How to Read Minecraft Enchanting Table Language

If you’ve ever used an enchantment table in Minecraft, you’ve probably noticed the mysterious writing on them. It doesn’t resemble the traditional English alphabet at all. But there’s no need to be perplexed any longer. We are here to assist you in reading and comprehending the language of the Minecraft Enchanting table. Our guide will teach you everything there is to know about this obscure language, from its history to its individual letters. The Java and Bedrock variants of Minecraft will teach you how to understand this language. It’s time to create an Enchanting table in Minecraft if you haven’t already seen this mysterious language in action. Let’s start by learning how to interpret the language of the Minecraft Enchanting table.

Learn Minecraft Enchanting Table Language (2022)

We’ll start by discussing the beginnings and development of this special language found in Minecraft. However, you can also skip to the alphabet by using the table below. But since Minecraft isn’t the only place you’ll see these symbols, we advise that you stick to the order.

What is Minecraft s Enchanting Table Language?

The Standard Galactic Alphabet, or SGA, is a made-up language that appears in video games and popular culture. This language was designed to mimic an extraterrestrial writing system, as its name suggests. It was initially created for the classic Commander Keen video game franchise. But over time, many video games embraced it, like Minecraft, and we can now find it in the Enchanting Table.

Each enchantment on the right side of the table has SGA. To see what the enchantment’s true name is, hover over it. Many people think that SGA influenced the creation of numerous further imaginary languages. Cryptic writing can be found in a number of popular culture series, such as Star Wars, Futurama, and others.

How to Read Enchanting Table Language in Minecraft?

Using a translation chart created by an SGA translator is the simplest way to interpret the enchanting table language in Minecraft. The obscure in-game phrase must first be captured on camera. Using the F2 key on your PC, you can snap screenshots in the Java version. The built-in screenshot shortcut on the Bedrock edition player’s device must be used in the meantime. Pressing [Win + Prt Sc] instantaneously takes a screenshot on Windows.

Once you have the snapshot, you can translate the text into standard English using an SGA chart or an online translator. The dazzling table language can be compared and converted using the graph above. There are no distinctions between uppercase and lowercase letters, and each symbol corresponds to a certain English letter. Keep take mind that SGA spacing functions exactly like English spacing.

Best Minecraft Enchanting Table Language Translators

If you dislike laborious translations, you may quickly convert the Enchanting table language in Minecraft to standard English by using one of several online translators. Outside of the game, you can communicate with your buddies in code by using the Enchanting table language from Minecraft. You only need one of the several SGA translators that are available for free on the web, Android, and iOS. Here are a few trustworthy SGA language interpreters:


LingoJam provides a straightforward SGA translation structure and is dependable for translating many fictitious languages. English words can be positioned on the left side of the UI to display their SGA equivalents on the right. Also the opposite. You can also create arbitrary sentences to test the translator. Not to mention, LingoJam has no advertisements, unlike the majority of other online translators.

SGA Translator by TryLingoJam


Using a website isn’t the greatest choice if you want to translate Enchanting table language while playing MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition) with your pals. Fortunately, Standard Galactic Alphabet, a free alternative, is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Although the app’s creator differs between stores, each apps’ functionality is the same. They make it simple to type in, duplicate, and translate the Enchanting Table Language of Minecraft.

Save Standard Galactic Alphabet to your phone (Free,AndroidandiOS)

What Is Enchantment Table Language Used for in Minecraft?

SGA is only present on the Enchanting table in Minecraft. Many gamers think there are an infinite number of random words available in the minecraft language. However, the chart merely shows a haphazardly chosen set of terms from the following list: airanimalbaguetteballbeastberatablesscreaturecoldcthulhucubecursedarknessdemondestroyearthelderelementalembiggenenchantfhtagnfiddlefirefreefreshgalvanizegrowhothumanoidigniteimbueinsideklaatulightlimited Physical rangerlyehscrollsselfshortenshrinksnuffspheresofotherxyzzyphngluimentalrangerlyehscrollsselfstretchthetowardstwistundeadwaterwetwgahnagl from the Minecraft Wiki

What Do Enchantment Table Words That Aren t English Mean?

The terms in Minecraft’s Enchanting table language are practically useless. They only contain representative values, as you can see from the table above. The words shown on the Enchanting table have no connection to the enchantments or any other game-related action. Hovering over the SGA text will display the names of the enchantments that can be applied to an item, but they won’t be an exact translation.

The terms that aren’t in the English language aren’t as random as you may anticipate. The majority of them are taken from the Cthulhu novels by H.P. Lovecraft. These words are almost entirely taken from the phrase Ph nglui mglw nafh Cthulhu. R lyeh nagl fhtagn. In English, this expression means “Dead Cthulhu lies asleep in his house at R lyeh.” These words are only accessible in Minecraft as a developer easter egg. Any of them have no deeper significance.

Enchanting Table Language: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Minecraft Enchantment Table language readable?

Using the appropriate translator app or translation table, the Enchanting Table language is simple to understand. However, not every translated word on the table is meaningful in English.

What is the galactic alphabet in Minecraft?

A hypothetical symbolic language called the Standard Galactic Alphabet (or SGA) was initially shown in the computer game Commander Keen. Later, it served as the enchantment table language in Quake 4 and then in Minecraft. It comprises 26 symbols, each of which corresponds to a different English letter.

Do I need to learn SGA for Minecraft Enchantment?

SGA is solely employed to provide random words and phrases, as indicated in this guide. As a result, learning SGA has no impact on how you play or enchant. But knowing the obscure words can make it more entertaining. And just in case you were wondering, SGA cannot be used or written in Minecraft.

Read Minecraft Enchanting Table Language with Ease!

You are now prepared to read Minecraft’s Enchanting table language and unlock its hidden messages. Although it might not be useful to you, it is unquestionably a thrilling experience. You may learn more about the enchantments by looking at our list of the greatest sword enchantments in Minecraft. You may always mix them with the greatest Minecraft potions to level up your experience if they don’t appear powerful enough. Not to mention, a boost from the finest Minecraft modifications might transport you to a completely different gaming realm. And returning to the enigmatic, alluring table language, let our readers know if you come across anything resembling it in other video games. You only need to look closely to see how deeply cryptic texts are ingrained in our popular culture.