How to Make Free Minecraft Server for Java & Bedrock

It’s a nightmare to create a Minecraft server. Many players, including myself, have long held this widespread view. To make the server function, you must download files, install codes, and perform other tasks. Although it’s the most enjoyable method to play Minecraft, the huge amount of labour needed to create a custom server discourages gamers from participating in the game’s multiplayer adventures. But now that this horror has come to an end, it’s time to figure out how to make a free Minecraft server for Java and Bedrock edition. The best part is that setting up your Minecraft server just takes about 15 minutes. To put it in context, it only takes half as long as it would have in Minecraft 1.19 to destroy the Warden. Therefore, let’s get started right away by learning how to create a free Minecraft server online.

Make Minecraft Server for Free (2022)

The approach we discuss in this article directly competes with the official Minecraft Realmservers maintained by the developer. Any of the services below are available for your use at your convenience. While its competitors provide both free and paid services, Realms solely has a premium plan.

What is a Minecraft Server?

A Minecraft server is an online foundation world that you and your friends can access, explore, and play in. These might range in complexity from one of the best Minecraft modpacks to something as simple as your normal spawn place. People can connect to a straightforward Minecraft server by entering the host’s IP address, which loads the world data from the host’s existing device.

In this essay, we’ll concentrate on a server that differs from conventional servers. We are outsourcing the operation to web hosting services rather than storing and hosting the server and its data on our equipment. By doing this, we can avoid the manual setup procedure and make sure that the servers are still reachable even when our device is offline. What’s best is that we can accomplish all of this and more for nothing. Here, there is no need for manual setup, file downloads, or codes.

Best Free Minecraft Server Hosts

You can use a variety of free Minecraft server hosting services in 2022. You can pick any of the following, though Aternos will be the one we use in this tutorial. Additionally, they offer equally outstanding services and are free to use.

  • PloudOS
  • Minehut
  • TridentSDK
  • Serverpro

If you prefer more powerful choices, you can check out our list of the top premium Minecraft server providers for as little as $1.5 per month. You get access to more customization options and add-on features with these premium hosting services.

Make a Free Online Minecraft Server Using Aternos

An average of 750k Minecraft players are served daily by the free and fully customisable server provider Aternos. It functions with both Java and Bedrock editions and supports mods, automated backups, and both. Let’s now look at how to create a free Minecraft server using Aternos.

Steps to Sign up for an Aternos Account

Open the official Aternos website and click the Play button in the bottom right corner to get started.

2. To get started, you must establish an Aternos account on the following screen that appears. You can create an account on this site with Google or Facebook or without them by clicking the Sign up button.

3. You must enter a username of your choice if you select the Sign up option. By turning on the buttons next to the privacy and terms of service policies, you must then confirm that you agree with them. Click the Next button to proceed after that.

4. After that, you need to provide your server a password. In case you forget your password, you can also help others by providing your email address. To finish, click the “Sign up” button. Before continuing, a captcha must be solved.

Create Free Aternos Minecraft Server

Aternos will give you the choice to establish a new server when you have successfully created an account. How to approach this method is as follows:

1. Start by clicking the enormous “Create a server” button in the screen’s centre.

2. Next, you must decide whether you want to build a Java or Bedrock edition of Minecraft server. Later, as seen in the screenshot below, you can alter it. By selecting the pencil symbol next to these parts, you have the choice to modify the server name and add a welcome message. When everything is set up, click Create to launch your free Minecraft server.

3. Use of your server is now possible. Before you begin playing on the server, click the Startbutton to launch it. Before you and your companions can embark on Minecraft adventures or survival seed runs, you need to make a few small adjustment choices.

Customize Your Server on Aternos

You can anticipate finding similar customization options even if you create your free Minecraft server on a different platform. Simply browse for comparable titles in your platform’s server settings and make the changes outlined below.

1. Click Options on the left side panel to modify the default server settings. Here, you can change some entities’ fundamental features, including game mode, difficulty, and spawn settings.

2. Next, select the Players section from the left panel and make a list of the usernames you want to block or add to your server’s whitelist. Later on, especially when numerous people join your server, this functionality might be useful.

3. You can also attempt to modify the programme settings using the menu. However, we advise against tinkering with these settings unless you are sure what you’re doing because they could have game-ending effects.

4. The Worlds part is the last one and can also be accessed from the left side panel. Your current Minecraft worlds can be uploaded here files. The ability to download the entire world from your internet server is also available.

How to Connect and Join Your Online Minecraft Server

The only thing left to do is invite some friends, join the server, and start playing the game now that our server is up and running. Across all Minecraft platforms, the connection process is the same. To join and play on your free online Minecraft multiplayer server, simply follow the instructions below.

1. First, check that the server’s version matches the game’s version on the homepage of the server.

2. After that, manually copy the server address by selecting the copy symbol next to it.

3. Now, if you haven’t already, click the Start button to launch Minecraft on your computer, gaming console, or mobile device.

4. Click on the Multiplayer option on the Minecraft home page once the game has loaded.

5. Click the Direct Connection button at the bottom of the multiplayer interface.

6. Enter the server address that you copied from Aternos here and click the Join Server button to connect and begin the game.

You will be able to play after giving your game a minute or two to connect to the server. Visit our FAQ & Errors section to find a solution if you run into any problems. You can invite your friends to join the server by giving them the same server address.

Online Minecraft Server: FAQ & Errors

Connection Timed Out Errors

Restarting the free Minecraft server will resolve this frequent problem. As an alternative, try connecting to the server using the port number. To do this, return to Aternos and select the Connect button. A port-based server address will appear. The format will be as follows: with your port address being the number following the colon. Users can copy this port-based server address or IP and utilise it, as we did earlier, in the Direct Connection section.

You re not Whitelisted for the Server Error

Recall the Players settings screen from the section on server customization? That is probably what caused this mistake. You must manually grant yourself or your buddy access to the game by entering their in-game username to the Whitelist section of your Aternos player settings.

As an alternative, you can disable the whitelist feature entirely. However, if your Minecraft server address is somehow exposed, that might leave your server vulnerable to spammers. In any event, the setting is located in the Options section.

Can I use Aternos on Minecraft Bedrock?

Yes, although with less features than the Minecraft Java Edition. You can build online servers using Aternos that you may use with the Bedrock edition as well.

Why is my Minecraft server laggy?

If you load up online servers with too many plugins, Minecraft texture packs, and mods, they may become sluggish. Your servers may run more smoothly if some of them are eliminated. It also assists to upgrade your internet connection’s dependability.

Easily Set up a Free Minecraft Server

You have now mastered the simplest method for creating a free online Minecraft server. With the help of your friends, you can now create some of the best Minecraft maps with this server. You might also take advantage of the chance to discover every Minecraft biome. Your free Minecraft server will undoubtedly provide you with an enjoyable experience, regardless of how you choose to utilise it. Additionally, it will spare you the labor-intensive process of updating servers with each significant Minecraft update. Later this year, the official release of Minecraft 1.19 is anticipated, and these service providers will receive the Minecraft 1.19 servers. For the vast majority of manually operated servers, the same isn’t true. The decision is entirely up to you. However, if you experience any issues or bugs while building your server, please post a remark below. You’ll get assistance from a member of our group.