How to Make An Iron Farm in Minecraft

Iron is one of the most dependable ores in Minecraft, whether you’re just getting started or at an expert level. Iron is simple to locate, allows for a significant upgrade from basic tools, and, as a block, aids in the creation of distinctive Minecraft homes. Unfortunately, you can only find a little amount of iron in a single location, just like other Minecraft ores. To get more iron, you must travel further into your globe. You’re in luck since we can put an end to your tiresome search. You won’t ever need to seek for iron again once you follow this step-by-step tutorial to create an iron farm. No further mining is necessary. Sounds intriguing, no? So let’s find out how to create an iron farm in Minecraft without wasting any more time.

Make An Iron Farm in Minecraft (2022)

An iron farm in Minecraft is made up of numerous separate components. We will go over the mechanics of this farm as well as each stage of building separately. Let’s begin by studying how a Minecraft iron farm functions.

How Does an Iron Farm Work in Minecraft

Two strategies can be used in Minecraft to gather iron. Finding and mining iron ores is the more difficult method. And the crueller method of obtaining iron involves slaying Iron Golems. All Iron Golems are made of iron, as their name suggests, and when they die, they leave behind iron ingots. The autonomous iron farm in our company runs on the same mechanism.

In the game Minecraft, an iron farm spawns and kills iron golems every few seconds in order to gather iron ingots. The player is not required to perform any manual tasks for it to work. The only thing you need to do is go get the iron; everything else will take care of itself.

Mechanics of Iron Golem Spawning

Villagers naturally give birth to iron golems. However, in order to manually generate them, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Three villagers
  • Three beds for villagers to sleep in
  • One zombie to scare the villagers and trigger the Iron Golem spawning

So, to put it simply, an Iron Golem arises whenever three or more terrified villagers congregate in a location where they may find a place to sleep. Furthermore, there shouldn’t be another Iron Golem there already. It is usually preferable to build the iron farm in Minecraft apart from other villages keeping these factors in mind. But there’s also the option of killing every single villager but three.

Items Required to Make an Iron Farm

The following materials are required to construct an iron farm:

  • Three villagers
  • One Zombie
  • Twelve pieces of scaffolding or ladders (optional)
  • Three stacks (192 copies) of any solid blocks (including glass)
  • Two sticky pistons
  • Two sculk sensors
  • One bucket of water
  • One bucket of lava
  • Four wooden signs
  • One hopper
  • One chest
  • One nametag

The aforementioned goods are all simple and simple to gather. Minecraft villages contain solid blocks, residents, and chests. The same communities can produce zombies at night, so that’s another variation.

Sticky Pistons

(up) Crafting recipe of piston | (down) Crafting recipe of sticky piston

Slime balls and a standard piston must be combined to create a sticky piston. The ingredients for a standard piston, however, are an iron ingot, a piece of Redstone dust, four cobblestone blocks, and three wooden planks.


In Minecraft, three iron ingots can be combined on a crafting table to create a bucket. Then, you must utilise a bucket of water and lava to gather those liquids in order to begin an iron farm.

Sculk Sensor

A potent Sculk block that only appears in the Deep Dark Biome that was added in the Minecraft 1.19 release is called Sculk Sensor. You can easily locate a sculk sensor distant from the terrifying new mob Warden because they are not just found in ancient cities. But to get this block, you need a hoe with a silk touch enchantment. Otherwise, when damaged, the sculk sensor will be destroyed.


In Minecraft, creating signs is simple. To make three signs at once, you simply need to assemble six wooden planks with a stick. Utilize the crafting recipe displayed in the preceding screenshot.


One of the most helpful utility blocks in Minecraft is the hopper. Our iron farm can’t run efficiently without it. Using the aforementioned formula, you must combine a chest and five iron ingots to create a hopper.


In Minecraft, nametags are uncommon objects that let players give any monster in the game a name. Unfortunately, they cannot be created. Instead, you must explore the Minecraft universe to discover them. The nametags typically spawn inside chests in mineshafts, dungeons, and mansions in the woods. However, you can also obtain nametags by fishing in rivers and oceans and exchanging goods with local people and librarians.

How to Make an Iron Farm

In Minecraft, Iron Farm is made up of a number of connected parts. We have created dedicated tutorial sections for each stage to make them easier to understand. Keep the general order in mind while you construct each individual component.

Villager Area

In order to control the Iron Golem’s spawn place, we must capture at least three villagers in a floating structure. To make this structure, adhere to these steps:

1. To start, construct a climbable tower on which to erect a structure. For the task, you can combine ladders with scaffolding or any solid blocks. The tower must be at least 12 blocks high.

2. After that, construct a platform with the aid of the tower that is at least 7 by 7 in size.

3. Finally, surround that structure with a two-block high fence and add three beds inside. This boundary must be internal and is not permitted to expand the platform’s surface area horizontally. After that, add three beds for the residents to sleep in.

Zombie Area

An Iron Golem cannot spawn until the villagers see the undead. But in order for the mechanic to continue working, they should also be able to unsee it and go to sleep at night. It makes no difference how long they snooze. Let’s construct the simplest active cage for a zombie with that in mind.

1. Create a small, one-block high border by first picking any corner of the villager’s platform and placing three blocks on either side of it.

2. Next, split the two border blocks above the villager area’s boundary into two pieces, filling the spaces with sticky pistons (as shown below). These pistons ought to be pointed inward.

3. Next, on each sticky piston, install an asculk sensor.

The sensors and sticky pistons will remain on due to the vibrations of the zombies and townspeople.

4. As a last step, add a solid pushable block on top of the central block that forms the perimeter of the zombie cage. It will be pushed about by the sticky pistons so that the zombie can be hidden and shown to the villagers.

Iron Golem Spawn Area

For the zombie cage, several builders additionally develop sophisticated Redstone mechanics. However, you can skip the same using the sculk sensor.

Iron golems in Minecraft spawn in and, regrettably, are killed in the final structure of the iron farm. To create the ideal killing and item collection area for the iron farm, follow these instructions:

1. First, build a roof over the villagers’ homes and give it a three-block-high internal boundary. You’ll receive a platform that looks like the village area.

2. Next, add water to one platform corner. The majority of the space will naturally flow under it, leaving only the opposing corner exposed. Adding a roof to this watered platform is optional.

3. Next, replace the corner block with a hopper. Then,placetwo signs right above the hopper. One will be stuck to the wall and the other will be floating. You have to press the crouch button to easily place the second sign while looking at the first one.

4. Finally, place two more signs on the border blocks that are right above the adjacent blocks to the empty corners. Then,place lava on top of the original two signs. We suggest you try to replicate the setup in the image below.

5. Now, whenever the iron golem spawns inside the flow of water it will be pushed towards the lava. There, it will slowly cease to exist and drop iron ingots.

How to Get Zombie and Villagers on The Farm

6. To collect the iron ingots, you can check the hopper we placed on the top platform. Or, to make your life easier, you can alsoconnect a chestfor a more organized collection in your iron farm in Minecraft.

  • Minecarts: The simplest way to transport zombies and villagers into an iron farm is by putting them into minecarts. Then you can create a simple rail road that leads to an opening to dedicated spots.
  • Bating: If you don t want the complexity of the minecarts, you can also lure the mob to their dedicated spot by creating a simple path. Villagers can be lured by placing job site blocks. Meanwhile, zombies are hostile mobs that follow the players by default.
  • Force: The players looking for the most cost effective method can simply push the mobs on the planned path. But too many hits can hit the mobs so subtle precautions must be taken in this method.

Prevent Zombie from Despawning

A common problem that players face while creating mob-based farms is transporting the mobs to their dedicated spots. So, here are some quick solutions for the same.

Bonus: How to Make an Iron Golem Farm

If you are not in the area or at times, if you reload your world, Minecraft can make the zombie despawn from its cage. To prevent that from happening, you have touse a nametag on the zombie. The name you give it doesn t matter. Moreover, because of the beds, the villagers don t face such issues. So, you can leave them unnamed.

Pit of Iron Golems

Usually, the design of an iron farm concludes with the death of an Iron Golem in Minecraft. But with a few basic efforts, you can simply use the same design to create your Iron Golem farm. Instead of collecting iron ingots, this farm will spawn and collect iron golems. Let s go over the simplest way to make it happen.

As you know, water can push Iron Golems into a corner. So, using the same mechanic, you just need to create an opening in the structure s boundary. Water will push the Iron Golems to a corner and then out off the structure through this opening. Then, you simply need to add a deep pit with water at the landing site. The pit will collect golems, and the water will protect them from fall damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once a golem is inside the pit, you can transport it away from the farm using lead, flowing water, or simply baiting via hostile mobs. If you leave them at the spot, the extra Iron Golems can hamper the spawn rate of your farm.

How far does my iron farm need to be from a village?

Your iron farm in Minecraft should be at least 64 blocks away from the nearest village and another Iron Golem.

How high should my iron farm be?

The main spawning area of the Iron Golems should be at least 20 blocks above the ground. Otherwise, the mob might spawn below your farm. What blocks can iron golems not spawn on?

Make an Iron Farm in Minecraft 1.19 Right Now

An Iron Golem can t spawn on air, snow, lava, water, and other non-solid blocks.