How to Perform El Tornado Skill Move Easily in FIFA 18

This year, FIFA 18 marks the comeback of the FIFA franchise. While the game has a number of talking points, including the reintroduction of the Journey mode, improved career options, and a redesigned Frostbite Engine, another excellent talking point is the variety of skill techniques you may use. Every football game relies heavily on dribbling, and FIFA is renowned for encouraging a tonne of skill plays. El Tornado, one of the most talked-about skill moves, is shown in the official FIFA 18 trailer. To learn how to effortlessly perform the El Tornado skill move in FIFA 18, read on if you’re curious about what it is and how to use it:

What is the El Tornado Skill Move in FIFA 2018?

This year’s FIFA has a unique skill move called the El Tornado. The ball is essentially spun over your foot and flicked upward into the air in preparation for a volley. The move is promoted in the following official FIFA 18 commercial trailer:

Who Can Perform the El Tornado Skill Move?

The El Tornado skill move in FIFA 18 is only available to a select few players. These athletes include Roberto Carlos, Antoine Griezmann, Dele Alli, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Only these 4 players have been assigned the trait needed to use the skill move by EA Sports. FIFA has stated that this will result in footballers’ virtual likenesses in FIFA 18 unlocking the skill move as they demonstrate their ability to use El Tornado in real life.

Learn to Perform the El Tornado Skill Move

Note: The move is usable on a PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One natively. Alternately, you’ll need to connect a game controller, such the Xbox 360 Controller or the Logitech Gamepad F310, to perform the skill move on a computer.

The El Tornado skill move is actually fairly simple to execute. Simply hold down the L1 button while moving the right analogue stick upwards and sideways to accomplish this on the PS4 (corresponding to the direction you want to move the ball to). The RS can be moved up and down on the Xbox One by holding down the LB button.

Consider the scenario where I want to exactly duplicate the manoeuvre from the FIFA trailer. There, the ball shifts to the player’s left. As a result, my key combination would cause the RS to move left before rising. And as you can see, I was able to complete the move repeatedly with relative ease:

Although I didn’t actually succeed in scoring, the goal here was to demonstrate the trick move for you. Although the skill move is relatively simple to execute, I’d suggest practising it first in the Practice Arena. In this manner, you can perfect the technique and use it flawlessly in actual matches.


Raise Your Skill Level By Learning the El Tornado Skill Move in FIFA 2018

In many aspects, FIFA 18 is an enormous advance over its predecessors. You should also always play the most recent version of the game. El Tornado is one of the best skill moves in the game right now. You should be able to execute the skill move easily using the above tutorial. But that is only one skillful action. What other skill moves would you like us to cover? Let us know in the comments section below.