how to create a chicken farm in Minecraft, see below:

1. Place a hopper behind one of the two chests that you just placed on the ground. Face this hopper toward the chest.

2. After that, position a building block behind the hopper with two dispensers on top of it. The hopper should be facing these dispensers.

3. Next, place a slab atop the hopper. When everything is ready, build glass walls two blocks high to enclose the hopper.

4. Next, position a hopper behind the bottom dispenser and place a piece of carpet on top of it. The dispenser needs to be linked to this hopper.

5. Next, set a construction block down on the floor behind the new hopper. Next, affix a comparator to the block. The two pins of the comparator should face the hopper.

6. Immediately top the comparator with an observer. Make sure that Redstone is on the observer’s side that is looking up.

How to Make the Chicken Farm Work

7. Lastly, surround the carpet by putting two glass blocks on either side of it. Next, insert a lava bucket into the dispenser on top.

It’s time for you to put in some extra effort now that the farm’s major structures are prepared. To complete your Minecraft autonomous chicken farm, follow these steps:

1. Start by placing one building block on each of the glass blocks, dispenser, and observers that are positioned around the carpeted hopper. This will make the carpeted space into a cage that hens can’t escape from. Then, you must construct a temporary stairway that ascends to the carpeted hopper from the ground.

2. To get two hens to ascend the stairway and land on top of the carpeted hopper, use seeds or lead.

3. After placing both chickens, you must use seeds to breed them. There should be a total of 24 chickens in this small area. Due to entity cramming, if you place more than 24 chickens, the game will start killing them.

4. When you have a enough number of chickens, place an observer atop each one. The chests should be the direction of the arrow above the observer’s head. Next, eliminate all transient blocks.

How Does the Chicken Farm Work

5. Finally, lay a piece of Redstone on top of the observer that is behind the newly positioned observer to automate the chicken farm. After that, put another piece of Redstone on top of the dispenser, which is now directly in front of the freshly established observer.

Your farm is all prepared, now it’s time to learn how it operates. Eggs are first laid by the hens on top of the carpet, which are then collected in the hopper below the carpet. The dispenser will then fling the eggs until a chick emerges after the hopper has finished sending the eggs there. Once the chick has grown, it will eventually cause the observer to release lava onto the chickens.

How to Use Feathers in Minecraft

The chicken will be instantly killed by the lava and deposit its cooked chicken meal and feathers into the hopper below the slab. Your reward is this chicken loot, which you can conveniently take from the chest. The best thing is that, after the initial breeding, maintaining this farm doesn’t require any work on your behalf.

  • Create a firework star, book & quill, and arrows.
  • You can use the feathers to buy emeralds from fletcher villagers. But usually, the cost of emeralds is quite high. So, it s best to first cure a zombie villager to get better trading deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chicken that has been cooked is a fantastic food for sating your appetite. However, the feathers gathered by the Minecraft chicken farm cannot be used straight away. You can instead utilise the feathers to:

How can the chicken farm be made Creeper-proof?

Put a fence close to your chicken farm and tie a cat to it to keep creepers out.

Natural Creeper repellents in Minecraft like cats will keep the creatures away from your farm.

How does one create a farm of chicken eggs in Minecraft?

If all you want to do is collect eggs, a chest can be used in place of the dispenser that dispenses them. The hopper will carefully place the eggs in a chest as the chickens continue to lay them rather of throwing them.

Tutorial To Make Automatic Chicken Farm in Minecraft

In Minecraft, how can you build a sizable chicken coop?