How to Plant Seeds and Grow Crops in Minecraft

Similar to farming in the real world, farming in Minecraft. The procedure to obtain seeds in Minecraft is straightforward, unless you are utilising the best mods to obtain a tractor. However, don’t mistake these for the Minecraft seeds used to create the world. The ones we will concentrate on can be used to cultivate various in-game fruits and vegetables, such as wheat and melon. Beyond these advantages, though, making a farm in Minecraft is also enjoyable. Each seed in Minecraft can be acquired through a different in-game technique. As such, we will discuss where to find seeds in Minecraft for all kinds of crops and how to plant them in order to begin setting up your farm.

Make and Plant Seeds in Minecraft (2022)

With beans and warts excluded, there are four different kinds of seeds in Minecraft. The easiest of these to manage are wheat and beets. Then there are the harder to find and more difficult to obtain melon and pumpkin. For your convenience, we will group seeds with comparable features into sections. Therefore, you may discover information on particular seeds in the table below.

How to Get Wheat and Beetroot Seeds in Minecraft

The easiest thing to find in Minecraft communities when you spawn are seeds. Beetroot and wheat seeds can be obtained naturally, in chests, through dealing with villagers, and in chests. Wheat and beetroot crops are naturally grown in the villages as well. However, the likelihood of that occurring is extremely low. Only 10% of village farms have naturally occurring beetroots.

Therefore, in general, beetroots are a unique kind of food. Because of this, when you explore the Mansions, Mineshafts, and even the End City, you can find its seeds in the chests. However, if we ignore the loot, we may also simply gather wheat and beetroot seeds. This is how.

1. Find fully developed wheat or beetroot crops and collect their seeds. Even grass barriers can be broken to obtain wheat seeds. We now aim for fully mature crops so that we can obtain the seeds in addition to the primary products, wheat and beetroot. While the food itself won’t be lost if crops are broken before they are fully mature, seeds will. Fully developed crops might resemble the image below:

2. After that, walk up to the crops and left-click on them or press the action button to destroy them. It’s comparable to shattering a block or hitting an in-game mob (see out the new mobs coming in Minecraft 1.19). They will drop seeds and the primary item if they break the crop. If your character touches them, you may just pick them up.

How to Make Melon and Pumpkin Seeds in Minecraft

In unusual chests, such as those in dungeons, mineshafts, and woodland palaces, we can locate both melon and pumpkin seeds for looting. Additionally, chests spawning in taiga settlements include pumpkin seeds. Both of these seeds are also available through trade with travelling merchants. Check out the linked post for a comprehensive instruction on how to obtain melon seeds in Minecraft. In addition, picking melon or pumpkin’s fruit is the simplest approach to obtain them. The process is as follows:

Find a pumpkin or melon that is fully grown that you wish to pick first. Sometimes breaking a half-grown plant can give you seeds instead of the real food item. They would resemble the image below in appearance.

2. Next, when you approach them, press and hold your left click or action button. Do this repeatedly until the fruit cracks. You can shatter it without a tool, just like you can break any other block in the game.

3. When a fruit breaks, it will release an object, either a slice of melon or the fruit itself in the case of a pumpkin. Your character will pick up the dropped goods once they are in close proximity. You’ll also observe that melon and pumpkin don’t leave the soil tilled, in contrast to other crops. The dirt changes back to regular soil once you harvest the pumpkin or melon.

4. Press E or the designated inventory button to open a crafting table or your personal inventory. Place your freshly harvested crop (such as a pumpkin or melon) in any of the cells in this crafting area to turn it into Minecraft seeds. These seeds can then be added to your inventory. The seeds will be moved right away if you click them and then click on an empty cell in your inventory.

5. As an alternative, you can harvest pumpkins’ seeds by right-clicking on them and using shears. Any other crop cannot use this. The image below shows the recipe for making shears in Minecraft. You must place one iron ingot in the first row’s centre cell and another one in the second row’s first cell.

Although the methods for gathering various seeds may differ slightly from one another, the way in which they are used is constant.

How to Use Seeds or Grow Crops in Minecraft

Sowing the seeds and growing food in your Minecraft environment is the obvious thing you would want to do with them. You can therefore utilise or sow seeds in the same ways whether you obtained them from chests or from harvesting. It holds true for all plant varieties in the game that are seed-based. How to grow crops in Minecraft is as follows:

Find some blocks of grass or soil to start. Although you can’t directly use these blocks to sow seeds in Minecraft, they are the essential building components.

2. Next, you’ll need a hoe in Minecraft to make these blocks usable. Fortunately, hoes are easy to manufacture. Two wooden sticks and two blocks made of wooden planks, cobblestone, iron, or other like blocks are all that are required. Following the creation of a crafting table in Minecraft, you can utilise the following recipe. Wooden planks should be placed in the first two cells of the top row of the crafting area after opening the crafting table. Then, insert wooden sticks into the middle cells of the final two rows. Your advantage in the game will come from this formula.

3. After getting your hoe ready, move toward the block of grass or soil. After that, while the hoe is equipped, right-click the blocks or press the secondary action key. Once you do that, the colour and texture of the soil will change, indicating that it has been tilled.

4. Now that the seeds are equipped, right-click on the block that was tilled. That will immediately sprout the seeds, which will eventually develop into the primary crops. In Minecraft, you can subsequently re-harvest the seeds and utilise them to create fresh crops.

Make sure there is a nearby water source so the crops can flourish. It only needs to be close to the soil; it is not required to be directly attached. The tilled soil will turn a deep brown colour as it absorbs water.

Bonus: How to Grow Carrots and Potatoes in Minecraft

Let’s focus on carrots and potatoes in Minecraft now that we’ve covered all the fundamental foods. Carrots and potatoes can be grown and harvested just as readily even though they don’t have specific seeds in the game. But a significant distinction is that when we try to break a carrot or potato that is just partially grown, nothing happens. Learn how to cultivate potatoes and carrots now that that is over.

1. To start, look for fully grown harvests of the vegetables potatoes and carrots, which are most frequently found in village farms. They can also be obtained by dealing with villagers or by opening chests.

2. After you’ve located the crops, move up to them and left-click or press the action button to destroy them. It is comparable to attacking any mob or block in the game. The carrot and potato will drop like other in-game goods when the crop is broken. When you approach them, the character will automatically pick them up.

4. All that is left to do to make them function as seeds is to plant them. To plant them, locate a harvestable surface and right-click on it. This is similar to sowing seeds. Then, after a while, the potatoes and carrots will develop into mature plants that you may harvest and reuse as seeds. Check out the linked post for our detailed instructions on how to obtain carrots and sow seeds in Minecraft.

Easiest Way to Grow Crops in Minecraft

For both the Java and Bedrock variants of Minecraft, the techniques for obtaining and using seeds are the same. Additionally, they’ll function on any other machine that can run Minecraft, including Minecraft on Chromebooks and Minecraft PE for Android and iOS. In contrast to the real world, seeds in all Minecraft biomesas function the same way as long as you utilise tilled soil or grass blocks. And if you get stuck at any point during the procedure, feel free to ask for assistance in the comments area below. Now, put your knowledge to use by farming in Minecraft and finding seeds!