How to Make a Sculk Farm in Minecraft 1.19

We now have a tonne of new game mechanics to explore thanks to the Minecraft 1.19 update. The majority of these mechanisms are related to the introduction of different kinds of sculk bricks into the game. While all of these blocks can be employed for aesthetic purposes, some of them can aid you in Redstone mechanics. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to construct one of Minecraft’s best XP farms ever using a specific kind of sculk block. The nicest aspect is that most of it happens automatically. There is a lot of territory for us to cover with that. So let’s dive right in and see how to build a sculk farm in Minecraft.

Make a Sculk XP Farm in Minecraft (2022)

The construction of the farm will be covered after the sculk mechanics. However, if you are in a creative mood, utilise the table below to get right to the steps for building the sculk farm.

What Is a Sculk Catalyst and How Does It Simplify XP Farms?

One of the most distinctive categories of operational blocks included in the Minecraft 1.19 release is the sculk catalyst. It is also the main component that we require in order for our XP farm to work. It operates in a pretty basic manner. The sculk catalyst distributes sculk features all around it whenever any monster dies within eight blocks of it and drops experience.

The catalyst spreads the sculk features and produces more sculk blocks, such as ordinary sculk, sculk sensor, and sculk vein. But what advantage does producing sculk features around the catalyst provide? Let’s investigate:

Get XP from Sculk Blocks

The fact that sculk blocks in Minecraft give experience orbs or XP when they are mined is their strongest feature. This also holds true for the sculk veins. You will always receive XP anytime you shatter a block from the sculk family, regardless of the tool you choose. So sure, killing any form of mob near a sculk catalyst will cause sculk features to develop all around you, and when they shatter, they will easily and swiftly grant you XP.

Mining sculk blocks is currently the quickest and most effective way to get experience points in Minecraft when compared to killing creatures, breeding, and other experience-granting activities. Other XP farms are incomparable.

How to Get a Sculk Catalyst

There are only two ways to get a sculk catalyst in the game of Minecraft. One is simple and effective. Simply said, it is not worthwhile to try for another. The two ways to obtain a sculk catalyst in Minecraft are as follows:

  • The sculk catalyst can be easily found in the Deep Dark biome. They generate at a higher rate in the Ancient city in Minecraft 1.19. You have to use a hoe with the silk touch enchantment to pick it up. Our guide to Minecraft enchantments can help you get silk touch in no time.
  • If you are feeling adventurous, you can fight and kill the Warden in Minecraft. On dying, the Warden drops one sculk catalyst along with 5XP. Because the Warden has more health than the game s boss mobs, this fight just isn t worth your time or effort.

How Does a Sculk Farm Work

The primary goal of the sculk farm, as you may have already figured, is to get experience points by producing mineable sculk blocks. But in order to do that, numerous mobs must perish close to the sculk catalyst. Therefore, what you are seeing is an improved itmob farm from Minecraft.

Here, just like a typical farm, we’ll generate a variety of hostile mobs in a small rooftop room. The mobs will then be carried by flowing water to an open space on the chamber’s floor, where they will instantly die. The sculk catalyst will activate and produce sculk features as soon as the hostile mobs are killed.

The only thing left to do is mine the new sculk blocks and gain experience. Do keep in mind that if your tool has the silk touch enchantment, you cannot collect XP. Therefore, make sure you have plenty of the necessary tools or supplies on hand.

Requirements to Make a Minecraft Sculk Farm

In Minecraft 1.19 or later, you need the following supplies to build a sculk farm:

  • A Sculk Catalyst
  • An Open Area (at least 9*9)
  • 1600 building blocks (25 stacks)
  • 2 Water buckets
  • 64 trapdoors (1 Stack)
  • A Hoe (any)

Everything else you need to create a sculk farm, aside from the sculk catalyst, is readily accessible. We advise using cobblestone for the building blocks because it is dependable and widely available.

Make Sculk XP Farm in Minecraft 1.19

To make the farm-making process easier to understand, we have broken it into many phases. Each of these sections addresses a particular area of the XP farm. To prevent feeling overwhelmed, prepare one before moving on to the other.

Create Base for Farm

The procedures listed below will help you create a base for your sculk farm:

1. Start by going to an open location with a radius of at least 9 blocks. After that, put a block in the centre of the space. You must afterwards place the sculk catalyst in this location.

2. Next, in each of the four horizontal directions, place a block exactly 8 blocks distant from the central block. The boundaries of the sculk features’ range are marked by these four blocks.

3. You can also scatter hoppers containing chests all over the centre block if you wish to gather stuff from dying enemies. However, since XP is our main goal with sculk farms, item collection is entirely optional.

Mob Spawning Area

To create a natural mob spawner for your Minecraft sculk farm, follow these steps:

1. Next, construct a pillar on top of each of the four blocks that serve as our farm’s sculk range. These pillars ought to be at least 25 blocks tall to adequately deal with falling enemies.

2. Next, use construction blocks to connect the four pillars, and then construct a three-block high wall on top of the pillars.

3. Finally, while joining the pillars together, construct a floor for the chamber. For the mob death trap, remember to leave a 2 x 2 hole in the middle.

4. Next, construct two-block-high platforms in each of the chamber’s four corners. But be sure to leave a 2-block-wide “bridge-like” space available in between each platform. View the illustration below for guidance.

5. After that, instal a trapdoor on each upper block of each bridge, then add water to the edge of each bridge closest to the wall. Every mob that enters the stream will flow to its death as the water flows in the direction of the floor opening.

Spawn Mobs for XP Farm

Mobs spawn in Minecraft at night and in areas with poor lighting. By applying that reasoning, you may generate hostile creatures at any time of day if you provide them with a dark, open environment. That space is the chamber at the top of the pillars, where we have our mob farm. To start spawning hostile mobs constantly, all you need to do is place a roof on top of the chamber.

How to Use Sculk Farm to Collect XP

Once everything is set up, you only need to wait a short while for the mobs to begin spawning and dying. The sculk catalyst will activate each time a mob is killed and begin to propagate sculk features. You simply need to wait till the sculk characteristics have covered a sizable enough region.

Then, you must mine all of the new sculk blocks using a hoe. The blocks you mine must be mined without the silk touch enchantment in order for them to vanish and drop experience orbs. You may earn all the experience points you’ll ever need in your survival world with just one hour of work on this farm.

Renew Sculk Farm

The sculk farm differs from other in-game farms in part because it can swap out blocks. The sculk catalyst develops sculk features by replacing nearby blocks rather than producing new ones. This range extends much beyond one chunk, but after a few cycles through the XP collection, it may become constrained.

Therefore, you should set additional common construction blocks in the space left by the broken sculk bricks. You’ll find it simpler to get XP and maintain the farm functioning if you do this. However, if there are only a few blocks near the sculk catalyst, some sculk features may merge and be applied to the same block, resulting in the collection of 1000 experience orbs per block.

Make Minecraft Sculk Farm More Effective

To increase the productivity of your sculk farm in Minecraft 1.19, remember to:

  • If possible, you should make multiple sculk farms over a large area. Doing so will give you enough time to reset one farm while another spreads its sculk features.
  • To save time while collecting experience orbs, you can use some of the best Minecraft enchantments on your hoe to make it more effective.
  • If you want to collect specific items while the hostile mobs are killed, you should use an Allay in Minecraft to target and pick those items.
  • The spread of sculk features is directly proportional to the experience collected by the sculk catalyst. So, if you can use mobs from Nether portals, you can get better results from your farm. Alternatively, a mob spawner can also yield similar results.

Make and Use a Sculk Farm in Minecraft

The Minecraft sculk farm can be useful for gathering risk-free sculk blocks or experience orbs to use with enchanted books. You may utilise it on the top Minecraft servers to defeat your buddies much more easily because it is still new to the game. However, it would be wonderful if you also showed them how to create a sculk farm in Minecraft. If you’re unsure where to find the first sculk catalyst, our top Minecraft ancient city seeds can spawn you in a deep, gloomy biome. You then have to dodge the Warden and gather a sculk catalyst. What other farms should we build for Minecraft 1.19 in light of that? Please share in the comments section.