How to Make and Use Recovery Compass in Minecraft

Imagine having some of the best enchantments on you while you explore the many biomes in Minecraft. Within the game, you have a sense of success, strength, and assurance. But suddenly, a creeper approaches you from nowhere, blasts itself, and launches you down a cliff. Now that you can respawn, there is no way to pinpoint where you died unless you recorded your coordinates. Players have been plagued by this nightmare for years, but we now have a fix. Sudden death won’t be a problem any longer if you create a recovery compass in Minecraft. Sounds like a game-changer, no? Let’s get started learning how to create and use a recovery compass in Minecraft right now.

Recovery Compass in Minecraft (2022)

The functioning of the recently added recovery compass will be discussed first. But you may jump right to its crafting recipe by using the table below.

What is a Recovery Compass in Minecraft

A recovery compass is a new in-game item that was included in the Minecraft 1.19 release. After respawning in the game, you can use it. You can use it to determine your last location before dying in the game because it always directs you to that spot. The compass will point randomly if you haven’t passed away yet or are in another reality.

Regular Compass vs Recovery Compass

In Minecraft, a standard compass points in the direction of the world spawn point. You first spawn in a fresh Minecraft world at this place. However, you can use a loadstone to give your compass a different location to point to if you want to. The recovery compass, however, always points in the direction of the place where you last died. It cannot be moved to another site.

How to Make a Recovery Compass

You’ll need the following supplies to create a recovery compass:

  • A normal compass
  • 8 echo shards

Four iron ingots and Redstone dust can be readily combined to create a standard compass. You need a crafting tablet to manufacture it because it is a 9 cell formula, as indicated in the screenshot below:

How to Get Echo Shards in Ancient City

Echo shards are a type of crafting material that can only be found in the chests of ancient towns. Therefore, you must first travel to the historic cities in the deep-dark biome. After that, you must search every chest there for 8 echo shards.

Right present, there is no other way to acquire echo shards in Minecraft. So, before you set out on this perilous quest, be sure you know how to defeat the Warden. Do not forget that even early in the game, the Ancient City chests are sufficient to obtain the highest equip. So, if you have faith in your abilities, venture out into the pitch black early on as well.

Recovery Compass Crafting Recipe

Open the crafting table once you have all the materials, then set the conventional compass in the centre cell. Then, fill all the other cells to surround it with echo shards. You’ll get a recovery compass as a result that you can use right away.

How to Use a Recovery Compass

The functioning of the recovery compass is comparable to that of the standard compass. You must equip it when you respawn in order to find the place where you died by going in the direction indicated by its arrow. You must travel there to discover where you died if you passed away in a separate dimension.

When utilising a recovery compass in Minecraft, bear the following points in mind:

  • Unlike a regular compass, the recovery compass works in all dimensions.
  • Like other items, it also drops from the inventory if the player dies.
  • You don t have to craft it before dying for it to work.

Start Using a Recovery Compass in Minecraft Today

Now that you know how to defeat death in Minecraft, you can also store your stuff even when you respawn. You just need to be brave in the dark, deep biome beforehand. However, if you don’t feel prepared to face the Warden just yet, read our guide on Minecraft enchantments to prepare yourself. The best Minecraft mods are always available if that isn’t enough. However, in order to use them in Minecraft, Forge must be installed. That said, players have been clamouring for the recovery compass for a long time. What other new features would you like to see added to Minecraft now that they are fully available? In the comments, please!