How to Make a Dispenser in Minecraft

The majority of tasks in the world of Minecraft must be completed manually. When it comes to construction and making, it makes sense, but when it comes to battle and protection, things may quickly spiral out of control. Fortunately, you can receive further assistance by just learning how to create a dispenser in Minecraft. When it’s ready, this block may install specific blocks, fire projectiles, and do a lot more to relieve you of some of your work. Our guide will discuss the finest applications for a dispenser in Minecraft while concentrating on its creation. Planning the best Minecraft house ideas that fit your dispenser is all that is required. So without further ado, let’s get to the point and learn how to create a dispenser in Minecraft.

Make and Use a Dispenser in Minecraft (2022)

Dispensers have a wide range of object interactions and game features, therefore we organised our tutorial into several sections for your convenience. Learn everything there is to know about creating and using a dispenser by using the table below to explore each of these parts.

What is a Dispenser in Minecraft

In Minecraft, a dispenser is a solid block that also functions as a Redstone element. When activated, its primary function is to dispense or throw objects. TNT, for example, is one of these objects that activates when hurled. In the meantime, objects like arrows are shot out, just like they would be with a crossbow in Minecraft.

Note:Be careful not to confuse the dispenser with the dropper, a Redstone component that only drops its contents as pickable items. The dropper is unable to place or activate objects.

How to Get a Dispenser in Minecraft

In the jungle biome, dispensers spontaneously sprout inside jungle pyramids or temples. However, given the potential danger of the traps in these structures, we advise sticking with manually crafting the dispenser.

How to Activate a Dispenser

The dispenser requires a trigger, just like other Redstone parts, to be turned on. These catalysts may consist of:

  • Power components like Restone torches, Redstone blocks, etc.
  • Activated Redstone repeaters and Redstone comparators
  • Powered Redstone dust
  • Lever, tripwire, button, target block, and other triggers
  • Quasi connectivity (Java only)

Redstone components in Minecraft can be activated in a number of different ways. However, you can check out our guide on how to create a bee farm in Minecraft if you want a decent example of how to use dispensers. On the farm, a dispenser is used for a significant automated task.

Items Required to Make a Dispenser

In Minecraft, you simply need the following four things to create a dispenser:

  • 7 Blocks of Cobblestone
  • 1 Piece of Redstone Dust
  • 1 Bow
  • Crafting Table (to combine the items)

One of the most prevalent blocks in the Minecraft overworld is stone. It may be broken with a pickaxe to get 7 cobblestone blocks in the game. Redstone is more difficult to locate than stone and typically spawns underground. Our Minecraft ore distribution guide can help you quickly locate Redstone.

Craft a Bow

Redstone and cobblestone are taken care of, so all that’s left to make a dispenser in Minecraft is a bow. Place three strings and three sticks inside your crafting area to make a bow. The screenshot of the crafting recipe below shows where these ingredients should be placed.

Minecraft Dispenser Crafting Recipe

Once you have all the components, all you need to do to create a dispenser in Minecraft is mix them. This is how to accomplish it:

1. Start by placing three cobblestone blocks in the crafting area’s first row.

2. Next, put a piece of Redstone dust in the middle cell of the bottom row and the bow in the centre cell of the second row.

2. Next, set the remaining cobblestones and Redstone dust in the second and third rows, respectively, on either side of the bow. And there it is—a dispenser you’ve successfully made in Minecraft.

How to Use a Dispenser in Minecraft

You must load the dispenser with the goods you want to dispense after prepping it. The dispenser’s inventory can be opened by right-clicking on it or by pressing the secondary action key. Regarding the items, we’ve covered a list of appropriate ones in the part after this one. Any of the aforementioned Redstone mechanics can be used to activate the dispenser once it has been loaded.

The dispenser can be used for the following things once it’s turned on:

  • To quickly equip armor
  • For security systems throwing projectiles at enemies
  • To place various buckets, minecarts, and other entities when required
  • For creating automatic farms
  • To create an automatic item dispensing system to get items without opening a chest

Which Items Can You Put Inside a Dispenser?

In theory, you could put anything from the game into the dispenser. However, if it isn’t on the list below, it will just behave like a dropped object.

Items Action
Armor and Elytra Equipped by player or entity standing next to dispenser
Armor Stand* Placed in the direction that dispenser is facing
Arrow, Spectral Arrow, Tipped Arrow and Trident Fired with normal speed
Boat Placed as a vehicle if there’s water in front of the dispenser
Bone meal Utilized as a fertilizer if thrown on a crop
Egg, Bottle o’ Enchanting and Snowball Thrown
Lingering Potion and Splash Potion Acts as a thrown potion bottle
Bucket* Collects fire or water if empty; release its content if filled
Fire Charge Acts as a blaze fireball
Firework rocket Ffired in a way similar to getting fired by crossbow
Flint and Steel Ignites or activates the block in front of it
Minecart Placed but only if there’s a rail in front of it
Heads Equipped by player or entity with empty helmet slot; can be used to spawn mobs like iron golem
TNT Places an ignited TNT
Shears* Harvested the harvestable entity or block
Glass Bottle Filled with compatible liquid
Horse Armor* Equipped by the horse in front of dispenser
Carpet* Placed on top of a tamed lama or any block
Saddle & Chest* Equipped by compatible tamed mobs
Glowstone Charged respawn anchor
Water bottle Converted dirt block into mud

*Only the Java edition offers that action’s full capability.

Make and Use a Dispenser in Minecraft

That being said, you are now prepared to create a dispenser in Minecraft to advance your Redstone projects. But when standing next to it, you have to be careful not to turn the dispenser into a weapon. They can’t hurt you much, though, if you are wearing the strongest Minecraft armour enchantments. You can start by creating an automatic Allay farm in Minecraft if you’re looking for cool build ideas. You can afterwards try out other concepts and compete with some of the best Minecraft maps. However, if you find this amount of Redstone labour to be overwhelming, you can always apply the greatest Minecraft mods. Install Forge in Minecraft if you want to use them without any issues. What are you most eager to utilise with a dispenser after that? Tell us in the remarks section below!