How to Purchase Games on Steam Without Credit Card

The majority of us are already aware that the leading digital distribution channel for video games is Valve’s Steam. For practically all players who buy games digitally, it is almost as significant as Amazon. Well, there has always been a significant issue with digital game purchases, particularly in a place like India where the majority of players are young people without access to credit or debit cards. However, it appears like Steam has taken this issue into consideration since they have included a Cash on Delivery payment option that is only available to Indian consumers. Due to the low-key roll-out, most individuals are still unaware of this new payment option, despite it being accessible for the past few months. Therefore, if you have thus far used your parents’ credit/debit cards to purchase items from Steam, you may be interested in using Cash on Delivery. Without further ado, let’s look at how to use Steam without a credit card to buy games:

Purchasing Steam Games Without Credit Card

Novaplay, Valve’s partner in India, helped make the new Cash on Delivery payment option for Steam possible. Therefore, Novaplay’s staff will handle the remainder of the transaction even if you make the payment through Steam. So, just adhere to these guidelines to buy Steam games with cash on delivery:

  • First of all, simply log on to your Steam account and head over to the Store section on the desktop client. Now, find the game that you want to purchase and click on Add to Cart .
  • Here, you can choose to purchase the game either for yourself or as a gift for your friend. Regardless of the option you re choosing, you ll be able to purchase the game using Cash on Delivery.
  • In the next menu, you ll be able to choose your desired payment option. From the dropdown, choose Cash on Delivery as the payment option and click Continue . If you already have any other credit/debit card information stored in your Steam account, you can simply change it within seconds.
  • Now, you ll be able to preview the purchase, but in order to complete the transaction, you ll have to head over to Novaplay website. Click on Continue to Novaplay .
  • Here, just fill in your accurate shipping information so that Novaplay executives can contact you to collect the cash as early as possible. Once done, click on Continue .

That’s pretty much all there is to it when utilising Cash on Delivery to buy titles on Steam. However, there are a few drawbacks to this payment method that I’d like to discuss. First off, it could take up to 72 hours for the game to be uploaded to your Steam library, even after the Novaplay agent has visited your location to collect the money. Having said that, it typically doesn’t take that long because I’ve always received the games I ordered the day after paying for them. A major drawback of this method is that if you want to return a game you bought using it, the money you paid will be put to your Steam wallet, which is useless elsewhere.

Purchasing Steam Games Using Gift Cards

Physical gift cards can also be used to make purchases on Steam without a credit or debit card being required. These tangible cards feature digital redemption codes that may be used online at the retailer. The money can then be redeemed and added to the user’s Steam wallet. These gift cards are offered everywhere, so if you’re unsure where to get them, visit the official support website for more information. Therefore, if you recently bought a Steam gift card, just follow these simple instructions to swiftly redeem it online:

  • Log on to Steam and click on Games located in the top menu, Now, click on Redeem a Steam Wallet Code .
  • Now, you ll be asked to enter the code that s found in your physical gift card. Simply type in all the digits accurately and click on Continue to confirm the transaction. You ll immediately notice that the funds have been added to your Steam wallet which can be used to purchase games.

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Ready to Pay Cash on Delivery for Steam Games?

Valve s Cash on Delivery payment option is certainly a valuable addition to the world s biggest online game store, as most of the teenagers in India don t own a credit/debit card at such a young age. You won’t have to worry about troubling your parents every time you want to buy a game by asking for their credit cards from now on. However, if you already have a credit card, we suggest you stick to the online transaction as you don t really have to wait for the game to be added to your Steam Library. Which of the many payment options are you going to choose to use for your upcoming Steam purchase? Please let us know by leaving your insightful comments in the box below.