How to Make a Discord Channel Read Only

Users can participate in topic- or theme-based discussions in the right places with the aid of channels on Discord servers. While Discord channels are naturally helpful for promoting a range of conversations on a variety of topics, there are occasions when server admins or moderators want to make a point of addressing all server users. They also don’t want everyone’s responses and nonsense to clog up the channel. This is where read-only channels come in, and we’ve covered how to do it both on a desktop and a mobile device in this article.

Make a Read Only Discord Channel (2022)

Make a Channel Read Only on Discord (Desktop/ Website)

To establish a new text channel, open your Discord server and click the Plus symbol next to the Text Channels section in the left sidebar.

2. Give your channel a name and click Create Channel to make it accessible from your server.

3. To access the channel’s settings, hover your cursor over the newly formed channel and select the Settings gear icon next to the channel name.

4. Scroll down and uncheck the boxes next to Create Public Threads, Create Private Threads, Send Messages, and Send Messages in Threads. To check that users can only view messages delivered in this channel after making your changes, click Save Changes.

5. That wraps it up! On Discord, you have succeeded in creating a read-only channel. On this channel, only server users will be able to send messages. Check the next item if you want to grant server moderators access to the read-only channel so they can submit messages.

Allow Admins to Send Messages in Read Only Discord Channels

To enable admins (or moderators) to send messages in read-only channels, you should create a new role for them. You can move directly to step 7, which enables admins to send read-only messages, if your server is already operational and has admin roles configured.

1. Open Discord and select the server’s name in the top-left corner. From the list of options that appear,click on Server Settings.

2. To create a new role, select the Roles tab on the server settings page and click the Create Role option.

3. Choose a name for the role and a colour for it now. For example, I’ve set the role name to admin in this instance. But you may also go for mod or moderator, depending on your preference.

4. Click Add Members on the Manage Members page to add members who have write access to read-only channels.

5. Select the members you want to provide the administrator position to, then click Add.

6. The altered members list will now be confirmed by clicking Save Changes.

7.To reach the channel’s settings page, click on the Settings gear icon next to the channel name.

8. To display every role and member on the server, click the + button next to Roles/Members.

9. To continue, select admin or whatever name you gave the new position here.

10. To activate the Send Messages, Send Messages in Threads, Create Public Threads, and Create Private Threads rights for the admin role, scroll down to the Text Channel Permissions section. After that, click Save Changes to validate the role’s revised rules. Sending messages in read-only channels is now possible for server users with the admin role.

Set up Read Only Discord Channel on Mobile (Android/ iOS)

1. Launch the Discord application and select the + icon next to Text Channels. To create a new channel, give it a name, and hit the checkmark icon in the top-right corner.

2. Long-press the newly formed channel and choose Edit Channel from the context menu that appears to access the channel’s settings.

2. Click on the everyone role under User Management, then select Permissions.

3. Next, uncheck the boxes next to Create Public Threads, Create Private Threadspermissions, Send Messages, and Send Messages in Threads, and then tap the Save symbol in the bottom-right corner. Members of the server will no longer be able to send messages in this particular channel, as shown in the figure below.

Allow Admins to Send Messages in Read Only Channels on Mobile

Setting up a new role and allowing specified users with the role to send messages in the read-only channel are the steps required to grant admins (or moderators) authority to send messages in read-only Discord channels. If your server already has an admin role set up, you can move on to step five below.

1. Tap on the name of your server, then select Settings from the pop-up menu. Now click Roles from the user management controls menu.

2. To create a new role, click the + floating action button in the bottom right corner. On the following page, give the role a name and a colour. Hit the Save button after that.

3. Visit the server settings page once more, then press on Members. Choose the user whose account you want to provide admin permissions to by tapping on the vertical three-dot menu next to their name. To send messages in a Discord read-only channel, you must grant the admin privileges to the newly formed member position.

4. The user will now have the admin role if you maintain the checkbox next to it ticked.

5. Press Edit Channel after long-pressing the fresh text channel you made in the previous stage.

6. Next, choose Permissions under User Management and select the admin role.

7. Permit the permissions for sending messages, sending messages within threads, creating public threads, and creating private threads. Then, press the Save button to save the changes. Messages in read-only channels can now be sent by users with the admin role.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set a Discord channel to be read-only?

By altering the channel’s permissions, you can make a Discord channel read-only. In this article, we’ve outlined how to make your Discord channel read-only.

How can I create a Discord announcement channel?

If you have a community server, Discord officially allows you to create announcement channels. If not, you can simply create a read-only channel called announcements.

A: In read-only Discord channels, can all administrators send messages?

You may send messages in read-only channels if the server owner has granted you Send Messages access in that channel.

Use Read Only Channels for Announcements on Discord

You now have all the information you require to create read-only channels on your Discord server. These channels are helpful for disseminating crucial announcements to all server users in a focused area so that nobody misses them. Learn how to enable Discord slow mode to delay the rate at which messages are sent and slow down conversations in the meantime if your server is frequently overloaded with messages.