How to Manage Background Refresh for Apps on Apple Watch

A sophisticated management strategy is required for features like background app refresh. Rapid battery loss would ruin your Apple Watch if you didn’t take action. Fortunately, controlling background refresh for apps on the Apple Watch is really easy. Follow these instructions to adjust your Apple Watch apps for background app refresh whether you have detected an unexpected energy drain on your watchOS device or you simply want to take the necessary measures in advance.

How to Manage Background Refresh for Apps on watchOS

Refreshing the app in the background is essential to making sure it functions properly. Although there is no doubting that it improves the user experience, it continues to be one of the most power-hungry features.

You can activate or disable background app refresh for a particular Apple Watch app in watchOS just like in iOS. The Master switch also provides a means of turning it totally off if you want to protect the battery life of your smartwatch.

Why then is there a catch? Although it’s not really a catch, keep in mind that the Apple Watch will continue to refresh the applications that have complications on the current watch face even if the background app refresh setting is off. After all of that, let’s get going!

Enable/Disable Background App Refresh Using Watch App for iPhone

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. Check that the My Watch tab is currently selected in the bottom left corner.

3. Then select General.

4. Click Background App Refresh after that.

5. The list of all the Apple Watch apps with access to background app refresh should appear next. You can now turn off the switch next to each app whose background refresh you don’t wish to enable.

I would advise you to keep the toggle on for the apps you use more frequently and to disable it for any apps you don’t use very often.

In addition, the top centre contains a master background app refresh toggle. Turn off this master toggle if your Apple Watch uses a lot of battery or if you want to reduce excessive energy consumption.

Turn off/on Background App Refresh on Apple Watch

  1. Launch the Settings app on your Apple Watch.

2. Next, select General.

3. Click Background App Refresh next.

4. Next, either totally deactivate the background app refresh on your smartwatch or turn off the toggle for a single app.

Manage Background App Refresh With Ease on Apple Watch

All there is to it is that! Make the most of your knowledge on how to control Apple Watch background app refresh to avoid the problem of unneeded battery drain. You can either fully disable it or decide to simply permit specific programmes to refresh in the background, depending on your requirements. Don’t forget to read our post on frequent Apple Watch issues and how to fix them. You’ll learn a tonne of advice that will help you fix common problems and improve user experience.