How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

We keep saying that there are risks everywhere in the dangerous world of Minecraft. Fortunately, the game provides us with some safety precautions in addition to its risks. You can use the finest Minecraft enchantments to strengthen the dependability of your gear or utilise the best Minecraft potions to increase your power. But doesn’t it feel like too much labour to do all of that? Fortunately, if you know how to create a shield in Minecraft, you can avoid taking the harsh measures for the most part. It’s a straightforward weapon that you can use to stave off assaults, deflect missiles, and appear like a knight while defending yourself (complete with the best Minecraft skins). It can even be used to make entering the Nether portal less dangerous. But before we do that, let’s learn how to create a shield in Minecraft.

Make a Shield in Minecraft for Your Protection (2022)

Shields have a variety of mechanisms in Minecraft, just like the majority of our equipment. Before continuing on to the crafting procedure, let’s first examine the shield’s applications and blocking capabilities. You may, however, skip to any section by using the table below.

What Is a Shield in Minecraft & What Is Its Use?

A shield is a defensive item similar to real-world shields in Minecraft. Its primary goal is to shield players from approaching attackers. However, you must actively hold the shield while being assaulted for it to work. The shield cannot be used while fighting, unlike armour. Instead, you must pause and employ it as a defensive strategy.

What Can a Shield Block in Minecraft

In Minecraft, a shield can deflect some attacks, but not all of them. The assaults that it can repel include:

  • Melee attacks other than mobs with an axe
  • Arrows: normal, tipped, and spectral
  • Tridents, snowballs, and eggs
  • Projectile attacks from mobs, including blazes, llamas, shulkers, and pufferfishes
  • Bee stings
  • Explosion damage from creepers and TNT lit by other players
  • Beam attacks from guardians and elder guardians but only at half capacity

Non Blockable Attacks

With a shield, you cannot defend against the following attacks:

  • Arrows shot from a crossbow with piercing enchantment
  • Status effects of tipped arrows and shulker bullets on Bedrock edition
  • TNT lit by players or Redstone on Java edition
  • Teleportation and fall damage
  • Attacks from mobs with an axe
  • Magic attacks like a sonic shriek of a Warden
  • Direct hits from a Warden

How to Get a Shield in Minecraft

The only other method to acquire a shield in Minecraft is through trading, which we shall discuss in a moment. You must trade with journeyman-level armourer villagers to do this. They exchange five emeralds for five shields. Utilize our top-notch Minecraft village seeds to quickly locate armourer settlements.

Items Required to Make A Shield

In order to create a shield in Minecraft, you’ll need one iron ingot, six any-colored planks, and a crafting table.

Use our Minecraft ore distribution guide to locate iron ore throughout the game with ease. Then, to obtain iron ingots, you must heat raw iron in a furnace or a blast furnace. Planks can be made by putting the stem, log, or wood from any in-game tree in the crafting area. Even random planks can be incorporated into the shield’s crafting method. The shield output is unaffected by the type of plank.

Minecraft Shield Crafting Recipe

In Minecraft, take the following actions to create a shield:

1. Start by setting an iron ingot in the middle of the first row of cells on the crafting table.

2. Next, set a board either side of the first-row iron ingot.

3. Next, arrange planks in the second row of the crafting area.

4. As a final step, insert a plank into the middle cell of the bottom row of the crafting area to complete the shield recipe.

You can use any kind of wooden board to make a shield. They can be placed in any recipe cell designated for planks and don’t have to be made of the same kind of wood.

How to Craft a Custom Shield in Minecraft

Shields have a significant drawback in that they can only be made of wood. As a result, they come with predefined characteristics and a rather plain appearance by default. Fortunately, you can alter the latter in Minecraft by creating unique shields. Unfortunately, the Minecraft Java edition is the only one that supports this feature. Users of Bedrock can therefore proceed.

Items Required to Make a Custom Shields

To make a unique shield, just two of the following things are required:

  • A Regular Shield
  • A Banner

Six wool blocks and a stick can be combined to create a banner. Or you can look for them near various in-game structures. The shield instantly takes on the colour of the wool blocks. However, you can later alter it by drawing designs on it using a loom.

Crafting Recipe for Custom Shields

Place the banner and shield in the crafting area after your banner is ready. For this crafting recipe, there is no set setup. So, everywhere in the crafting area is a suitable location for both goods. A shield with the same pattern as the banner will be the end product. This technique allows you to match your shield to your stylish Minecraft skins.

How Do You Use a Shield in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you must equip and actively employ a shield. It is preferable to hold it on your off-hand rather than in your primary fighting hand. It becomes simpler to employ in battle by doing this. You must hit right-click or the secondary action key to use the shield if it is in your off-hand.

Your character will a tiny bit slow down when utilising the shield to provide better defence. Keep in mind that doing so still exposes the susceptible part of your body on the opposite side, which isn’t protected by the shield. Additionally, the strength of the shield is depleted with each assault. Therefore, if you don’t fix it with an anvil, it will break and put you in danger.

Alternately, you can utilise this helpful tutorial for Minecraft enchantments to extend the lifespan of your shield by applying enchantments like unbreaking and repair.

Make and Use a Shield in Minecraft with Ease

You now understand that a shield is not the ideal defence you ought to live in Minecraft. However, nowadays days it is preferable to travel with a shield if you know how to create one in Minecraft. Other than this, there is no greater projectile assault defence tool in the game. If you still don’t feel secure enough, the Potion of Healing will let you stand up again. Additionally, you can begin to plant seeds and grow food to help yourself when needed. Having said that, the greatest Minecraft commands can undoubtedly give you unique advantages if nothing else. Are you a defensive player or a combatant even with a shield in your hand? In the comments, please!