How to Make and Use a Furnace in Minecraft

Do you wish to smelt ores, cook meat, or just have light to get through the long nights? In Minecraft, all of it is feasible with just one block. All you need to do in order to meet the majority of your basic needs is learn how to build a furnace in Minecraft. In this article, we’ll go over how to make the furnace block, its applications, and even the finest fuels. You won’t need any other furnace guides; just this one. So let’s get started without further ado!

How to Make a Furnace in Minecraft (2022)

Furnaces’ gameplay mechanics have been explored in distinct sections. To learn everything you need to know about this helpful block in Minecraft, use the table below.

What Is a Furnace in Minecraft

One of Minecraft’s most fundamental utility blocks, a furnace is used to smelt blocks and cook food. It is the primary tool for turning mineral ores into crafting materials. And a furnace in Minecraft resembles a stone oven in terms of appearance.

Once set, the furnace can be removed by breaking it, and you can then decide where to set it. On the Java version, you have to mine the furnace with a pickaxe in order to remove it. The furnace is destroyed if a pickaxe is not used. On the Bedrock edition, though, you can break and pick up the furnace with any tool.

Where Does Furnace Usually Spawn

Speaking of natural spawn places, you may frequently find furnaces in the homes of villagers that work as weaponsmiths (one of many villager jobs) in the settlements in the plains, desert, and savanna. Furnaces and their chests can also be found in a few random homes and winter communities in the Bedrock edition. In addition to Minecraft communities, you can find furnaces created in igloos and old cities.

Given the easiness and spawn rate, we advise you to only look for furnaces in settlements. You may get a head start in the game by using our list of the best Minecraft village seeds. However, utilising Minecraft commands will be a preferable option if you don’t want to alter your current world.

Items You Need to Make a Furnace

After covering the fundamentals, you should learn how to craft a furnace if you don’t want to waste time searching through the different biomes for a furnace that will naturally appear. Having stated that, the following materials are required to create a furnace in Minecraft:

  • 8 blocks of Cobblestone, Blackstone, or Cobbled Deepslate
  • Crafting Table

The Java edition allows you to create a furnace using a variety of stone-based building elements. However, when crafting in the Bedrock edition, you must use the same 8 blocks. Therefore, it is preferable to gather cobblestone bricks in order to keep things simple.

By smashing stone blocks with a wooden pickaxe or better, you can gather cobblestone. Stone blocks that are mined drop like cobblestone blocks. One of the most prevalent types of blocks in the Minecraft overworld are stone blocks.

Minecraft Furnace Crafting Recipe

Making the furnace is simple once you have gathered all the needed blocks. Simply arrange the cobblestone blocks in the crafting area in a square layout, leaving the centre cell unfilled.

As was already indicated, this crafting recipe can also be used with a combination of stone-based blocks, but only on the Java edition. The outcome will not change.

How to Use a Furnace in Minecraft

Here are the different things you can do in Minecraft with a furnace if you have this practical block:

  • Smelting: A furnace can smelt blocks to turn them into useful items. For example you can turn iron ore into iron ingots or wooden blocks into charcoal in Minecraft.
  • Cooking: You can cook raw meat by placing it inside a furnace. Cooked meat fills up your hunger bar better than raw meat.
  • Light source: When a furnace is active, it displays a burning fire in its bottom slot. This fire has a light level of 13, which is brighter than soul fire but less bright than a torch or actual fire. So, you can use the furnace as a light source at times.
  • Crafting: You can use a furnace to craft a blast furnace, smoker, and a minecart with a furnace.

How to Cook and Smelt Items in Furnace

Minecraft’s furnace offers a straightforward two-cell user interface. The thing you wish to cook or smell must go in the upper cell. In the meantime, the furnace’s fuel is placed in the bottom cell. The fuel ignites the furnace when both cells are full of appropriate materials, and the furnace quickly cooks or smelts your item after it has been activated.

What Can Be Used as a Fuel in Furnace

The following things can be used as fuel to run the furnace in Minecraft:

  • Wood blocks (Any)
  • Wooden planks (Any)
  • Sticks
  • Saplings
  • Coal, coal block, and charcoal
  • Lava bucket
  • Wooden sword, hoe, pickaxe, and axe
  • Blaze rod
  • Dried kelp blocks
  • By-products of wood like crafting tables, stairs, bookshelves, fences, note blocks, trapdoors, daylight sensors, and wood slabs.

Lava buckets are the most durable of them and can smelt 100 objects at once. The sticks and saplings, however, can only smelt half a block at a time.

Make and Use a Furnace in Minecraft

With everything accomplished, you are now prepared to build your own furnace and smelt a number of bricks to bring your imaginative Minecraft creations to life. Our ore distribution guide will direct you directly to all of the Minecraft ores if you are unsure of where to begin. The furnace can be used to mine ore blocks and transform them into practical crafting materials. After that, what will you smell in the furnace first? Tell us in the remarks section below!