How to Make a Mob Farm in Minecraft for XP and Rare Loot

One of the most crucial tasks in Minecraft is gathering experience points. It enables you to play the game at a higher level, use the best Minecraft enchantments, and earn extra credits on some Minecraft survival servers. But getting more XP isn’t always simple. Fortunately, you can easily get experience points and even item loot if you know how to set up a mob farm in Minecraft. Mob farms can be started with just a little preparation and some essential supplies. When it’s finished, you can combine the mob farm with your best Minecraft home designs for unrestricted benefits. Additionally, you can use the farms to add mob traps to your Minecraft adventure maps. So without further ado, let’s get started learning how to easily create a mob farm in Minecraft.

Make a Mob Farm in Minecraft (2022)

A Minecraft mob farm involves several sections and plans. From the table below, you can look into each of them at your leisure. In addition to recommending the ideal sites for mob farms, we’ve also included a few different types of mob farms in this guide.

What is a Minecraft Mob Farm

In the game Minecraft, mob farms are special buildings built to spawn a large number of mobs at a certain spot. After that, the players can kill these enemies to get loot and XP orbs. Alternately, some farms employ automatic killing mechanisms, however both the treasure and the likelihood of obtaining XP orbs are typically decreased.

To find and kill a certain kind of mob, you can create a mob farm in Minecraft around natural mob spawners. Alternately, you can set up suitable conditions and use various Minecraft biomes to generate a variety of enemies.

Best Location to Make a Mob Farm

Players and a dark environment are essential for mob spawning in Minecraft mob farms. Consequently, you need the following:

  • The player should stay within a few hundred blocks of the spawn area.
  • For hostile mobs, the farm requires complete darkness for them to spawn effectively.
  • The spawn area should be large enough to spawn, store and move the mobs. Usually, one chunk is enough.
  • If you are planning biome exclusive mobs like Nether mobs, the farm must be in that biome or dimension.

While you explore the surrounding places, your mob farm can lose its effectiveness if it is too high in the sky or too deep in the earth. Therefore, the optimum location to construct mob farms is underwater, where it is sufficiently dark for mobs to spawn at any time. For simpler exploration, you can even mine caves and erect safe shelters.

As an alternative, you may also bury your Minecraft mob farm a few blocks below the surface. This site facilitates exploring Minecraft ores in caves without affecting the farm’s efficiency.

Item Collection & Sorting System

Use Hoppers to Collect Items

Using a hopper is the conventional and most widely used method of collecting dropped things. Simply create a floor with numerous hoppers where the mobs can fall to their deaths. When a chest is placed below the hoppers, the dropped things will automatically flow through the chest and through the hopper.

Additionally, a hopper can be used to automatically sort the dropped things if you choose. Fill a hopper with random blocks in four of the five cells to do this. After that, put the object you want to collect in the final cell. The item will be collected and stacked into the hopper if a mob drops it. All other dropped objects will be disregarded by the hopper in the interim.

How to Collect Items Using Water

Using solely hoppers when building a large mob farm in Minecraft isn’t the best strategy. Water is helpful in this situation. It steadily extends out when put in place as a single block. Now, if you drop something in water, it will be swept away by the current.

You can carry objects outside the mob farm by using the water flow to gather items. To move mobs to the farm’s killing area, we’ll employ water. You can set up hoppers at the end of the water stream to gather the conveyed objects.

Use Allays to Collect Items

We have the choice to employ an Allay instead of the conventional approaches. It’s one of the brand-new enemies added in the 1.19 version to Minecraft. When you give Allay an item, it searches for copies of that item and gathers them for the player. The Allay may also target non-stackable things, unlike the hopper.

Allays can therefore gather any targeted objects if you use them in conjunction with an automatic note block around the farm. All hostile mobs ignore the Allay, with the exception of the Wither. We thereby obtain a secure and low-maintenance method of gathering and sorting goods. Additionally, it is the game’s sole method for sorting non-stackable things. You can use our guide on using Allay in automatic farms if you want to learn more.

How to Make a Tower Mob Farm

A tower building is the most typical construction used to create a mob farm in Minecraft. In a shadowy chamber near the peak of a tall structure, it spawns hostile mobs. These monsters are then gradually dragged downward to a killing spot, where they suffer fall damage. Importantly, if you wish to gather experience orbs, this harm just lowers their health and does not cause them to die.

Players construct up collection systems beneath the structure to kill creatures and gather goods. They use slabs to create a border that prevents mobs from escaping while providing a killing opportunity for players. When these enemies die, they leave behind XP and things that can be automatically collected.

Basic Requirements

The following resources are necessary to create a tower mob farm in Minecraft:

  • 1600 cobblestone or other building blocks (25 stacks)
  • 64 trapdoors (1 stack)
  • 4 chests and 4 hoppers or 2 Allays (with automatic note block mechanism)
  • 4 slabs
  • 2 Water buckets
  • An open area

We are going to build a complex on-ground collection system and a few blocks up in the air Minecraft mob farm. The items needed to build an underground or underwater farm may be different. But the general layout need to stay the same. So let’s look at the procedures for creating a mob farm:

Create a Collection Area for Mob Farm

Make a collection area for mob loot and experience points in a mob farm by following these steps.

Start by digging a tiny hole in the ground and placing four chests inside of it. You can go as in-depth as you like. However, you must consider it the starting point for the remainder of the construction.

2. After that, set a hopper atop each chest.

3. Create a slab-based perimeter for this construction. The slab’s upper portion ought to be clear.

How to Create a Mob Chamber

To create a mob chamber in Minecraft that depends on fall damage, follow these instructions:

1. Let’s build the tower first. On top of the slabs you used to create the boundary, build a 4 by 4 square wall. But be careful to leave a space for a slab above the current slabs. Then raise the building up to a height of 22 blocks.

2. Next, create bridges that are 2 blocks wide on each side of the construction to enlarge the top portion of it into the shape of a cross. Only seven blocks should be covered by these bridges.

3. When all four bridges are completed, add a two-block-tall boundary around them, and your building should now resemble the one in Figure 3.

4. After that, join these walls to form a floor-like structure to transform the existing bridges into tunnels. Create a new two-block boundary all around this structure after connecting the bridges.

5. Create a roof on top of this structure to create a permanently gloomy environment if you want your mob farm to operate even during the day. To prevent mobs from spawning on the roof, you can also place light sources there. Though optional, that is.

6. The bridges must then be completely submerged in water by placing water blocks just along the bottom edges. These edges are those that are closest to the wall. Place a closed trapdoor there after to make it simpler for crowds to enter the tunnel. Now that your mob chamber is prepared!

Use Minecraft Mob Farm to Collect Items and XP

All we have to do now that our farm is ready and operating is wait and receive our rewards.

1. Start by ascending to the roof or the bottom of the farm. Then,wait for around 10 minutesand do nothing. During this time, plenty of mobs will spawn, flow into the water stream, and fall down the tower (taking fall damage).

2. After enough time has passed, go to the killing area anduse the slab opening to killall the collected mobs. You will immediately gain a huge amount of experience.

3. As for the mob loot, you simply need toopen your placed chests. If you have a sorting system in place, these chests should have your targetted items.

Variations of Minecraft Mob Farms

Once you are comfortable with a simple tower mob farm, you can try some of its variations in-game as well. Here are a few of the easiest mob farms you can make in Minecraft.

How to Make Sculk Farm in Minecraft

Block family of sculks is a part of the newancient cities in Minecraft. Here, other than being visually good-looking, these sculk blocks are also an easy way to collect experience. Unlike most blocks, they drop high XP when mined. Moreover, you can basically create unlimited sculks if you have aSculk catalyst.

Sculk catalyst is a block that generates Sculk features around itself when a mob dies nearby. So, you just need to place Sculk catalysts next to your hoppers in a mob farm to get an easy Sculk farm in Minecraft.

Minecraft Mob Farm with Monster Spawner

If you don t want to use darkness to spawn mobs, you can also rely onmob spawners in Minecraftto generate the mobs you wish to kill and collect the items they drop. Our linked guide on spawners can help you understand this block in depth. They are basically a functional block that spawns some common hostile mobs.

To use it on your farm, you need to ensure that thewater collection area is directly beneath the spawner. So, each mob that spawns will either fall into the system or will slowly get pushed into the tower opening by water. You can also choose to expand the water stream as you won t need most of the spawning area.

How to Make an Iron Golem Farm

Iron golems are a great way to collect items and gain experience in the game. As per the game s mechanics, you can spawn an iron golem by placing20 bedsand10 villagersin the spawn area. Further, these villagers should be connected to their beds and sleep on them during nighttime.

You have to make sure that the villagers get a limited area. This way, the Iron Golem will only spawn within the water stream. You can also remove the roof for added precaution, but that makes villagers vulnerable to lightning strikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to Make an Automatic Mob Farm in Minecraft?

The only manual part of mob farms in Minecraft is mob killing. You can automate that aspect by usingmagma blocks,fire, or berry bushes. All of them have the potential to even kill Iron Golems, which are usually mostly unharmed by fall damage.

Q. I Can t Get Hoppers to Fill Chests.

How to Fix?

At times, hoppers might not connect properly to chests when placed. So, you might have toreplace the hopperafter placing the chest. Doing so while standing one block beneath the chest is the most reliable way to do it.

Q. How to Kill Spiders in Minecraft?

Spiders have the ability to climb walls and avoid fall damage. Because of that, they might be harder to kill. Fortunately, you can solve this issue by making the chamber roof and stream walls out ofmagma blocks. Damage from them is sure to keep them grounded.

Q. I am Unable to Collect Experience in Minecraft?

Experience orbs can get stuck between gaps in your system and not detect your presence. Fortunately, you just need todig down a single blockaround the hoppers. Then you can climb into that hole and attract the experience orbs easily.

Q. Which Weapon is Best for Mob Farms in Minecraft?

Make a Mob Farm in Minecraft for Unlimited XP

Due to the immense fall damage, even a single hit from a wooden sword is enough to kill the mobs. But you can use thebest Minecraft sword enchantmentsto increase your farm s efficiency. It might also allow you to kill the witches in a single blow as they tend to heal themselves after falling.