How to Make and Use a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

As the name suggests, mining plays a big role in Minecraft. You can mine for minerals, find dimensions, or even utilise the materials to create a house. But most of your equipment breaks down after just a few minutes of mining. Before you have even finished mining another block, they will crack and disappear if you keep utilising them. The outdated tools seem best thrown away at this point than used. Don’t give up on your dreams just yet, though. The simplest recycling system in Minecraft is available if you know how to build a blast furnace. So let’s quickly learn how to build and operate a blast furnace in Minecraft.

Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft (2022)

A Blast Furnace is an improvement over a regular furnace that allows you to smelt current equipment and armour as well as ore blocks into ingots. New tools and armour can then be created using these ingots. You can only reshape your current items with this tool.

Why Do You Need a Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

In any Minecraft biome, you can use this tool to morph existing, even damaged, tools into new ones. You’ve probably encountered a circumstance when you unintentionally produced a tool that you don’t require. In every other game, I answer that. Fortunately, a blast furnace provides a nearly ideal counter to the same. There is always the option to install Forge to use Mods in the game if creating unique tools seems like too much work. However, once you’ve finished this guide, you might not need them anymore.

You can create ingots of existing equipment using a blast furnace. These are helpful for producing better tools without always looking for new ores. It might be a practical way to update worn-out tools. Additionally, the Blast Furnace may melt ore blocks more quickly than a typical furnace. However, keep in mind that it cannot be used as a typical furnace to prepare food. Naturally, a blast furnace can be found in a hamlet if there is an armourer there as well. It is an uncommon occurrence, with the exception of a few chosen Minecraft seeds. So let’s first concentrate on creating our own blast furnace.

Materials Required to Make a Blast Furnace

You will need three somewhat similar objects to make a blast furnace. The primary components are:

  • 1 furnace
  • 5 iron ingots
  • 3 smooth stone blocks

However, smelting iron ore and common stone produces both smooth stone and iron ingots. Let’s figure out how to build a standard furnace since you will need one to smelt the items first.

Craft a Furnace

1. Create a crafting table in Minecraft to get started. With the help of wooden planks, sicks, and the following recipe, you may use it to make a wooden pickaxe.

You must now locate and mine cobblestone in Minecraft. Cobblestone is a typical building material that can be used to create smooth stones and furnaces. Once you have eight cobblestone blocks, arrange them on the crafting table in the shape of a hollow square. A furnace will be created as a result. Blackstone blocks can also be used in the Java version to accomplish the same task.

Get Other Ingredients

1. Next, place the furnace on the ground by clicking with the right mouse button or the secondary action key. Next, open the furnace with a second right-click and insert the pebble into the higher slot. For the smoothing process to start, you must place a combustible fuel block in the bottom slot. Use any flammable block, such wood, wooden planks, coal, or other materials. Three smooth stone blocks are needed for a blast furnace, and they can all be produced in the same way.

2. Iron ingots are the final item you require. Iron ore blocks must be mined using a stone or better pickaxe. Here, you can utilise any remaining cobblestones and some sticks to assemble a pickaxe. Furthermore, our Minecraft ore distribution guide can make it simple for you to locate iron ores.

3. You must put the iron ore in the upper slot of the furnace to smelt it once you have mined enough of them. Like cobblestone, iron ingots are produced by smelting iron ore. Five iron ingots in total are required for a blast furnace.

How to Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

All you have to accomplish is combine 1 Furnace, 5 Iron Ingots, and 3 Smooth Stone Blocks on a crafting table.

1. You must first pick up the furnace that you had earlier set. In the Java edition, mining it without a pickaxe yields nothing. On the Bedrock edition, you can mine it with your hand or any other device.

2. Next, you must right-click or use the secondary action button on your crafting table to open it. Here, put the furnace in the crafting area’s central slot. Place all of the smooth stone blocks in the bottom row after that. Last but not least, place all of their ingots in the open slots on the upper and middle rows of the crafting area.

3. You can now put it on the ground, just like the crafting table. Use the secondary action button or the right-click while looking at the ground and equipping the Blast Furnace to accomplish this. It functions and looks very much like a typical furnace.

How to Use a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

It’s time to learn how to use a blast furnace now that you have one set up and ready to go. You already used a typical furnace to create it. The majority of the procedures are similar. Let’s look at a couple use cases to help us better comprehend it.

Use-Case 1: Smelting Ores

Right-click the Blast Furnace you just placed to launch its interface. The interface resembles that of a typical furnace. You can arrange the fuel blocks, which are still restricted to wood, coal, planks, and similar materials, in the bottom column. A complete list of fuels is available here.

Ores can be put in the top column for smelting. You can take them from the right column when they have been melted. Remember that the only ores you can smelt in it are iron and gold.

Use-Case 2: Smelting Items

You can smelt metal products in the Blast Furnace just like you can ores. You are permitted to smelt iron, gold, or chainmail-based instruments, weapons, and armour. You obtain one metal nugget for each of your iron or gold tool after smelting. Nine nuggets can be combined to form an ingot. On the bedrock edition, you can at the very least use them as fuel.

Blast furnaces smelt goods far more quickly even though they utilise the same amount of fuel as a conventional furnace. It can be helpful in many survival circumstances, but you will need to rely on a standard furnace or campfire if you wish to prepare meals.

Make the Best Use of a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

Everything you need to build and operate a blast furnace in Minecraft is now available to you. Both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft can use the same tutorial. This tool is often ignored by gamers due to its limited utility. However, you can use it in a variety of circumstances due to the sparse resources that were used to construct it. However, skipping over a Blast Furnace isn’t the worst thing if you’re using one of the top speedrunning seeds for Minecraft. In the game, iron-based objects are helpful, and Blast Furnace makes sure that none of them are wasted. The Minecraft performance enhancer Optifine is a fantastic addition to your survival toolbox. Having stated that, how are you going to employ a blast furnace in your Minecraft setting? Tell us in the remarks section below!