How to Make Armor Stand in Minecraft Java and Bedrock

Minecraft users enjoy displaying their collections and creations, among other things. Others choose the greatest Minecraft skins to stand out, while some, like me, build distinctive Minecraft houses to do so. However, what if you could create a copy of yourself to play as? Yes, you can dress up your armour in Minecraft to look just like you if you know how to make it stand. This in-game dummy building can be outfitted with anything a player wishes to show off, from armors to unique mob heads. Building an armour stand is the ideal method to show off your sense of style if you are playing on one of the best Minecraft servers. Having said that, there is still much to do in advance. So let’s get started learning how to create an armour stand in Minecraft right away.

Make Armor Stand in Minecraft (2022)

Our tutorial has been separated into sections to address different facets of the armour stand, from its conception to its use. Use the table below to jump to the sections that most interest you.

What is an Armor Stand?

The armour stand is a creature in Minecraft that has the ability to hold and equip things that players can wear. The actual stand structure is constructed of wood and set atop a slab of stone. It can be moved, placed, and even given positions based on your preferences. Additionally, as one might anticipate, the stand itself is unable to employ the weapons or armour it is carrying.

But when you give it the greatest armour enchantments, everything is different. For instance, a player who approaches an armour stand with the thorns enchantment may be injured. Similar to this, when other beings push a stand with the frost walker enchantment over water, it can produce frosted ice chunks.

Uses of Armor Stand in Minecraft

In Minecraft, an armour stand can be used for the following things:

  • The armor stand can equip armor, mob heads, elytra, and similar items.
  • With the right enchantments, you can also use them for protection and security systems.
  • Since you can directly wear items from the stand, it can also work as a fast storage option.
  • With the help of custom mob heads, you can use the armor stand to create characters and decorate your base.

Where to Find an Armor Stand

In the Taiga villages, you could also be able to uncover spontaneously creating armour stands. In the outdoor armoury of the majority of taiga communities, two armour stands often spawn. Additionally, these stands spawn with an iron helmet and chest armour. All you need to do is locate a Taiga village with an armourer villager.

Items You Need to Make Armor Stand

In Minecraft, the following materials are needed to create an armour stand:

How to Get Sticks

A smooth stone slab and six wooden sticks.

How to Make Smooth Stone Slab

Two wooden planks must be stacked vertically next to one another in the crafting area of Minecraft in order to create sticks. Without utilising a crafting table, you can perform the same action in your inventory. You can obtain the wooden planks by putting wood logs in the crafting area. The armour stand is unaffected by the sort of wood you utilise.

To create a smooth stone slab in Minecraft, follow these steps:

1. Locate three cobblestones and gather them with a wooden pickaxe. The game’s most prevalent block, stone, drops cobblestone when mined.

2. Next, transform the cobblestone blocks into ordinary stone blocks by smelting them in a furnace.

3. Next, re-melt the stone blocks in the furnace to create smooth stone blocks.

Armor Stand Crafting Recipe

4. Lastly, fill any horizontal row in the crafting area with three smooth stones. You may create a smooth stone slab with this recipe. As an alternative, you can create slabs in Minecraft without using a recipe by using a stonecutter.

Once you have all the components, all you have to do to build an armour stand is mix them on a crafting tablet.

First, you must arrange three sticks in each of the first row’s cells in the crafting area. Next, put one stick in the middle row’s centre cell. Last but not least, set the smooth stone slab with a stick on either side in the centre cell of the bottom row. And presto! An armour stand that you created in Minecraft was a success.

Differences Between Java and Bedrock

When the armour stand is prepared, you can set it in place similarly to other blocks. But because it’s an entity, gravity in the game will have an impact on it. That implies that you cannot make it float in the air like mobs and blocks do when made of sand. It must be set on a sturdy block.

  • Armor stands on the Bedrock edition have arms by default. Players can easily interact with them and can even change the pose of the armor stand by crouching and using the secondary action key on them.
  • On the Java edition, the armor stands don t have arms by default. A player can get a stand with arms using commands, but even then, they don t get access to most poses.
  • Lastly, all armor stands can hold items like swords in the Bedrock edition. But there is no such option on the Java edition unless you spawn custom armor stands with arms.

How to Spawn Armor Stand with Arms in Minecraft Java

Unfortunately, the armour stand behaves differently on the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft.

As a result, you will need to plan your ideas appropriately. The following are the main variations between the two editions:

In Minecraft Java, you technically can’t build armour stand with arms. The finest Minecraft commands, however, allow you to spawn one in your world. To summon armour stand with arms, give the following command in your chat window:

Craft and Use an Armor Stand in Minecraft Today

Minecraft: armor stand summoned with “ShowArms:1”