How to Make Alexa Swear on Amazon Echo, Android & iOS

Since Amazon Alexa is a family-friendly voice assistant, it generally avoids using and does not support the use of strong words and obscenities. However, you can still practically command Alexa’s goody-two-shoes virtual assistant to use profanity and crude language. So today we’ll demonstrate a couple simple methods for getting Alexa to curse.

Make Alexa Swear with Ease

It’s crucial to understand that Alexa doesn’t formally use any foul language. In contrast, we’ll go over a few workarounds in this article that you might employ to make the software act impolite. Both the Alexa mobile app and Echo devices will support the techniques. So without further ado, let’s look at how you can train Amazon Alexa to utter foul language.

1. Alexa Announcements

Possibly the simplest approach to get Alexa to curse is to have her say something while using a curse word. Naturally, the most offensive swear words are still forbidden, but it also permits some PG-rated swear words like idiot, ass, d***head, etc. You can do it by telling Alexa to declare that John Doe is an idiot (or something a little vulgar).

Of course, you may also use the Alexa app to make the announcement by heading to Communicate -> Announce and entering your NSFW message. Whatever you type will be read aloud by the voice assistant and aired throughout your home. When using this feature, use caution and avoid blasting vulgar language into your children’s room.

2. Samuel L. Jackson Voice Skill

With just a few requests and answers, Amazon debuted the Samuel L. Jackson Alexa voice in 2019. Since then, 30,000 more phrases have been introduced, along with five times as much explicit language and a unique wake word. It is a premium feature, so it will cost you $4.99, but it includes some of the thespian’s most humorous swear words in his inimitable flair.

To begin, be sure to disable the explicit filter (Settings -> Music -> Explicit Filter) after making the purchase. After that, anticipate Sam Jackson saying, “I’m not reminding you of $hit,” whenever you ask Alexa to send you a reminder. Naturally, Alexa will continue to remind you of $hit, but it will also swear while doing so.

View the Samuel L. Jackson skill for Alexa ($4.99 ).

3. Simon Says Skill

The Simon Says skill is another another tried-and-true method of getting Alexa to repeat expletives. The most offensive swear words are once again forbidden, although you can get around this by using words that sound similar to them, such as faq, fudge, or faulkin in place of the f-word.

Check out RhymeZone for a tonne of similar-sounding possibilities if you need some ideas for foul-sounding terms that might be acceptable to Alexa.

View the Simon Says skill for Alexa (Free)

4. Custom Q&A with Amazon Blueprints

A few years ago, Amazon introduced Alexa Skill Blueprints to let users design unique Alexa responses for any query. As you might anticipate, people quickly discovered that they could use it to train Alexa to slur words. By employing terms that sound similar, they could now force the assistant to answer to polite questions with what appeared to be profane tirades.

You could, for instance, ask Alexa, “Do you think I’m funny?”

Make Alexa Swear on Your Echo, Android or iOS Device

and the response will be

No, I don’t think so.