How to Play Discord Channel Games

While the majority of gamers use Discord to communicate with their colleagues during lengthy gameplay sessions, the platform has been hard at work creating a gaming experience. You can play these games, referred to as Channel Games, on Discord servers with other server users without leaving the chat programme. We’ve covered how to access and participate in Discord channel games in this article.

Play Discord Channel Games (2022)

Channel games are still being tested by Discord right now. Channel games are currently accessible via the company’s Games Lab server. But we’ve also included a technique you can use right away to play channel games on any Discord server.

List of Available Discord Channel Games

There are ten channel games available on Discord at the moment. Word Snacks and Sketch Heads are two of the 10 games that are already playable; the other eight will eventually require at least a Level 1 server increase for access. Now that that is out of the way, look at the whole list down below:

  • Word Snacks
  • Sketch Heads
  • Poker Night
  • Chess in the Park
  • Letter League
  • SpellCast
  • Checkers in the Park
  • Blazing 8s
  • Land-io
  • Putt Party

Play Channel Games on Discord Games Lab

1. Join the official Discord Games Lab server by clicking the invite link. Open the URL in a browser window, and Discord will bring you to the app right away. The web-based Discord application also gives you the option to proceed.

2. Review and accept the server’s regulations at this point.

To join the Discord Games Lab server, click Submit.

3. After joining a voice channel, launch a new game on the server by clicking the rocket icon next to the video and screen-sharing icons.

4. Select the game you want to play from the list of available games. In addition, you may view YouTube videos with friends on Discord by utilising the YouTube Watch Together connection.

5. Next, select the Authorize button to grant the app access to your account information.

You will now be directed to the game you launched via Discord. To start the game, click Start.

7. The game will now launch, as you can see below, and you can begin playing it. You can also invite your friends to the game if you want to play with them.

8. Click the Invite To Activity icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen to invite friends to the Discord channel game.

Join a Channel Game on Discord Games Lab

9. You can find Discord pals using the search bar and invite them to the game. The activity invite link that expires in seven days can also be copied. Please take note that the Discord Games Lab server has received its allotted amount of activity invites.

1. Open the Discord server while playing a game and scroll down to the section for voice channels. The Join Activity button to join the channel game will then appear when you move the mouse over the voice channel.

2. After that, press the Authorize option to give the game permission to access your Discord account information.

Play Channel Games on Your Discord Server

3. Your Discord friend and other players on the server can now join you in playing the game.

These games are currently unavailable on all Discord servers, as was already mentioned. A useful Discord bot, however, can add channel games to your server. Use this invite link to add the bot, which is appropriately named Activities, to your Discord server.

1. Click the Authorize button to add the Activities bot after inviting it to your server.

2. To establish a new game activity after adding the bot, use the slash command /activity. You must here select the speech channel in which the activity will take place as well as the game you intend to participate.

3. Select one of your server’s speech channels, then hit the Enter key to continue.

4. Choose the activity at this point. The channel game is referred to as activity here. Select the game you want to play with other server players.

5. Press Enter to execute the command after selecting the game.

6. The game’s link will now be sent to you by Activities bot. The link to join the voice channel should be clicked by everyone who wants to play the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

7. At this point, the game will begin on your server, and all players can join in to take part in the game night.

A: Do games work on Discord?

Yes, you can play games directly from Discord using the new channel games functionality.

Can I play games on the Discord channel on my phone?

No, at the time only the desktop and browser editions of the platform support channel gaming. We’ll have to wait to find out if Discord intends to eventually release these games on Android and iOS.

A: Do all servers offer Discord channel games?

Play Games with Friends Right Inside Discord

No, channel games are currently mostly restricted to the Discord Games Lab server. On your server, however, you can currently play channel games using a bot.