How to Make a Smithing Table in Minecraft

There are numerous utility bricks in Minecraft. Some let you craft, while others let you create the best Minecraft potions possible. However, only one of them can assist you in obtaining the game’s strongest weapons and armour. Yes, we’re referring to in-game netherrite artefacts that can only be obtained by creating and using a smithing bench in Minecraft. Let’s move on to learning how to build a smithing table in Minecraft now that that is out of the way.

Make a Smithing Table in Minecraft (2022)

Both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft are compatible with our manual. In order to help you learn everything there is to know about the smithing table, we have broken this book down into manageable chunks. So with that said, let’s get started.

What Is a Smithing Table

Players can upgrade their diamond gear into netherite gear by using the smithing table, a useful building block. The table can be upgraded by placing weapons, tools, and armour on it. The smithing table, however, doesn’t cost the player any experience points (XP), in contrast to an anvil. Additionally, the equipment you are upgrading keeps its durability and its Minecraft enchantment.

For toolsmith villagers, a smithing table serves as another building piece. Thus, it is to blame for the invention of one of the several villager jobs in Minecraft. Because of this, it frequently appears inside Minecraft settlements, although exclusively in toolsmiths’ cottages. If you’re fortunate enough to find one, all you need are your bare hands to break and gather it. However, using a pickaxe is more expedient.

How to Make a Smithing Table in Minecraft

You can create a smithing table with only its basic components on the first day of your trip through this blocky survival environment. However, you can’t use it right away.

Ingredients Required

You need the following supplies to create a smithing table:

  • Four wooden planks (any wood)
  • Two iron ingots

By putting a log of wood in the crafting area, you can obtain wooden planks. There is no specific type of wooden plank required for the smithing table’s crafting recipe. Regarding iron, you may quickly locate iron ore by using our guide to Minecraft mineral distribution.

Crafting Recipe of Smithing Table

Once the components are prepared, all that is needed to create a smithing table in Minecraft is to mix them on a crafting table. Any adjacent columns in the crafting recipe may be used.

Iron ingots should first be placed in two adjacent cells of the top row of the crafting area in order to create a smithing table. The cells in the two rows below the ingots must then be filled with wooden planks. They don’t need to be made of the same wood. And there it is—a smithing table you created. It’s simple, right?

How to Use A Smithing Table in Minecraft

A smithing table in Minecraft is mostly used to convert diamond gear to netherite gear. In order to obtain a Netherite sword, the game’s strongest weapon, you can combine a Netherite ingot to a diamond sword.

To do this, enter the smithing table and set the diamond item in the table’s left-side cell. Place the netherite ingot next to it in the adjacent cell. That item will ultimately have a Netherite equivalent. Here’s an illustration

Things You Should Know When Using Smithing Table

Now, make sure you are familiar with the following information before utilising the smithing table:

  • You can only use diamond gear at a time on this table.
  • Unlike other ore-based tools, you only need one Netherite ingot to make any netherite tool.
  • It is the only way to use Netherite and get Netherite gear in Minecraft without any commands. If you wish to learn about Minecraft commands instead, follow our linked guide.

How to Get Netherite in Minecraft

The most frequent worry that players have is where to find Netherite after finding the forging table. However, you’re in luck because we already have a guide on how to locate netherite in Minecraft. Use the referenced manual to quickly obtain Netherite. However, as this ore is unique to the Nether plane, you will first need to create a Nether portal in Minecraft.

Craft a Smithing Table in Minecraft Today

You are now prepared to locate, create, and utilise a smithing table in Minecraft. You can upgrade your armour, weapons, and equipment to Netherite with the use of this block. Then, all of your stuff will be nearly indestructible when you apply some of these best Minecraft enchantments. The greatest Minecraft potions can also make your character stronger if you don’t want to rely exclusively on tools. To manufacture any of these potions, you will need to build a brewing stand in Minecraft. Unless you are one of the coolest Minecraft modders, that is. Having said that, Netherite gear can significantly alter your gameplay, mods or no modifications. What in Minecraft are you going to construct after learning how to produce it using a smithing table? In the comments, please!