How to Make Awkward Potion in Minecraft

The Awkward Potion is unquestionably the most significant Minecraft potion. This potion has no impact on the player or the mobs by itself. But the majority of the finest Minecraft potions use it as their primary base potion. You can master any potion recipe with ease after learning how to make an awkward potion in Minecraft. The method for creating potions is the same in both the Java and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft. However, utilise one of our top Minecraft town seeds if you don’t want to spend hours looking for materials. Let’s go to making Awkward Potion in Minecraft now that that has been cleared up.

Make an Awkward Potion in Minecraft (2022)

Preparing an awkward potion requires a number of preparations, much like making other potions. But first, let’s discover more about this potion’s capabilities. You can skip to the process using the table below if it doesn’t interest you. Additionally, we have documented every potion you can create in Minecraft using the Awkward Potion, along with all of the necessary ingredients.

What is Awkward Potion in Minecraft and What Does It Do?

In Minecraft, an awkward potion is a base potion that can be consumed or thrown as a splash potion. However, neither the player nor the mob are impacted in any manner. It lacks levels and a time limit, in contrast to other potions. However, in this sandbox game, this potion is necessary to create other significant potions. Therefore, if you intend to prepare the majority of the other potions, you cannot skip it.

The Awkward Potion can be transformed into various beneficial potions by adding specific ingredients, which we have listed at the end. In that part, we have also mentioned the effects that each potion has on the player or the mob. Then, you can utilise these potions, both negative and positive, anyway you like.

Ingredients Required to Make Awkward Potion in Minecraft

Before getting into how to actually construct an awkward potion in Minecraft, let’s look at the ingredients we’ll need:

  • Nether Warts,
  • Water Bottle (preferably 3),
  • Blaze Powder, and
  • Brewing Stand.

To create a brewing stand in Minecraft, which is required to manufacture this potion, you can use our tutorial. It is the primary tool needed to create every kind of potion in the game. After that, let’s consider how to obtain the last three elements.

How to Get Ingredients for Awkward Potion Recipe

Nether Warts

In order to obtain this ingredient, you must create a Nether Portal and travel to the Nether dimension. A unique plant called a nether wart exclusively grows in the nether realm. It can occasionally be found in Bastion Remnants as well as inside Nether Fortresses adjacent to stairways.

Remember that the plant should only be broken after it has completely developed. It resembles a red mushroom from a video game. In addition, there are numerous chests scattered around the Nether Fortress that contain nether warts.

Blaze Powder

Our Brewing Stand’s power source is blaze powder. Therefore, be careful to consume as much of it as you can. Only blaze rods, which are dropped when you destroy a blaze in the Nether dimension, can be used to make it. Blaze powder must be used in order to create all potions; there is no other method to obtain it.

Once you have blaze rods, you can use them to make blaze powder by placing them in any cell of your crafting area. You can do it in your inventory or on a crafting table. Always be cautious when obtaining blazing rods because it might be dangerous. At least until you can gain some additional skills in Minecraft with the help of the Awkward Potion.

Water Bottle

The easiest item on our list to acquire is certainly this one. To make three empty glass bottles, all you have to do in Minecraft is place three glass blocks on the crafting table. The glass bottle can then be filled with water by performing a right-click on it.

You may create glass blocks by heating sand blocks in a furnace. The following is the glass bottle’s recipe:

One glass block must be put in the middle cell of the bottom row of the crafting area. Next, add two more glass blocks to the second row’s side cells. To make your glass bottles, leave the centre cell vacant.

How to Brew Awkward Potion in Minecraft

Making the awkward potion in Minecraft is simple if you have all the necessary ingredients. Let’s get going.

1. To start, right-click on your brewing standby to open it. Then, add the blazing powder to the left-side, vacant cell. The powder will immediately transform into the Brewing Stand’s fuel. There are several potions you can create before it runs out.

2. Next, put every glass water bottle in the bottom three cells. Even 1 or 2 bottles will still function as intended. But due to their efficiency, players frequently combine all three at once. Regardless of the quantity of bottles, the essential ingredients will remain the same.

3. Add nectar warts to the brewing stand’s top cell. It is the one that is situated above the bottles and adjacent to the arrow. The brewing procedure will now begin, and in a few seconds you will receive your awkward potion.

Potions You Can Brew Using Awkward Potion in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you may modify awkward potions by adding specific components to create different kinds of potions. The different potion choices that Minecraft provides are listed below: Recipe the final potion Medicinal Effect Golden Carrot + Uncomfortable Potion A night vision potion enables one to see in the dark Spider Eye and an awkward potion Poison Potion diminishes maximum health Uncomfortable Potion+Ghast Tears The Regeneration Potion Health Restoration in a Few Seconds Uncomfortable Potion+Blaze Powder Increases Outgoing Attack Damage Potion of Strength Unpleasant Potion + Magma Cream Giving resistance to fire and lava is the potion of fire resistance. Odd Potion + Sugar Formula for Swiftness accelerates movement Uncomfortable Potion + Glowing Melon Potion of Cure Quickly restores health Uncomfortable Potion+Puffer Fish Water Breathing Potion allows for underwater breathing Confusion Potion + Rabbit’s Foot Leaping Potion: Raises Jump Height Uncomfortable Potion+Turtle Shell Players receive resistance and slowness from the Potion of Turtle Master. Awkward Potion+Phantom Membrane Potion of Slow Falling Reduces Speed of Falling Awkward Potion+Gunpowder Awkward Splash Potion No Effects

Make Awkward Potion in Minecraft Today

With the knowledge to make an Awkward Potion in Minecraft, you are now ready to make any other in-game potion. Though, make sure to make multiple copies of the same at once. Doing so will save a lot of your time in the future. A majority of players even useMinecraft modsto make the potion process easier, but they are worth the efforts in a regular survival world too. However, do make sure toinstall Forge in Minecraftto make these mods work. If you are planning to stick to the vanilla adventure of Minecraft, keep this tutorial to make Awkward Potion in Minecraft handy. For those of you who face problems in brewing the potions, our team is here to help. Just drop your queries in the comments section.