How to Make the Viral Spotify Pie Chart to See Your Top Music Genres, Artists

The majority of us are familiar with Spotify Wrapped, the service’s year-end review feature that lists the top songs, artists, and genres you have listened to in the previous year. While Spotify Wrapped 2022 is still months away, a new social media trend has emerged in which fans share a pie chart of their favourite Spotify genres and artists. In this article, we’ll look at how to create a Spotify pie chart so you can see your favourite musical genres and performers.

Check Your Spotify Pie Chart (2022)

1. Go to the Spotify Pie website on Github by clicking here, then sign in with your Spotify account by clicking the green Login to Spotify icon.

2. After entering your username and password on the login screen, click the Log In button to access your account.

3. When prompted for permission, click the Agree option to proceed. For the service to access your Spotify listening history, this is necessary. You can later cancel this permission by going to Spotify’s related apps page.

4. Spotify Pie will now create a pie chart with your top musical categories and the best performers in each category. A list of your favourite musicians from various genres may be found by scrolling down the website. Here is my pie chart, which you may view:

My favourite genres looked like pies when I used Spotify Pie on my account. The website should have provided a native mechanism to distribute the charts, in my opinion. To share your numbers at the moment, you will need to capture a screenshot. Putting that tiny inconvenience aside, Spotify Pie is a handy tool for connecting with friends and discovering new music.

See Your Spotify Stats in a Pie Chart

These are the procedures you must follow in order to view and distribute your Spotify pie chart. While there are other options, this is not the only way to see your Spotify listening history. You can even look at our list of eight ways to see Spotify statistics. Don’t forget to check at our top Spotify tips and techniques for more advice of this nature.