How to Open the Task Manager in Windows 11 (8 Methods)

One of the most recent Windows 11 apps to get a fresh redesign is Task Manager. Additionally, Microsoft has added a new function called Efficiency mode to the Task Manager in Windows 11 in order to extend laptop batteries and lessen thermal throttling. Not to mention, Windows 11’s Task Manager enables you to swiftly disable launch programmes, identify malicious processes that are consuming a lot of disc space, and more. In addition, you must know how to access the Task Manager because it is a crucial Windows 11 tool. As a result, we’ve provided you with an 8-point instruction in this post on how to access the Task Manager in Windows 11.

Open the Task Manager in Windows 11 (2022)

This article includes instructions on 8 different methods for launching the Task Manager in Windows 11. We have included every conceivable method of starting Task Manager, from Command Prompt to the Start menu and keyboard shortcuts. The table below can be expanded so you can navigate to any section.

Open the Task Manager in Windows 11 with Keyboard Shortcuts

By using a Windows 11 keyboard shortcut, opening the Task Manager is the quickest and simplest option. All you have to do to start the Task Manager is simultaneously press three keys. Here is the next step.

1. Keyboard shortcut for Windows 11 should be used.

In Windows 11, pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc immediately starts the Task Manager.

2. The Ctrl + Alt + Delete combination can also be used to access the Advanced menu. To check the CPU, GPU, and RAM use of the programmes and processes running on your Windows 11 computer, click Task Manager here.

3. The Task Manager will then instantly launch. To learn more about processes, performance, services, startup apps, and other topics, click on More details in the bottom left corner.

4. This image shows the Task Manager in Windows 11 with the previous interface. Use the linked page to view the newly designed Windows 11 Task Manager.

5. To access Task Manager with only one click, right-click on it in the Taskbar and pin it. By doing this, you can quickly launch the Task Manager whenever you need it.

1. The Quick Links menu in Windows 11 is another simple method for starting the Task Manager. To open the Quick Links Menu, simply right-click on the Start icon or press Windows + X. Click Task Manager in this window.

Launch the Task Manager in Windows 11 from the Run Prompt

2. There you have it, folks! Your Windows 11 computer is using Task Manager.

1. Pressing Windows + R will also launch the Run prompt. Enter the characters taskmgrand here.

Launch the Task Manager in Windows 11 from the Start Menu

2. This will rapidly start your computer’s Task Manager.

1. As with all other Windows 11 utilities, open the Start menu and type “taskmanager” into the search bar. The Task Manager will be displayed first.

Open the Task Manager in Windows 11 from File Explorer

2. When you click the search result, the Task Manager will launch immediately.

1. Click on the address bar, type taskmgr.exe into it, and press the Enter key if you want to rapidly access the Task Manager while you are in a File Explorer window.

Find the Task Manager in Windows 11 from Windows Tools

2. This will immediately launch the Task Manager.

1. To access the Start menu in Windows 11, press the Windows key once on the keyboard. Click on All apps in the top-right corner to continue.

2. Next, locate Windows Tools to open it by scrolling down. There’s a good chance you’ll discover it at the bottom.

3. After that, the Windows Tools window will appear. Scroll down and click twice on the Task Manager here.

Open the Task Manager in Windows 11 from Command Prompt and PowerShell

4. And that is how you may use Windows Tools in Windows 11 to start the Task Manager.

Both Command Prompt and PowerShell provide access to Task Manager in Windows 11. To discover another way to open the Task Manager, keep reading to learn the command that works in both Terminal contexts.

1. Press Windows and enter cmdin in the search field. Open Command Prompt by selecting it from the search result. There is no need to launch CMD with administrator privileges, however if you always wish to do so, you can refer to our linked guide.


Create a Task Manager Shortcut on Windows 11 Desktop

2. Run the command below in the CMD window or PowerShell to launch Task Manager right away in Windows 11. That’s really cool, no?

1. Right-click the desktop and select New -> Shortcut to add a quick shortcut to Task Manager on your Windows 11 desktop.

2. After that, click Next after entering taskmgr.exe in the location area.

3. Type Task Manager as the shortcut’s name on the following page, then click Finish.

4. A desktop shortcut for Task Manager will be generated.

Monitor Your Windows 11 PC s Performance with Task Manager

5.Double-click the shortcut to launch Windows 11’s Task Manager. That’s it.