How to Read Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

Reddit is a gold mine of knowledge, and I use it every day to gather content, kill time, and contribute to the Subreddits I follow. If you frequent Reddit and enjoy it too, you’ve probably come across postings and comments that have been removed or deleted. Now, most of the time they don’t bother me, but if a conversation thread is bringing up that comment, I do feel compelled to read it to find out what’s happening. Additionally, there are occasions when I merely want to know why a comment or post was removed. There are various steps you can take to find those deleted comments and articles, even though there isn’t a foolproof way to get those comments back. We will therefore demonstrate how to read deleted Reddit posts and comments in this article.

Read Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

We’ll use a variety of online resources, such as websites and services, to find deleted Reddit comments and posts and read them. To find out whatever option works best for the specific items you wish to read, keep in mind that these techniques may not always be effective. With that said, how about we start now?

1. Use Ceddit to Read Deleted Comments on Reddit

Ceddit is the greatest tool to utilise if a post is still active and all you want to do is view the removed comments on the post. Ceddit is essentially an online Reddit client that offers a customised experience for browsing Reddit. On Ceddit, every time you open a post, it automatically detects every removed comment and highlights it in red. It is simple to locate and read deleted comments as a result.

Utilizing Ceddit is also fairly simple. To change to, simply swap out the r for a c. For instance, if your post’s URL is something like this:

It will become the following if c is used in place of r:

As you can see, Ceddit is quite user-friendly and can recover the majority of deleted comments. Use it now to check to see if you can still find Reddit comments that have been deleted.

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2. Use Removeddit to Read Deleted Posts on Reddit

Removeddit makes it possible to read deleted posts on Reddit, just like Ceddit makes it possible to read deleted comments. Use RemoveReddit in a variety of ways to read removed content. The first is to simply go to RemoveReddit’s website and look for the post you need. The second technique is to simply substitute removeddit for reddit in a post’s URL. Using the aforementioned scenario, if the following Reddit post link had been deleted:

Reddit can be changed to removeddit in the link to make the following change:

Install the Removeddit sbookmark programme instead if you find the URL changing approach difficult. Add it to your browser and use it each time you access a link to a removed Reddit post. The bookmark is fantastic and has never let me down so far.

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3. Use WaybackMachine to Find Deleted Posts and Comments

An internet archiving tool called WaybackMachine captures screenshots of websites and caches them so you can search for anything that has been erased. In order to allow users to travel back in time and view what the internet was like at particular times, the history of the internet has been preserved. The good news is that you can read deleted posts and comments with this programme. You have a good probability of finding the deleted post because the website maintains a screenshot each day.

The WaybackMachine is rather easy to use. Simply access the website, copy the link to the Reddit post you wish to see, and paste it. You can use the website’s calendar interface at that point to travel back in time. Choosing the date you want to verify is simple. Simply locate the “removed X days ago” tag on the remark or post, deduct that number of days, and you’ll have the past date. If you have not computed the precise date accurately, you may need to go one or more days back and ahead.

Using the Wayback Machine has the advantage of allowing you to see both the deleted comment and any revisions that were made to it before to deletion. Simply go one day back and check to see if the comment has been updated in any other ways. Although it takes some time, this is the easiest approach to explore a deleted post or remark.

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4. Use Resavr to Read Deleted Reddit Comments

To locate and read deleted Reddit comments, use Resavr. Only one catch exists. Only comments that are more than 650 characters long are saved by Resavr. I mainly agree with the website’s assertion that a remark must meet a minimum length requirement in order to be useful. primarily because the service ensures that all comments with a length of more than 650 characters are kept. This makes it a valuable tool for tracking down deleted comments.

The website is really simple to navigate. You may find a list of the most recent deleted comments on the homepage. You can search for removed comments by post title in the search bar at the top. I particularly appreciate how Resavr displays the date the remark was posted and the amount of time it was active before being erased when examining a deleted comment. By combining this data with the Wayback Machine, you can learn even additional details about the comment.

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Read Deleted Reddit Comments and Posts

These were the 4 techniques you might use to read deleted Reddit comments and posts. The second approach works better for me. However, if you want to take a deep dive into a comment or post then the third method will be the best for you. Please take a look at these and, in the comments section below, let us know which one worked best for you.