How to Record Calls on Android with Truecaller

Due to several API limitations, recording calls on Android has gotten much more difficult after the release of Android 9. However, there are a lot of call recording Android apps available on the Play Store that tap a conversation using cunning workarounds. On Android 9 and 10, we’ve compiled a list of such apps that support call recording. While some apps employ the accessibility permission, others request root access. But in this guide, you won’t need to go that far because Truecaller has added a useful, cost-free call recording tool. So why are we still waiting? Let’s get started learning how to use Truecaller to record calls on Android.

Record Calls on Android with Truecaller (2022)

This guide includes a step-by-step tutorial for using Truecaller to record calls on Android. Additionally, we have a section that explains which nations throughout the world permit phone recording and which don’t. Lastly, we have discussed our personal experience using the call recording feature of Truecaller on several Android handsets. Using the table below, you can navigate to any part of your choosing.

Are You Allowed to Record Calls in Your Country?

There are regulations regarding call recording and call monitoring in several nations. Depending on your location, you might need to get the user’s permission or notify them before recording the call. Call recording may not be permitted at all in some nations.

The caller and recipient must both be informed that the call is being recorded, for instance, since several US jurisdictions demand two-party consent. Only one person needs to be aware of the recording in other US states.

The Indian Telegraph Act of 1885 forbids anyone from listening in on a conversation, with the exception of the Central or State Governments and through a legal process. But many apps support call recording, and Google recently made its native Dialer app available in India with the call recording capability. However, Google Dialer alerts the user before recording the call, which is beneficial from a legal standpoint.

Users in India, however, dislike this broadcast capability and prefer a call recording option without the user’s knowledge. And while Google Dialer does not alert the user, Truecaller’s new Call Recording feature serves as a viable substitute. Having said that, Truecaller explicitly places the responsibility for obtaining authorization on the caller. Furthermore, Truecaller declares that it disclaims all liability arising from the use of this function (call recording).

In conclusion, if you wish to use Truecaller to record calls, you must let the user know beforehand. Visit this Wikipedia article to find out more about the regulations around phone recording in different nations.

Setup Call Recording with Truecaller on Your Android Phone

1. Start by downloading the most recent version of Truecaller. If you don’t already have it, get Truecaller from the Play Store (free; in-app purchases available). The call recording option on Truecaller is turned on for me because I am using version 12.2.6.

2. After that, select Call Recordings from the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the screen. Choose it, then choose Setup now.

3. After accepting the terms and conditions, press Continue from the pop-up offer. The prompt to make Truecaller your default dialer app may also appear, but you are not required to do so in order to enjoy the feature. Even without switching dialers, Truecaller’s call recording feature still functions.

4. Next, select Go to Settings from the window that appears, and turn on the accessibility setting for Use Truecaller Call Recording. It may be listed under Downloaded services on some devices.

How to Record Calls using Truecaller on Android

5. You need set Truecaller as your default caller ID and spam app because you haven’t made it your default dialer. The default dialer app will then display the Call recording button, allowing you to quickly record the call. Open Truecaller, click the hamburger menu, then select Settings, then Caller ID. Give the required permissions by tapping Set Truecaller as your Caller ID app in this window. The end of that. You’re done now.

Note: On some Android devices, the Allow Truecaller to appear on top setting must be enabled within the Caller ID menu.

6. Lastly, I made a call from my OnePlus 7T running Android 11 to test the capability, and the Call Recording button appeared above the standard dialer. I just tapped the floating button, and Truecaller effortlessly began recording my call. Both sides of the call were captured, and the audio recording was shockingly crisp. Even when I called over loudspeaker, the call was captured clearly and without any echo or background noise.

How to Access Truecaller Call Recordings on Android

7. Launch Truecaller and select Call Recordings from the hamburger menu. All of your call recordings can be seen here.

Even better, you can share the audio clip with anyone by tapping the 3-dot menu. In case you were wondering, Truecaller does not offer features like audio cutting. Finally, open internal storage, navigate to Music, then choose the TCCallRecordings folder if you want to access the call recording files directly through an Android file management app.

Call Recordings in Truecaller app (L) | Call Recordings in File Manager (R)

How to Enable Auto Call Recording in Truecaller on Android

8. Open Truecaller and navigate to the hamburger menu -> Call Recordings if you want Truecaller to automatically record all incoming or outgoing calls on Android. Enable the Auto-recordtoggle by tapping on the Settings icon in the top-right corner. That’s it.

Initial Impressions: Call Recording on Truecaller for Android

The majority of call recorder apps available on the Play Store rarely deliver on their full call recording functionality claim. I tested Truecaller’s call recording feature on a variety of Android devices, and it consistently performed well in my experience. Call recording is already supported natively by my OnePlus 7T running Android 11, however Truecaller’s call recording also performed smoothly and had crystal-clear audio. On the Mi A1 running Android 8, which I also tested the feature on, it operated without any problems.

But it didn’t work when I tested it on the Redmi Note 9 running Android 10. Despite the Redmi Note 9’s native call recording functionality, for some reason only one half of the conversation was being captured. Similar to that, the Android 9-powered Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1’s Truecaller call recording feature was inoperable. In conclusion, you will need to test the functionality and see if it functions on your smartphone because the call recording feature is not yet work on all Android devices. Also take note that it has zero compatibility with WhatsApp calls.

Get Truecaller Call Recording on Your Android Phone

That was all there was to call recording on Android using Truecaller. Although the function is highly useful and taps the chat using the Accessibility permission, it is incompatible with a number of Android devices. Depending on the versions and skins of Android, Truecaller may need to identify additional solutions. That’s all we have to say, though. Additionally, you can refer to our linked instructions if you wish to record WhatsApp calls on an Android or iPhone. Also, let us know in the comments section below if you have any queries.