How to Make Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

The potions in the Minecraft world have both good and bad effects. While some of them can make you stronger than you already are, others can hurt you. Today, we’ll examine a poisonous potion and discover how to create a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft. It’s among the simplest potions to brew in both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. Even with the most recent Minecraft 1.18 update, you may brew these potions without any problems. It is typically used by players as a splash potion that they can employ against video game foes. In the later section of this guide, we will also go over how to create a Potion of Weakness splash. So let’s get to learning how to create the Potion of Weakness in Minecraft without wasting any more time.

Make Potion of Weakness in Minecraft (2022)

This potion, like every other one in Minecraft, only has momentary affects on both players and mobs. If you mistakenly consume it, returning to normal requires consuming a large quantity of cow milk. Now that that is over, let’s learn how to make a Potion of Weakness.

What is a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft?

The Potion of Weakness, as its name implies, renders the character or mob using it weak. The attack damage, which is decreased by 0.5 of its original value, is what is meant by weakness. It’s the only potion that you can make in Minecraft without requiring nether warts, a necessary component of all other potions.

Remember that Potion of Weakness only affects melee attacks; weapons continue to deal out normal damage. The potion typically lasts for one minute and thirty seconds. However, you can lengthen it by incorporating Redstone Dust into it.

Items Required to Make Potion of Weakness Recipe

One of the simplest potions to make in this sandbox game is the Potion of Weakness. It only needs the following simple, accessible ingredients:

  • Fermented Spider Eye
  • Blaze Powder
  • Water Bottle
  • Brewing Stand

The fact that these are merely the entry-level brewing equipment may surprise some gamers. They frequently appear in a number of potion formulas. Therefore, be sure to pay close attention to how we might acquire each of the products.

How to Obtain Items for Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

We will describe where you can find each ingredient needed to create our potion. Feel free to skip this section if you are already familiar with the ingredients and go straight to the detailed instructions for making the Potion of Weakness.

Brewing Stand

To manufacture, improve, and prolong any potion in the game, you need a brewing stand. Similar to a crafting table in Minecraft, it involves combining different objects to produce a particular outcome. We have a detailed tutorial on how to create a brewing stand in Minecraft to assist you in creating this necessary equipment. Three cobblestone blocks and a flame rod are the two main crafting materials in it. We will also require it while preparing our Potion of Weakness with splash.

Blaze Powder

Blaze powder, the energy source for our brewing stand, is the substance at the core of our potion. You must set blaze rods on the crafting table in order to get it. It will instantly transform into flame powder. You must be able to create a Nether Portal in Minecraft in order to access the blazing rods. To earn blaze rods here, you’ll need to hunt down, battle, and kill blazes.

Water Bottle

A glass bottle is required before you can create a water bottle. You may right-click on the water to fill your glass bottle with it, just like you would with a bucket. But you’ll need three glass blocks to build a bottle, which you may make by heating sand in a furnace. The next recipe must be used to create a glass bottle once you have glass blocks.

On a crafting table, you must lay 2 glass blocks on either side of the central row. The third glass block should then be put in the centre cell of the bottom row of the crafting area. Since glass bottles are necessary for every single potion, try to produce as many as you can.

Fermented Spider Eye

Fermented spider eye is the essential final component needed to create a Potion of Weakness. It may be made on a crafting table, but you must have three special ingredients on hand. The main one is the spider eye, as the name implies. To obtain a spider eye, you can kill spiders. You will then require a brown mushroom. It grows across a number of biomes, including the underworld, wetlands, taiga, and more.

Finally, sugar is needed to finish the process. Simply placing sugarcane on the crafting table will yield it. You must combine the components on the crafting table once you have them in order to create a fermented spider eye. You can place ingredients in any cells of the crafting area because the recipe is shapeless.

How to Make the Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

Now that we have everything we need, we can make our potion in peace. Let’s go over the procedures you need to take.

1. To open your brewing stand, use a right-click or press the secondary action key. Then, apply the blaze powder to the stand’s leftmost cell. It will instantly burn up, becoming the stand’s power source.

2. Next, put the glass bottle in one of the three bottom cells. One ingredient can be used to make up to three bottles of potion. Therefore, be careful to utilise additional bottles and maximise the production. Make sure each bottle is filled with water as well.

3. Last but not least, put the fermented spider eye in the free cell at the top of the brewing stand. Within a few seconds, the automatic dilution will begin, and your potion will be ready.

How to Use the Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

Any potion can be used most simply by drinking it. While holding the potion bottle, use the secondary action key or right-click. When your character does this, the potion must be consumed in order for its effects to take effect. Drinking the Potion of Weakness, however, is not advised because it is a bad potion. Instead, you could make it into a splash potion that can be thrown.

How to Make a Splash Potion of Weakness

You will need to brew it once more to turn it into a splash or a throwable potion. You’ll need to add some gun powder to it this time, though. This is how.

1. Prior to a creeper exploding, locate it and kill it. Although they are more common at night, they are also present during the day. When they are killed without self-explosion, they drop gun powder.

2. After gathering the gun powder, add it to the top critical ingredient cell of your brewing stand. Add extra flame powder to the left cell of the brewing stand if the fuel runs out.

3. Lastly, place all of your Potion of Weakness bottles in the brewing stand’s bottom cells. Your potion bottles will start to look twisted at the top and change into splash potions in a matter of seconds.

These splash bottles can be applied to other mods in a manner similar to any throwable item, such as eggs. You can hit numerous enemies in a limited space because this technique uses liquid as its medium. When it hits them, they will all experience the weakening effect.

Easily Make Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

The purpose of Minecraft potions, despite the fact that they may be intimidating at first, is to enhance your gameplay. One of the many Minecraft potions that can be useful in-game is the Potion of Weakness. They are especially helpful when you lack the HP fighting tools. Any deadly mob can be avoided by just throwing a potion. Early in the game, if you discover the Potion of Weakness, you can use it to quickly eliminate an Iron Golem. For as long as the potion’s effect persists, each hit from the Golem will do less damage than usual.

These top Minecraft village seeds can be an excellent place to start if you want to try it out right away. Or you may even battle against unique enemies in the finest Minecraft modpacks. Although there are countless potential outcomes, preparing potions takes time. So stop putting it off and begin making your own Potion of Weakness. If you run into any problems, post your questions in the comments section below, and we’ll assist you.