How to Make Folders on Spotify to Manage Playlists

One of the top music streaming services available is Spotify. The app contains a tonne of features in addition to offering a huge selection of tunes, making it even more handy. For instance, the industry leader in streaming provides a folders function to help consumers effectively organise playlists. On order to make it simple to retrieve them later and free up space in the left playlists side menu, comparable playlists should be grouped together. Here’s how to create and manage Spotify folders if you’ve never heard of them.

Make Folders on Spotify (2021)

You need the desktop or web client for Spotify in order to create folders. In other words, you can’t make Spotify folders using the mobile app. Read on to the very end to learn everything there is to know about Spotify folders because I’ve detailed what you can and cannot do with them on the company’s mobile app in a separate section below.

Create and Manage Spotify Folders

1. Launch Spotify Desktop/Web and right-click a playlist in the left sidebar. Select Create Folder from the list of options that appears now.

2. You will now create a new folder. For easier access, you may now give the folder a name that is pertinent to the playlists you intend to add.

3. Now that the folder has been created, it’s time to add playlists to it. You only need to drag and drop pre-existing playlists into the folder to accomplish this. When you drag and drop an item into the folder, you’ll get visual feedback.

4. You can click on the folder name to quickly access playlists you’ve added to it.

To expand or contract the playlist folder from the display, use the arrow key next to the folder name. Simply select Create Folder from the context menu when you right-click on a folder to create a folder within a folder.

Spotify Folders on Mobile App

5. You can always drag playlists outside of the folder and delete it if you change your mind. Keep in mind, though, that deleting the folder also permanently deletes all of the playlists included therein. Verify that you have relocated all of your key playlists outside of a Spotify folder before deleting it.

Try Spotify Folders to Organize Your Playlists

On Spotify’s mobile app, you cannot create new folders, in contrast to its desktop and web counterparts. However, you can add new playlists to a folder you’ve already established using Spotify web or desktop by using the mobile app. However, via the Spotify mobile app, you cannot add already-existing playlists to a folder. The inability to remove a playlist from a folder is another restriction for mobile devices. A Spotify folder cannot be deleted from a mobile device either. If you’re wondering why there are so many restrictions, it’s because the feature isn’t officially supported by mobile by Spotify.