How to Make a Diamond Axe in Minecraft

The two recurring features of every Minecraft game are gathering wood and taking out enemies. All fundamental tools, unique utility blocks, and even the best Minecraft house designs require wood. Additionally, in order to gather goods, get XP, and advance in the game, you must kill mobs. Fortunately, you just need a diamond axe to complete each of these tasks. You can use a diamond axe to fight foes and chop down timber in Minecraft if you know how to manufacture one. It may even prove to be more effective in some situations than a sword or crossbow in Minecraft. Now that that is out of the way, let’s move on to the simplest ways to create a diamond axe in Minecraft.

Make Diamond Axe in Minecraft (2022)

In order to create a diamond axe, we must first create a number of other axes. All the other axes are covered in our tutorial one by one. However, you can utilise the table below to quickly access the diamond axe forging instructions.

What is a Diamond Axe in Minecraft?

The second-strongest axe in the game is a diamond axe. It is only surpassed by the Netherite axe, which is technically not even craftable in Minecraft without a diamond axe. The diamond axe is useful for both close fighting and chopping wood. The golden axe wins the race and finishes ahead of the diamond axe in terms of speed. The golden axe, however, never lasts long enough for you to utilise it effectively.

Putting aside its main purpose of cutting wood, the diamond axe may contend with other weapons in the game. A diamond axe is a fairly reliable battle weapon due to its sharpness. In fact, it is just as effective as an iron sword in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft and more potent than a Netherite sword in the Java version.

What is a Diamond Axe Used For?

Uses for a diamond axe in Minecraft include:

  • Its primary purpose is to break logs, wood, and stem blocks. No other tool can break wood and its derivatives as fast as this axe.
  • You can use a diamond axe to strip blocks. You can remove the top layer of logs and woodblock to give them a new texture. Similarly, you can use this axe to strip a layer of wax from copper blocks.
  • As a weapon, you can use the diamond axe to kill mobs much faster and more easily than with a sword in certain situations.

How to Get a Diamond Axe

The diamond axe does not naturally spawn within any chest in the Minecraft universe, in contrast to other diamond equipment. Furthermore, slaying mobs won’t even drop this axe for you. The best that may be hoped for is a golden axe that Piglin brutes occasionally drop, although even that is rare. You can only trade with expert-level toolsmith villagers, who will give you an enchanted diamond axe in exchange for 13 emeralds. However, that only functions in the Bedrock edition.

So, given the lack of alternatives, crafting a diamond axe in Minecraft is the greatest option. However, if you don’t mind gaming hacking, we may have another option.

Command to Get DiamondAxe

You can easily obtain a diamond axe by entering the following command in your chat box:

Give one diamond axe to @p.

Both the Java and Bedrock versions of the game support this command. On Minecraft 1.18, we tested this command and got trustworthy results. Be sure to turn on cheats in your world before utilising the best commands for Minecraft.

Items Required to Make a Diamond Axe

To create a diamond axe, you’ll need the following materials:

As seen in the screenshot below, you can make sticks in the crafting area by aligning two planks vertically next to one another. Every popular tool in Minecraft requires sticks to be crafted. Next, you must first create an iron pickaxe in order to obtain diamonds. Diamond ore drops nothing and vanishes if it is mined with a pickaxe that is too weak or the incorrect equipment.

How to Make an Iron Pickaxe

To construct an iron pickaxe, all you need are three iron ingots and two sticks. You can locate iron ore with the use of our Minecraft ore distribution guide. After that, mine it with a stone pickaxe to obtain the raw iron. The raw iron should then be melted in a furnace or blast furnace to produce iron ingots.

Place three iron ingots in the top row of the crafting area to begin making an iron pickaxe. Place a stick in the centre of each second and third row cell after that.

Find Diamonds in Minecraft

You have the iron pickaxe ready and are aware that you must locate and mine diamond ore. In Minecraft, diamonds most frequently appear below Y=16world height. As you approach closer to Y=-64 or the Bedrock layer, their generation rises. The diamond ore block instantly drops diamonds when mined with an iron pickaxe.

Using our instructions, you can simply mine diamonds in Minecraft using a variety of techniques. To create a diamond axe in Minecraft, we simply need 3 diamond blocks.

Minecraft Diamond Axe Crafting Recipe

You can quickly create a diamond axe if you have sticks and diamonds in your possession. The procedures for making a diamond axe are as follows:

1. Start by placing diamonds in the first two cells of the crafting area’s first row.

Then, in the second and third rows of the crafting area, place a stick in the middle cell.

3. Finally, add a diamond to the first cell of the second row of the crafting area to complete the recipe. Your diamond axe is now ready, presto! Drag it into your inventory to use it right away.

Best Enchantments for an Axe in Minecraft

The following enchantments can be applied to your diamond axe to increase its potency:

  • Fortune III: It increases dropped items when a block is dropped.
  • Efficiency V: It improves the speed by which a block gets broken.
  • Mending: With this enchantment enabled, the diamond axe repairs itself by collecting XP.
  • Sharpness V: It increases the damage dealt by an axe.
  • Silk Touch: This enchantment allows you to break complete blocks and pick fragile items.
  • Unbreaking: This enchantment improves the durability of an item by reducing its chances of taking damage.
  • Smite: It increases damage dealt to undead mobs in Minecraft.

How to Get Netherite Axe

Once you have a diamond axe, you should use a smithing table to enhance it. To create a Netherite axe, you must find Netherite in Minecraft and combine a Netherite ingot with a diamond axe. For those who don’t know, the Netherite axe is the strongest in the game and deals the greatest damage.

Start Using the Diamond Axe in Minecraft

You may now quickly create a diamond axe in Minecraft. You can find practically all the materials needed to build a Minecraft house in the overworld once it’s finished. Later, you can enter the Nether dimension with the same axe and engage in combat with its terrifying hordes. Once you’ve honed your abilities, you can choose to utilise the diamond axe in Minecraft to destroy the Warden. An axe has many functions throughout the game, whether it is used for combat or not. Furthermore, it’s not the only original item you may create.

Discover more intriguing tools and structures to create in the game by looking through our list of cool things to build in Minecraft. Once you’ve finished with that, you may keep yourself busy for weeks or even months using the greatest Minecraft mods on this list. They even include items like guns, which aren’t even there by default in the game. To use all these mods correctly, though, Forge must first be installed in Minecraft. In light of that, do you employ the axes as weapons or only as tools? In the comments, please!