How to Open Spotify Links in Apple Music and Vice-Versa

It can be difficult to share music with friends who subscribe to different music streaming services. Okay, not any longer. There is a new tool called MusicMatch that allows connections to Spotify to be opened without any hassle from other music streaming services like Apple Music. We’ll look at how to utilise the app to open Spotify links in Apple Music and vice versa in this article.

While Apple Music and Spotify are supported by MusicMatch, there is a premium software called Convusic that supports more providers including TIDAL and YouTube Music. If TIDAL or YouTube Music are your go-to streaming services, you might want to try Convusic ($0.99) from the App Store. No matter which app you decide to use, it’s important to note that iOS 15 is required.

1. Download MusicMatch for free from the App Store by clicking this link. Then, wait until the app has finished installing before opening links between the two music streaming applications.

2. Launch the application and adhere to the prompts on the screen. Select your favourite music streaming service on the following page after first tapping Get Started. Choose Apple Music on the second page to convert Spotify links to Apple Music links if you use Apple Music on your iPhone.

3. Find a Spotify track URL that someone sent you. Now, long-press the link and select Copy to add it to the clipboard on your iPhone.

4. Launch the MusicMatch application, paste the copied Spotify link, then tap the “Open in Apple Music” option. The Spotify connection will now be automatically redirected to Apple Music by the app. Additionally, the Spotify link is instantly inserted into the app, as seen in the screenshot.

And that’s basically it. You now know how to quickly and easily open Spotify links for music that friends give you using your preferred messaging app in Apple Music. You can paste an AM link into this app to open it in Spotify if you chose Spotify as your default music streaming app after setup.

5. You could use the provided Safari extension if you don’t want to manually paste the link every time. To activate the extension, go to Settings -> Safari -> Extensions -> MusicMatch.

While Apple Music and Amazon Music have become popular Spotify alternatives, Spotify still holds the majority of the market for music streaming. Give MusicMatch a try if you were having trouble accessing links that your friends sent from other music streaming sites to make the process simple. The procedure is also simple when using the Safari extension. Don’t forget to check at our list of the top Safari extensions for iPhone if you’re looking for more useful additions like these.