How to Make a Froglight in Minecraft 1.19

Different types of light sources have been added to the game by Minecraft over time. The choices have been numerous and largely dependable, ranging from torches to glowstone. But almost none of them meet the requirements for building a Minecraft house. The issue has always been the lack of enough different light sources. The addition of frogs in the most recent Minecraft 1.19 update alters that, though. And now, with just a little bit of effort, you may obtain a dependable and varied source of light in Minecraft if you know how to create a froglight. Does it seem too wonderful to be true? So watch how we create a froglight in Minecraft and see for yourself.

Make a Froglight in Minecraft (2022)

To cover the operation, acquisition, and use of froglights, we have divided our guide into sections. To explore these areas at your own leisure, use the table below.

What is a Froglight in Minecraft

In Minecraft, a froglight is a light block that is dropped by frogs. Any tool can be used to set up and break down the froglight without losing it. The froglight is the brightest item in the game, with a brightness level of 15. Froglights have the same level of brightness as fire, lava, lanterns, glowstones, and more.

Additionally, this light source is fire and lava resistant, making it the ideal building material for a Nether base to lessen creature spawns. Fair enough, you can also use blocks like glowstone, however the texture of the froglight is just more appealing.

Types of Froglights in Minecraft

As you may already be aware, there are three different varieties of frogs in Minecraft depending on the biome they spawn in: temperate, cold, and warm. In keeping with this, the game has three different varieties of froglight. The froglight varies depending on which frog it falls from.

So, in Minecraft, you may find the following varieties of froglights:

  • Pearlescent or purple dropped by warm (white) frogs
  • Verdant or green dropped by cold (green) frogs
  • Ochre or orange dropped by temperate (orange) frogs

Items You Need to Make a Froglight

Every time they consume a tiny magma cube, the frogs release a froglight. Magma cubes are dangerous, slime-like creatures that only exist in the Nether dimension. A huge magma cube splits into three smaller ones when it is killed. To release froglight, the frogs devour the smallest magma cube. As a result, the following things are required to buy a froglight:

  • A Frog
  • A Small Magma Cube
  • A Lead (to transport frog)
  • A Nether Portal
  • A Sword (to kill bigger magma cubes)

You can use any type of blade for this quest because the magma cubes don’t have a lot of health. Your sword doesn’t actually need to have any enchantments on it. As for the lead, you may make one using a crafting table and four strings and one slimeball.

To get a frog to follow you, you can also hold a slimeball, which frogs in Minecraft enjoy eating. But the moment you take the slimeball off, that strategy becomes ineffective. So the best course of action is to follow a lead. Not to mention, you can make a Potion of Fire Resistance before going to the Nether if you want to be extra cautious.

How to Get Froglight in Minecraft

To create a froglight in the most recent 1.19 version, do the steps listed below once you have gathered the appropriate materials:

A frog that only spawns in the mangrove swamp or ordinary swamp biomes must be located first. To get there, use our instructions on where to find frogs in Minecraft.

2. While holding a lead, right-click on the frog you just found. By doing this, you’ll attach a lead to the frog’s neck and force it to follow you about.

3. After that, while the frog is still attached to the lead, make a Nether portal, turn it on, and enter it. If you are unfamiliar with the portal-making procedure, you can follow our linked instructions.

4. You need to search for magma cubes once you have entered the Nether portal. The Nether deserts, basalt deltas, Nether fortresses, and bastion remnants are where they spawn most frequently. The frog can be covered in blocks on all sides as you search for magma cubes or you can complete this stage before bringing the frog to the Nether.

5. Once you are down to just a few smaller Magma cubes, begin murdering the larger cubes. Do not forget that the magma cubes will assault you because they are hostile. Bring a frog up close to the smaller magma cubes, then watch as it consumes them. You will receive a froglight associated with that frog once it has consumed a magma cube. As we transported the white, warm frog to the Nether, for instance, we experienced purple froglight.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Minecraft, are frogs tameable?

In Minecraft, frogs cannot be domesticated. However, you are still able to catch, feed, and breed them.

What are froglights in Minecraft used for?

The froglights are merely a light source. They may be used to illuminate your base in three distinct hues.

In Minecraft, how can you create froglights?

Frogs that consume tiny magma cubes release froglights as a result. Froglights have no crafting recipe.

Make and Use a Froglight in Minecraft Today

With that, you may now use a strong and attractive source of light in Minecraft. But keep going until you have acquired all three of its variations. Check out our list of the best mangrove swamp seeds if you want to get a jump start on finding frogs. Our collection includes seeds with a tonne of wonderful special features and glitches in addition to the swamp biomes where frogs spawn. To teleport in Minecraft to important areas, utilise the coordinates in the attached instructions. After that, which kind of froglight is your favourite? Mine, the purple one, is pearlescent. Let us know yours in the comments section!